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F/F Storyline [21 Oct 2017|03:42pm]


Hello all!

I am looking for two things:

1) A line that would be a female/female love interest line. Trista here (PB: Jennifer Lawrence) is bisexual, but enjoys women and men equally. Her love interest is the opposite of her: shy, lesbian, unsure of herself and nerdy. Trista is the type of woman who goes for what she wants and gets what she wants, which is this other woman. The other woman, while not being confident in herself and not used to dating beautiful women that can pass for straight, not only is shy about it all, but the fact that Trista is bisexual is a source of contention. (PB: Tegan Quin preferably, but will take suggestions).

2) Possibly a community these two could be together in.

If you're interested, please let me know.

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[20 Oct 2017|06:56am]

would someone play another model against jake bass? i'd love a justin bieber, zayn malik, joe jonas or nick jonas if no one else plays cocky boys, but that's what i'm looking for! I also play Brandon Wilde and Max Ryder. someone older would work too! I will ALWAYS play someone against Jake as well, been searching for someone that plays him as well
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long shot [15 Oct 2017|03:56pm]

some popular actor/musician for sharon needles? maybe something 'secretive' even?
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Over 30/35 PSL and GPSL writers gather up. Meet other writers over 30! [04 Oct 2017|07:17am]


I've created 30+ writers only PSL or GPSL community in were people around that age or older are able to find other writers that might communicate and want the same things from PSL we wanted before the younger people took over the advertising writing communities.

I mean no disrespect to the twenty something or the youngsters. But I remember when I started writing the codes of communication used to be different.

Also, even though we might watch the same movies, read the same books and watch the same TV shows we might not want to write against some people you do.

And if we do, perhaps we want to do it with someone who has a different POV in life and had lived a little bit longer.

Of course this doesn't mean we don't want to write with some of you. Because some of you are brilliant. But sometimes we prefer someone closer to our age and that remembers the fandoms we used to write back in the day.

If you want to join. There is a little APPLICATION box in the Profile Page.

If you want to CO-MOD . Please! Leave a message when you drop the application.

Click here to join us!

If the Moderator doesn't approve of the post I apologize and please delete. I meant no harm. Just to add another resource for writers to find other writers so we can all get to write. I mean no harm.

[23 Sep 2017|05:52am]
would someone play another male or female against mac culkin or bill skarsgard?
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[19 Sep 2017|11:37am]

does anyone play alt girls anymore or would be willing to try someone new? porn stars as well
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PSL? Het & Slash [11 Sep 2017|09:49am]

Something HET for:

-Imogen Poots PB ♥
- Liv Tyler - PB
- Scarlett Johansson - PB

- Julia Maddon - Need for Speed (movie)
- Natasha Romanoff - Avengers -AUish

Wanted but not limited to... )
And something SLASH for:

- Chris Colfer - PB
- Matthew Daddario - PB

- My version of an adult Kurt Hummel
- TV version of Alec Lightwood

Wanted but not limited to... )

Due to the possiblity of IJ going down thanks to the hurricane and weather conditions. I'm up for writing via email until the problem is solved.
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[31 Aug 2017|06:24am]

would someone play another boy against bieber? zayn, liam, shawn, joe, nick, machine gun kelly?
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[30 Aug 2017|05:18am]

could i get something for davey havok? i prefer slash but will do het for the right pairing
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[27 Aug 2017|07:02am]

something for davey havok, i'm willing to play him against ANYONE. het or slash, doesn't matter to me!
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[25 Aug 2017|09:41am]
is there any chance someone would pb or celeb taylor hanson?
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[25 Aug 2017|07:19am]
would someone play someone like zayn malik, liam payne, harry styles or justin bieber against a cockyboy/former cockyboy? i was thinking either jake bass or max ryder
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PSL? Het & Slash [22 Aug 2017|09:31am]

Something for Imogen Poots PB? HET


. Jensen Ackles PB
. Jared Padelacki PB
. Eric Bana PB
. Some Marvel Super-Hero.
. Dean Winchester ♥ - Sam -
Castiel (Supernatural Universe AU)
. Green Arrow
. Barry Allen - Flash

She's feisty. She loves trouble.

And something for either of my boys would be nice too. SLASH

Chris Colfer and Matthew Daddario. PBs


. Sam Winchester (Supernatural Universe AU)
. Barry Allen - Flash
. Eric Bana PB
. Hugh Jackman PB

Comments screened for your privacy.
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check the journal [19 Aug 2017|06:38am]

would love something fun and long-term if interested comment this journal. i have in there who i play!
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[15 Aug 2017|05:59pm]
would anyone be up for the following ideas for a line? groupie/rocker, photographer/rocker, or merch girl/rocker?
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[14 Aug 2017|05:46pm]

does anyone pb drag queens or alt girls anymore? (think suicide girls, burning angel girls, etc)
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[27 Jul 2017|05:09pm]
would someone be interested in a long-term slash line? i have specifics in mind!
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i know this is a long shot [24 Jul 2017|05:07am]
i've been currently watching queer as folk, is there any possible way someone could play a brian kinney character for me? or we could do two brian's together i don't mind!
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long shot [08 Jul 2017|07:44am]

after watching an old video of max ryder/jake bass i wanted to see if anyone would be willing to play jake for me? either in pb or celeb? if not i'd really like to play max as a go go boy/porn star and your character would be the owner of the club he dances at and the owner of the porn website etc. I would love someone older for him if possible
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[25 Jun 2017|07:29am]
does anyone play ivy levan or adam lambert?
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