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Friday, March 7th, 2008
2:11 pm - Shrill of Silence
nonestandalone The amber light drew darker as another day disappeared in to memory. The fires of the city still burned but thankfully now all were contained. Half of the city had been lost, the smoke loomed over the battleground like a sickening reminder of the pain that had been suffered and the terrible losses that had been witnessed.

The salted sea air drifted over Morgan as her hair blew slightly in the breeze. The memorial had been days ago but the rest of the titan's were still finding it a hard time. She was finding it hard that she was over it already. Or she told herself. Sitting on the rocks, her legs dangling she looked out across the city. There was a stillness to the air. A terrible calm before the storm she knew would be coming. A flock of birds flew overhead back towards the towering buildings the still stood. All too soon a scream would ring out in to the night and another innocent would suffer and another evil would rise.

She was in no state to fight though. She looked to her sprained wrist. It was a good thing actually, the pain remindered her to the suffering of those back in the tower. Maybe she was just accustomed to it? Maybe she just didn't cry? She stood up awkwardly and made her way back to her home. Casting her eyes towards the city she felt a pang of guilt. She knew their leader had died to no real cause. She had saved them all this time, but vileness, evil and suffering were as part of life as air.

She seemed far away as the stars came out.

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