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Trying to get the community going! [20 Dec 2011|12:09pm]
Due to some things in my personal life, I wasn't able to keep on this community and make sure it actually got moving. I apologize for that. I'm going to try and get in touch with you guys to let you know that this community is, once again, open. Myself and the other mod are going to try and keep up with those who are and are not being active.

It is NOT necessary to have a journal post ever 'X' amount of weeks. We would appreciate you make journal posts, but it's not necessary. It is, however, necessary that you post in the SBThread community. This is an RP community based on threading. AIM and journals are optional.

Please, within the next two weeks, use the friends 'quick add' on the mod page, and start or contribute to a thread on SBThread. There is an example there for you to see how to start a new post. It should be open for all members.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the mods. You can send us a PM on here or e-mail us at

Thank you so much. Once again, I apologize for not staying on top of things.
The Mods
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[02 Jul 2011|07:06pm]
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[02 Jul 2011|07:04pm]
1. Please friends-lock your journal and add a disclaimer to the profile page.
2. You may put a hold on a player for no more than five days. If you need longer, please contact a mod. (To put a hold on a player, please comment below with the character name and your request for a hold.)
3. If you use an RP sample in the application, please post it in your journal. Be sure that this entry is not friends-locked. Once you have posted it in your journal, simply copy and paste the link into the line designated for ‘Sample or First Entry’. The sample doesn’t have to be of the character you’re applying as. Also, you may lock the entry once you’ve been added. [If you're really against posting your sample entry in your journal, you can PM the mod account.]
4. If you use a first entry, the same thing applies. Please make the entry a none friends-locked post and copy the link into the line designated for ‘Example or First Entry’. You may friends-lock it once you've been accepted.
5. If this is not your first character in this community, please mention that in your application.
6. Lastly, simply copy the text below and paste it into a comment. Fill out the information as directed and submit your application.

Character Name:
Username (and Screen Name if you have it):
Hockey Team:
Example or First Entry:
Did you have a hold on this character?:

(Once added, please click here, here, and here to add the main community, threading community, and mod account. You can also click here for the friends adder.)
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[02 Jul 2011|07:00pm]


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[02 Jul 2011|06:58pm]
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Please leave any comments, concerns, questions, or suggestions here.
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