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Apr. 15th, 2018


Voice Post

[Amid blaster sounds]

There's a battalion of battle droids in council five. I'm at the intersection of [intersection]. If you have long range weapons or abilities, I could use your help.

Apr. 12th, 2018


Okay, so it looks like Loki and crew have gotten everyone's paperwork who came in for their photographs. As far as I know, everyone's documentation is done and if you want to verify, Michael can let you know.

The base itself is as cleaned up as it can be without extensive repairs. Thank you to everyone who volunteered your time. We could not have done this without you, and hopefully, we can find some way to repay you for your help. I also want to thank those who supplied food — particularly Tony Stark and his quick thinking in setting up donations for our fellow Displaced who would have gone hungry waiting for their paperwork.

We're looking to go off the grid, electricity wise, since the Starks are clean energy types who are willing to help there. We also are currently working on a budget for staffing the Resettlement Bureau to make sure that anyone who wants to work there can have funds enough to survive here, to pay for repairs to the facility itself and upgrading the technology inside.

We're going to need different positions to monitor this portal. We have no idea if the locked down door means the portal is dormant. We have no idea what killed the people inside, so that's something I think we should look into. We don't know if it's a person or a thing or multiple people/things. We don't know if it's still around. We don't know if more Displaced are going to show up or how we'll get them out of the portal room if they do show up.

Some people have expressed concern as to why we're not turning this over to the military. Short explanation is: when things come through portals or from the sky, they usually end up in medical labs to be experimented on. They did not trust the Displaced. As I stated in my other post, the whole building has been created with whatever it is they have that makes it so no powers can be used. Now maybe that was to put them on even grounding with us since some of us come through quite hostile. No blame, being ripped from your own world is stressful so I get it. They were right to worry as whatever came out of the portal killed everyone in the base.

Peggy Carter has been working with a budget and several Displaced members who have offered their financial assistance. They are working out the details of what and how this can happen. Ideally, we would like to offer the Displaced positions to help their fellow Displaced (potential, since we don't know if anyone or anything is going to come through that portal). I'm currently looking into digitizing the paper files to free up space here so we can have some redundancy to the paperwork.

The medical area is clean, but we've found vaccines there from the ship. We have confirmed that they are the same vaccine from the ship, thanks to Vivian Vision, who synthesized it on the ship and here. The stock has not gone wrong in any way, but if it's been there for 20 years, I'm not sure how that's possible. Scientists? Is that something that can happen?

Any other questions, I'm happy to answers.

Apr. 9th, 2018


Military base is secure. We've determined there's no contagion. These people, unfortunately, were killed by something. Still unknown. We're digging through digital files, but I'm not that hopeful. 1999's idea of digital video is grainy at best, unwatchable at worst. Especially given that these are security cameras. Could use some help if someone wants to figure out the labeling system they've given these files. There's only one computer so three people in eight hour shifts. Trust me, those 8 hours are going to feel like 48. Bring music to listen to.

The power's back on. What we weren't expecting was that the entire building has a No Powers restriction on it. Electricity's on, no power. Power's off, abilities on. The building itself only vaguely resembles the layout from before. There's less medical facilities — all of it is emergency-related, and a curiously fresh batch of vaccines. Containers look a hell of a lot like the ones we got on the ship. Anyone want to come and test it to make sure it is what it says it is? Medical area has a bunch of pictures from the space pox we gave them in the 1950s as a warning.

There's a dated computer by the one room we can't get into. My guess would say that's the portal room, but why it's on lockdown, I couldn't say. Either the thing that killed them is locked down in there or they didn't want to risk the portal being accessed by the wrong people. No surveillance cameras are working at the moment. All but one of them have been destroyed by claw marks or bite marks. I'm not hopeful this thing didn't get out. Several exits have been compromised.

First things first, thanks Tony for setting up the food fundraiser. Unfortunately, money leads into my second point: we're going to need a lot of money to get this up and running again. We have no idea when any new arrivals might show up, what condition they'll be in, or how to figure out where and how their housing turns up. It's a logistical nightmare.

Apr. 8th, 2018


Picture attached )

I am suddenly concerned about how I lived my entire life without a domestic cat around my house to enjoy the company of. I missed far too much, and will likely be catching up on it all night long because I'm far too entertained to sleep.

Filter: Team Wakanda
Are we sure this is what we want What is the general consensus on what we had accomplished tonight?

Apr. 4th, 2018


You're more likely to die by tripping, a lightning strike, or a government sanctioned execution than an unprovoked shark attack. We kill approximately 100 million sharks a year.

Hello. Again, apparently.

Tea or coffee?

Apr. 2nd, 2018


This is my first port of call since I've arrived, and I must say I'm excited. The names of the places sound very Hawaiian, however I'm at a loss as to what a Pokemon is.

Apr. 1st, 2018


Does anyone have metallic paint?

Would any of you like the contents of my basket? I would like to keep the basket itself, but the candy is of no use to me.

I have also prepared several breakdowns based on Michael's report that can provide helpful insight into emergency scenarios. Using my holographic projector, I can run these fight simulations to target areas of weakness and team strategy. Would anyone be interested?

I am aware that the timeframe I came from is removed significantly by how long you have spent here separate from me, building new friendships and experiences. From my perspective we were building a close friendship that I valued, but time and distance from your perspective may have changed things. It would be unfair of me to presume that we can simply pick right back up from where I left you both, without knowing if you even feel the same. Now that things have started to settle down again after the attack, I would like to take the time to catch up with the both of you and hear about your experiences here.


:*:,:*: Fuck. Marry. Kill  :*:,:*:

Mar. 29th, 2018


I have put together a report on the attack for review with suggestions for improvement and some of my own observations regarding what happened. Please take from it what you will. If you need anything further or additional clarification, just ask for my assistant Janet. She’s very helpful.

[Attached is about a 700 page PDF. It is an incredibly detailed but very technical, dry report of the attack. There are suggestions for improving escape routes, safety procedures, patrols, etc. But in addition to having a fairly accurate summary of the events of the fight, the report finds that nothing further could have been done to prevent the deaths of the two deceased and out of several thousand simulations run of the attack, it could have very easily been far worse. The report concludes that the number of deaths and injuries being as few as they were are a testiment to the skill, teamwork and dedication to those on the ship.]

Mar. 25th, 2018


Does anyone have any powers that could IDK put some power into a couple of powercells?

Powercell's gone on this thing. I've got a backup that works, but it's going to need charging which I can't do without power on the ship.
Powercell's dead on this hand. BRAND NEW STANGING HAND, and the powercell is busted. I'll figure something out, but nothing I'm doing it working.

Mar. 24th, 2018


Connection Established

Hello, World. I am Viv. You seem to be experiencing technical difficulties. Have you tried turning it on and off again?