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August 11th, 2014

[info]mrlilyevans in [info]thedoorway

[ remus's pack & hp worlders ]
Any of you seen Moony? I know it was the full last night, I was going to take him for breakfast, but I can't find him.

[info]rubythewolf in [info]thedoorway

Filter: Pack
I've searched all morning. There's no trace of Erin. I'm heading back now. Please someone tell me that they found her. My tracking has never failed Any word on Remus as well?

Filter: OUAT Friends
I think Erin's gone. The werewolf girl that I met when I first got here. She disappeared sometime after the full moon, and I can't track her. I can't think of a time where I've lost a trail.

Remus is gone too. This day sucks.

[info]missparanoia in [info]thedoorway

Network Post; Abigail Brand

Potts Tower network, I am Director Abigail Brand of SWORD. Carol Danvers has already introduced SWORD so I will not follow-up on that introduction except to say that SWORD is not averse to hiring refugees with certain skills. If you believe you have something unique to offer our organization, please be prepared to present that information concisely and professionally. Our HR department has not seen every single episode, read every book, or played every game represented on this network.

[Filter: Tony Stark (MCU)]
I can see the network to access it and if you can see this that I'm posting, we're good.

[Filter: Carol Danvers (EMH)]
Stark seems to have gotten me network access.

Additionally my desk seems to have become a dumping ground for people's shit. Any of these new hires that might be able to keep it from becoming a permanent litter box?

[Filter: SWORD]
In addition to the appropriate channels from within SWORD itself, you may contact me via this network. If it is a non-essential communication, it will be answered as I have opportunity.

[info]makewayduckling in [info]thedoorway

cut for image )

I found someone's kitty. But has anyone seen Johanna?

[Filtered to Victoria Hand]
I think my friend left. You don't have a way of finding her, do you?

[info]yogammagamma in [info]thedoorway

Who: Bruce Banner & Peter Parker (616)
When: August 11th
Where: Horizon Labs
Rating: G

Well, what’re the odds on you channeling Cookie Monster’s cousin who works in the renovation business? )

[info]cheerhappy in [info]thedoorway

Has anyone seen Raven Darkholme?

[info]logicarrest in [info]thedoorway

Where I'm from, Earth has been under siege for months. Casualties are in the millions, if not billions. It's hard to say with the comm-buoys down. I can't say I'm happy about leaving my friends during such a big crisis, but getting back to Earth when it's relatively peaceful, it's a lot easier to appreciate what we were fighting for. A lot of this stuff, I used to take for granted.

Well, a lot of stuff I used to take for granted doesn't exist yet, and there's plenty here that never existed on my version of Earth, but you know what I mean.

[info]plasticed in [info]thedoorway

I think there's something wrong with the lifts. It took me 5 tries to get down to the lobby this morning. Everything seems to be where it should be yeah, I might have taken a look, so?, but it's hit or miss whether it'll take me to the proper floor. Someone tell me it's not just me?

[info]madefabulous in [info]thedoorway

Okay whaaaaaat is going on here today? I went down to get some coffee and I couldn't get back to my apartment! Like, the elevator was all screwy, so then I tried the stairs and even they kept taking me to the wrong floor. Then I tried to get back to the lobby and that didn't work either. It took me, like, an hour just to get back to my room!

[info]sjw in [info]thedoorway

[Filtered to Regina Mills]
Gold tipped arrows. Is that the going price on a wife these days?

You know, there's a reason Midas' knights had to outsource.

[info]goldenplatedlie in [info]thedoorway

Filter to Jo
You all right? Prim can't find you and I want to cover all bases.

You better not be gone. This big dummy kind of needs you around.

[info]parrviolet in [info]thedoorway

All right so remember next time that if the elevator doesn't work the first 4 times, to stop trying.

I'm going to lay down now before I get sick.

[info]notaparker in [info]thedoorway

Ok, so, hi...uh I'm Miles. This New York is nice it's whole. Wish I could say this is my first Twilight Zone-esque encounter, but, I'd be lying. Still, this is pretty cool. Different, but cool. So, about me, I like reading, watching movies, fighting crime videogames, chinese food, and, I don't know. Usual stuff. Guess that's it. Thanks for kidnapping me from my world? It was getting kind of crumbly anyways

[info]stoptheclock in [info]thedoorway

Has anyone heard from Mako today?

[info]lauriejuspeczyk in [info]thedoorway

[Howard Stark]
I think there's something going on with the elevators?

[info]flameon_ in [info]thedoorway

-- So bear with me, here.
-- You're still here, right?
-- And we're still having dinner tonight, right?
-- Because there's a lot of people missing and I want to make sure you're not one of them.

-- Kitty? Hello?

-- Come on, this isn't funny.
-- You're in a meeting, right? For the ESD. That's what it is.

[info]speedofsass in [info]thedoorway

[Billy and Pietro]

Has anyone seen mom

Where's Wanda?

[info]lokiofasgard in [info]thedoorway

[Filtered to Billy Kaplan]
I heard about your mother. And your boyfriend.

On the bright side, that does mean that the existence of this reality is probably not your fault.

[info]justhitjackpot in [info]thedoorway

You should all come back to the house immediately.
Peter, she's gone. Mayday is gone.

[info]ororo in [info]thedoorway

Just a friendly reminder that the ESD will be resuming courses on September 4. For all refugees under 18 this is a mandatory requirement following the laws of the State of New York and the guidelines set forth by the New York Board of Regents. However, it is somewhat more casual and flexible than attendance at a New York City Public School. You have been assigned an Advisor who should be contacting you briefly and will be able to help with registering for classes and planning for the future.

ESD classes are also available for audit to adult students, in modern culture, education, and technology for those from radically different times, and we offer preparation for the GED as well as a high school diploma.

If anyone is interested in teaching with the ESD, we offer full-time paid and part time volunteer positions. Classes are small, often 3-10 students, and meet 2-3 times per week in a seminar style. We are flexible about lesson plans and are eager to accept new courses based on unique areas of expertise.

At this time, we are particularly for classes whose professors have been returned through the Tesseract:
Aircraft and Flight Procedures, Algebra I and II, Anthropology, Archeology, Astrophysics, Calculus, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, French, Geometry, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Human Mythology, Linguistics, Magical Defense, Modern Dance, Music Appreciation, Spanish, Trigonometry

[Filtered to Jan van Dyne]
Thank the Tesseract, but I may be a bit late to tonight's training.
[Filtered to ESD advisors (Rachel, Ororo, Mary Margaret, Pietro, Pike, & Logan)]
Kitty was taken back, with classes starting up again in less than a month, we don't have a lot of time to regroup. If we could meet this afternoon-- perhaps 2:30 at Edible Complex. Hopefully today's will be short, but we'll need to have more later this week and I'm hoping today's can focus us all on the action points necessary from which to move forward.

Also, Logan will be stepping in to cover Kitty's advising group, and Mary Margaret will be joining us, providing a solid bridge between the PTYC and ESD.

Please communicate with your advisees regarding signing up for classes in the fall.
[Filtered to ESD professors (previous)]
If everyone would be so kind can you please confirm that you are able to teach the classes you offered last term or are interested in offering anything new.

[info]cosmicflame in [info]thedoorway

Filtered Network Post: Rachel Summers


There's no good way to say this, but I know the word is already going around so I'm going to confirm it. We lost three people today. Raven, Wanda, and Kitty have been taken by the tesseract.

If anyone wants to join me for ice cream, I'll be in the garden. I got some spares.

[info]mechromancing in [info]thedoorway

I went to drop off some shit for Dani but Jessica and Dani aren't there. They're just gone.

What the hell am I supposed to do with this baby stuff now?

[info]justhitjackpot in [info]thedoorway

For those of you who knew them, May Parker, Aracely Penalba, and Jessica and Danielle Jones have been sent back to their worlds. I'm shutting this off now

[info]marajade in [info]thedoorway

[Filter: Nick Fury (MCU)]
I can fly us back if you need sleep.

[info]brokenlily in [info]thedoorway

[Zoe Sage]
They've released the list of classes for this year and I picked up a copy for you. Do you want to sit down tonight and discuss it?

[info]girlwonderteen in [info]thedoorway

[Filtered to Illyana]
Hey, you busy?

[info]quicksilver in [info]thedoorway

phonecall; pietro and tommy

Who: Pietro Maximoff to Tommy Shepherd and Billy Kaplan
When: Monday, August 11
What: Nephews are missing, Uncle Pietro wants to have WORDS! (Basically words that nobody else can really hear because they're talking too fast.)

Long string of words galore )

[info]quicksilver in [info]thedoorway

Filter: Erik Lensherr
If you care She cares about you so I thought I ought to let you know: Wanda was taken back through the portal.

Filter: Penelope Featherington
My sister has been sent back. I'm sorry. I know you were getting along with her and becoming good friends.

Filter: Avengers (all)
Wanda has gone back. The bloody portal loves to play revolving door with her.

Now I must go and hunt down a pair of teenagers.

[info]kibwana in [info]thedoorway

network post: azari

Filtered: Next Avengers
Which classes are you thinking of taking? Genetics, physics, psychology, anthropology, and continuing energy manipulation are my thoughts. I took math courses, English literature, chemistry, linguistics, military tactics, diplomacy, mutant studies, engineering, and spanish. Pym and I took Aircraft and Flight Procedures together (I have a license to fly a plane, Pym) from a spaceship. She's since returned through the tesseract though.
Filtered: Ororo Munroe
Another mix of science and social sciences? I was thinking genetics and physics, psychology and anthropology. And your course on energy manipulation. We'd work on it either way.
I remember when classes were whatever Tony and Bruce felt like teaching that day. Harder were the "time travel, timelines, broken systems of time and how to fix them" where I doubt I ever fully earned a passing grade. But there was always the next timeline for that, until there wasn't.

[info]sendintheclones in [info]thedoorway

Text message

Text Message to Laura Kinney
--Can you come help me look for May and Aracely?
--The seem to be gone and..
--I need to find them.

[info]demiourgos in [info]thedoorway

-- i think pietro just called tommy
-- unclear

[info]speedofsass in [info]thedoorway

-- So did Pietro freak out at you yet?
-- I'm assuming he did.