February 2020




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Feb. 23rd, 2020


Things got pretty nasty back there... if anyone needs healing I'm around to help fix you up.

I promise it doesn't feel that weird.

I think it doesn't feel that weird?

But yeah, hit me up.


I do hope everyone is back safe at this point.

I'm going to DoorDash you coffee and dinner. What would you like?

Feb. 5th, 2020



Filter to Victor Frankenstein
I believe I'm going to visit the Pearl tonight. Just for a little while.

Jan. 30th, 2020


Of course they're Liv I believe today is going to require more tea.

[Elizabeth Swann]
I didn't even get the chance to make him hate me less somehow.

Jan. 15th, 2020


Just a friendly reminder that anyone who sustained injuries yesterday during the earthquake should go either to the FNRB for evaluation or the clinic for evaluation. Should you be unable to leave due to injuries, someone will come to you directly.

Jan. 12th, 2020


So if people can't lie does that mean it's time for a truth telling meme?

Jan. 4th, 2020


I wonder whether anyone would be willing to offer some - I don't quite know whether to call it financial advice, or arithmetic. In your dollars, is thirty-seven millions considered to be rather a lot? It sounds like rather a lot.

Dec. 21st, 2019


Every December I've not had to set foot in the foul damp that's London I've considered an escape worthy of being celebrated, and I'm very happy to report that this will make nine in a row. This year I have much more to celebrate than avoiding a chill, so please allow me to introduce myself by expressing my gratitude at finding myself here. It seems a wonderful sort of place, and while I've no doubt I'll make a perfect fool of myself sooner rather than later, I do that in the city, too. I hate to begin by begging everyone's patience, but it won't be the first time, nor the last. I can only assure you I do my best to be a quick learner.

Nov. 28th, 2019


The months seem to feel as though they’re moving quicker and quicker. I’m excited, though, to start planning Christmas things. My list is already quite long.

Sep. 27th, 2018


Well, these clothes are ruined, but at least I'm no longer very nearly dead. Or whatever.

Sep. 23rd, 2018


If when this is all said and done and you return home to find an animal, I apologize in advanced. I'll try to be reasonable if it gets to that point. Perhaps a fish.

How is surveillance treating you?

Sep. 18th, 2018


Apparently, I am no longer decaying. The freezer was suddenly far too cold for me, and after getting a clean bill of health, I am out of here.

Still not quite as bad as recovering from being shot in the head.


Hello all! Just checking in to see if I've missed anyone that required my assistance.

If you know a person that is cursed to a dreamless sleep and I haven't already left you supplies, instructions, and hooked up IVs and monitors for you, please do let me know and I'll come fix that. I'm also completely willing to look after them at Bureau in our medical wing if there will be a problem caring for them at home.

The morgue is available to those that are decaying to help slow down the process. I also have a room at my home set to freezer temperatures, courtesy of a very helpful mediwitch, so I will make that available to anyone that needs it.

Those that are transforming into animals for half of the day, Liv Moore would like to come see you and help make sure that everything is normal for the animal you've become. Please don't be a horse about it, she's only trying to look out for you.

Incorporeal beings, if you need anything done that you can't do right now, please don't hesitate to reach out.

And...I think that's it! If you need help, just say the word. I'm sleeping for a week straight after thi-

Thank you for the assistance with the teleportation. Not my favorite method of getting around, but the coolest by far. I owe you one.

Sep. 16th, 2018


Hello there! I'm Dr. Chakrabarti. While I'm relatively new here and it's a Sunday morning after a ridiculous event, I highly urge anyone that went to the ball yesterday to come in for an once over, even if you were not injured or otherwise affected by last night's events. You may be asymptomatic or may not realize something's off.

Also, it'll give me a chance to get to know everyone here and give me a baseline to work off, in case something in the future happens where you need a doctor in your life. I've been told that people are skittish about blood draws around here, so rest assured, I'll only be doing that and any tests only if you consent to them. You should be getting checked up yearly anyway, so you might as well get it done now. Added bonus: you get to talk to me and I absolutely think I'm hilarious company.

I'll be down at the Bureau's medical wing all day today, so feel free to call in ahead of time to see how long, short, or non-existent the queue is so you're not waiting around forever. And if you like waiting, bring a book! I recommend Crazy Rich Asians for a fun read. I devoured that and the rest of the books in its series within a week.

EDIT: So far it looks like that people have been affected by the fairies. Things we are seeing so far: Tinkerbellism (Approximately six inches tall), going giant, spewing out the truth, and transforming into animals (wolf, horse, and bird). Possibly a coma like sleep as well, still looking into those cases. Vomiting pearls when trying to speak. Intangibility. Decaying - Those of you suffering from this one, I highly recommend finding a large freezer and sitting in it immediately. Or anyone with ice powers that can cool you down. At the very least, put those ACs to use asap. Mutism.

If you believe you can assist with any of these things, please find the person afflicted on this post and offer your help.

EDIT 2: If there are any animal specialists available, we may have some people that might appreciate you looking them over. Also, any psychologists or therapists being on standby would be appreciated.

Sep. 14th, 2018


So other than possible killer fairies, what should a newbie here know about this place?

My colleague, Dr. Liv Moore, has recommended to me to reach out to you, Mr. Jones, about an employment opportunity with the Bureau. I was the Medical Examiner with the King County Medical Examiner's Office in Seattle back in my world. Previous to that, I was a forensic pathologist with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

If my skills would be beneficial to your Bureau, I am ready and willing to come work for you.

So are you ready to come live with me, Clive? You know you're ready to give in. And Liv, I've reached out to Ianto, so once I hear back, I'll see if I get to play with corpses with you or not. How's that devil brain treating you?



Given the overall absence of several members of my 'support system', I suspect absolute clarity in judgment will be difficult to attain. Shame.

With the disappearance of my partner, Joan Watson, I shall gladly take over whatever outstanding assignments she was given.

The busier I am, the better. I assure you.

Sep. 3rd, 2018


This is new.

A whole town. Kind of feels like the circus train, with all the sand and dust, but it's 2018 according to everything here.

I don't remember the countdown this time, and I usually do. It's weird. No new experiment-related costume. No task. Not a fan of these where you have to figure it out along the way. At least the train was simple: here's your job, here's your secret task. Go forth and do as you will.

I'm assuming that this is one of those experiments like the jungle with the volcano where we have to tough it out and survive. I didn't get any instruction, and these people weren't very helpful.

Then again, you usually like to let us do our own thing and figure it out along the way. If I need any help, I'll try to figure it out on my own, but I might end up asking you anyway.

Aug. 27th, 2018


who: Victor Frankenstein & Elizabeth Swann
when: August 24th, evening
where: Their apartment
What: Coordinating schedules.
warnings: It's fluff.
status: Complete.

I was already thinking nights would be best for us )

Aug. 8th, 2018


I realized that I have not introduced myself, even though I've popped around to various posts. I'm Sergeant Amy Santiago, formerly of the NYPD and currently of the Tumbleweed Sheriff's Department. I arrived almost a month ago and would like to say that I am completely settled here, but that would be a lie. I'm not very good at lying, as Jake can attest, so it better not to ask me questions that you may not want to know my answer to.

I like stationery stores (of which there are none here), TED talks, documentaries, puzzles, and learning new things. I am a Type A personality, which means that I will most definitely get on your nerves so stuff it before I stuff you.

If you see my husband around, I recommend giving him attention, otherwise he will fight harder for it.

Why are there no good stationery or pen stores here?


It is curious what parts of Victorian England are still in print in this day and age. Even now I have found a book with different flora for each day with their symbolic meaning and a short poem. I was looking for some more modern books on poetry to add to my collection of the romantics. I think Wordsworth has registered the most of the romantics for me of late.

I suppose this is the opportune time to ask if anyone else has a preferred poet of late.

Jul. 28th, 2018


I'm Eliot. I understand you've already met someone who shares a strong resemblance in name, face, and hopefully an excellent taste in vests and alcoholic beverages. Some of you have been here for some time, and I am hoping you can help me.

This isn't my first time being pulled into another world, or my second, or even third, or forth, and so on. Some of you have also been pulled into other worlds which may or may not have been purgatory like before ending up here. I'm trying to get some information on my friends? They might have mentioned a Hell Hotel? Hotel Kairos?

Paul Rovia, aka Jesus
Claire Novak
Gretel (yes, that one)
Judith Grimes
Rowena Ravenclaw
Godric Gryffindor

Just looking to see if anyone else made it out. Any information you might have would be deeply appreciated.

[Eliot's Homeworld(s)]
So, hello. I've just spent the last two years in a semi-sentient, murderous hotel. How're things?

[Quentin Coldwater]
Jesus fuck, Q. Except not literally. Are you my Q? Were you at the hotel? Please tell me you made it out, too. I'm still in quarantine.

[Margo Hanson]


I should like to see you if you are willing.

No issues last night, I take it?

Jul. 11th, 2018


I would like to thank those who made fake references and papers for me. Getting a job likely would have been quite a bit more challenging than it was without your assistance. The insurance is already making me wish I had chosen another profession. Unfortunately I don't have the patience for anything else.

I was also wondering if anyone might know where to get affordable art supplies. I just need some simple charcoal pencils and paper.

Jul. 1st, 2018


I think it is beyond time that I reach out and make introductions. My name is Elizabeth Swann and I arrived in your company just a few days ago. I've been giving myself some time to adjust to this new set of circumstances. I find this has been a far easier adjustment than my initial leap through time. One year is certainly easier than a few centuries. My friend has informed me that there are some among you who were also in our community in our previous reality but he says that number is small. So, my question to you is, are there others who were pulled from their home time and placed in a situation similar to this but prior to your arrival here?

As it were, I am rather disappointed that my ship has not followed me to this reality but my apartment did. I would gladly trade the apartment for the Black Pearl any day. Of course, it would be useless without water to dock it in, but I am not accustomed to being away from it for such a length of time and it has only been four days.

(Trigger warning for drug use in comments)

Jun. 30th, 2018


who: Elizabeth Swann & Victor Frankenstein
when: June 27th
where: Their apartment
What: Victor misinterprets Elizabeth's arrival as a home invasion.
warnings: None
status: COMPLETE.

Well, I was coming to get your sword so I might stand a chance, but it seems you got to it first. )

Jun. 22nd, 2018


It seems far easier to blend in here than it was in Chicago. Back there people were particularly aware of who I am. Even out in the community. Here, people find it to be an unfortunate name coincidence in which my family must have some unusual sense of humor. If they knew my family I at least have managed an interview at the local hospital. I am suddenly far more grateful than I was before for the modern invention of air conditioning. This place is unreasonably warm. All of Miss Swann's things are It feels strange not to talk about her at all, but she is not here

[Filtered to any possible NA group]
Much as I am certain I hate groups like this, it is possible that I may have a need for it. I didn't really want to ask the entire community if one existed, so I thought I'd try this.

Jun. 17th, 2018


It's been a few days but I didn't see any rush on announcing my return. See things have changed a bit here in Tumbleweed since my last visit. Can't say I'm terribly surprised by it given the way things operate. Still, the town rearranging itself did give me just as much pause as it growing in size last year.

Not sure who is here that I made acquaintance with previously but I'll go ahead and reintroduce myself. Names Ethan Chandler.

Jun. 13th, 2018


First I am removed from Chicago and then I am forced to contend with additional memories. There was a reason I never watched our show. I didn't want those memories I can adjust to new scenery, but this is giving me a headache. I need to At least the modern technology isn't as confusing as the first time I encountered it. Though, what does this mean for my

Has anyone seen a Miss Elizabeth Swann? If someone might direct her to me, I would be grateful.

[...] Ah, yes. I suppose introductions are in order. My name is Victor Frankenstein.