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[Nov. 4th, 2009|02:42 pm]
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Who: James Potter Attention: Lily, Lupin, Sirius, and Dumbledore.
Where: Hogsmeade
When: Late night/Early Morning

He was weak... but determined. )
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[Oct. 28th, 2009|09:22 pm]
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Who: Blaise Zabini and Ryann Askew
What: An illegal trip to Hogsmeade
Where: Hogsmeade
When: Evening
Warnings: None at the moment

Every night should be date night... )
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[Oct. 3rd, 2009|03:54 pm]
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Who: Anyone who would be at Hogsmeade is welcomed (Specifically DE's and Aurors/Ministry workers/Witnesses?)
What: Crime waves
When: Afternoon
Where: Hogsmeade, The Three Broomsticks
Warnings: Violence :O

And the Dark Lord Shall Rise Again )
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I need a drink [Sep. 24th, 2009|07:36 pm]
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Who: Severus Snape and open
What: A walk to the closest pub for a drink
When: Late Evening
Where: Hog's Head
Warnings: None for now

As uncharacteristic as it may sound )
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