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Boosh Live in America 2009? [Jan. 31st, 2008|04:41 pm]


From the Mighty Boosh MySpace, the most recent blog entry:

"Calling all American Boosh fans!!
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes


Boosh is thinking of doing some U.S dates at some point. Not sure where or when yet. Early 2009 ?? Also we finally convinced our distributor to release the dvds over there. So that should be happening soon too.

Questions questions questions.
Was wondering how you heard about us/got to see the show
Was it BBC America?
Does it still play the show over there? Every time we search for it in the scheds it comes up blank.

Did a man called Boris tell you about us, then disappear into the sidewalk leaving a purple stain?


Lots o love

Boosh control ........x"

If you have MySpace, you can log in over there and leave a message.

If they're about to release The Boosh DVDs in the US, that might explain their puzzling recent decision to (try to) clear all the Boosh off YouTube.
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