Jan. 5th, 2009


Since someone has decided to prematurely let the cat out of the bag, the mods have no choice but to address the issue.

We have been discussing possibly closing the game for a better part of two weeks now.

Rather than see the game suffer from lack of activity, we have decided it's best to close our doors.

We'd like to think this situation is not a permanent one. Perhaps in six months, we will re-open.

Thanks to everyone who followed us over fom GJ and made this game as great as it was.

We won't say good-bye, only see you soon.

The Jungle Mods

Jul. 9th, 2008



I can't think of anything cute or witty at the moment, I've only been awake for like 10 minutes.

But when i DO finally wake up, remind me to sing the theme song to French of Bel Air while busting out in the running man and the cabbage patch just to make it up to you.

Random question of the moment:

"What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar?"

Jun. 28th, 2008



I gave up, and came back. I missed you all too much, and well, I have no social life to speak of.

After much deliberation, I changed the AIM stuff and journal names, and returned to my online home! (Yes, fuck you WWE Fan Nation.)

Nothing new to report, except that I now have shorter hair, a scar on my collarbone, an extra ten pounds riding on my butt and a serious addiction to Harry Potter. Oh no.

I look forward to catching up with you lot, and making some new friends! :)

- candice michelle

[ Punk-s, you'll have a PM in about five minutes ]

Feb. 18th, 2008


† this is how it begins. †

I should start this with a few warnings. I'm extremely capable of typos at random. I like to call them "sentence enhancers". Some of them may leave you confused, but it's more likely you'll simply be amused. I'm not a poet either, so don't expect anything pretty coming from my side! I love work and food, love talking about work and food, so maybe you'll find something in here that tickles your fancy every once in a while.

I'm Gail. I'm the cause for my Father's gray hair, the inspiration for the ulcer my Mom wears like a badge of honor for every televised match I've ever been in. I am extremely proud to be a TNA Knockout. Holding that belt for the first time made me realize that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, doing what I was born to do. I'm a good friend. I enjoy life and everything that comes with it. Good and bad times, we're all very lucky to be where we are. I love to read and am always reading fifteen books at once. I give good back rubs and like long walks on the beach. Should I list my turn-ons and turn-offs? Because this certainly sounds like I'm attempting to sell myself.

This has taken a turn to the silly side. felinakim is the place to find me. For those I know and those I don't, feel free to drop me a line at anytime. I may not be the most intriguing person in the world, but I can hold my own in a conversation! It's nice to be here, guys.

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