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Joe Reaves [userpic]
Chocolate, 18, Empire Records/Law & Order:SVU

Title Chocolate
Characters Joe/Warren/Elliot
Rating 18
Prompt #14 Covered in Chocolate (Times for Three Bonus Prompt); Kinky (Threesome Week)
Summary One naked Elliot, some molten chocolate, and a side order of angst
Universe Making it Real
Notes I already have the thirty prompts I'm going to use planned out but this fits one of the bonus ones so I'm posting it here as well, but it doesn't count for the challenge and isn't on my table.

Chocolate )

Joe Reaves [userpic]
In the Emergency Room, 12, Empire Records/L&OSVU

Title In the Emergency Room
Characters Joe/Warren/Elliot, Munch, Cragen, Olivia, Finn, Kathy, Stabler kids
Rating 12
Prompt #22 In the Emergency (Times for Three)
Summary Warren and Joe rush to New York and wait for news
Universe Making it Real

In the Emergency Room )

Joe Reaves [userpic]
Waiting for Help, 12, Law and Order SVU/Empire Records

Title Waiting for Help
Characters Elliot, Munch
Rating 12
Prompt #11 Waiting for Help (Times for Three)
Summary Elliot is shot in the line of duty
Universe Making it Real

Waiting for Help )

Joe Reaves [userpic]
First Kiss, 18, Empire Records

Title First Kiss
Characters Joe/Warren/Elliot
Prompt #001 First Kiss (Times for Three)
Rating 18
Summary Warren finally gets what he wants.
Universe Times for Three

First Kiss )

Joe Reaves [userpic]
Waiting and Hoping, 12, Empire Records/L&O:SVU

Title Waiting and Hoping
Characters Joe/Elliot, Warren
Rating 12
Prompt #26 Waiting and Hoping (Times for Three)
SummaryUniverse Times for Three, J/E/W series

Waiting and Hoping )

Joe Reaves [userpic]
Second Glance, 12, Empire Records/L&O:SVU

Title Second Glance
Characters Joe/Elliot, Warren
Rating 12
Prompt Bonus prompt Second Glance, Replacing Prompt #8 (Times for Three)
Summary Warren makes a discovery. Life sucks.
Universe J/E/W series

Second Glance )

Joe Reaves [userpic]
First Glance, PG, Empire Records/L&O:SVU

Title First Glance
Rating PG
Prompt #5 First Glance
Characters Joe, Warren, Elliot Stabler (Times for Three)
Summary Warren meets someone new
Universe J/E/W Series

First Glance )


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Prompt Tables

001.First Kiss 002.Meeting the family 003.Singing along with the radio 004.A summer's night 005.First Glance
006.Stolen moments 007.A stolen kiss 008.Starlight 009.Sleeping in 010.Dealing with paperwork
011.Waiting for help 012.Standing in the rain 013.Staying up late 014.Covered in chocolate 015.Around a campfire
016.Watching the clock 017.Cuddling 018.Making the bed 019.Watching the game 020.Skating
021.Making dinner 022.In the emergency room 023.Dinner for three 024.Anniversary party 025.Picnic in the park
026.Waiting and hoping 027.Movie Night 028.Dancing under the stars 029.Reservation for three 030.Looking for forever

01.Meeting Friends 02.Candlelight Dinner 03.Dancing in the Rain
04.Underneath a Rainbow 05.Road Trip 06.Washing the Car
07.Walking the Dog 08.Doing the Dishes 09.Daydreaming

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