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Apr. 5th, 2018


Given the restrictions on how many Pokemon we can catch (six) and how many we can keep (one, which is one more than I was worried it would be) I imagine a lot of people will be looking to trade for what they want. Apart from the "if you see one of these please catch it for me" posts where you want people to see the request but they don't necessarily need to remember at the time who wanted it, it will be a lot easier if we keep the information in one place so none of it gets lost and people don't miss out. You should be able to bookmark a post to come back to it quickly so you can stay up to date while we're here.

All you need to put is basic info - your name, what you want (a specific Pokemon, a type, whatever), and what you've managed to catch. That way we can skim through and see what matches up.

[ooc: you don't have to do trades on both the ooc and ic posts, but some people did want to get some ic interaction with it so both ways are available.]

Unrelatedly, the dinosaur park is a tad underwhelming, but possibly worth it for amusement or the chance of finding legitimate fossils. Sometimes you can revive an ancient, otherwise extinct, Pokemon from them. (On that note, if anyone gets hold of a pterodactyl made of rock, hit me up.)

Mar. 26th, 2018


My leg is broken but if there's anything I can do to help, just let me know please. Even if it's just sitting with someone so they aren't alone.

Mar. 24th, 2018


» jeanette voerman - network

Sooooooo does this mean that those of us with a very special diet are shit outta luck? 'Cause I'd kinda hate to have to kill some of you that might be a teeny tiny itty bitty problem. :(

Mar. 11th, 2018


I don't believe I will travel to anymore of these other worlds that are only accessible via magic beans.

[Added later]
[Roy Mustang]
I've been told the spa on the ship is very good. I think I may give it a try when we've returned to the ship.

Mar. 1st, 2018


I'm getting over my cold but it seems like everyone else is sick from something else. Ha! At least I wasn't leaking from both ends. Just from my nose.

Everyone has sparkly things from Middle Earth. No one got me anything sparkly. I should have got myself something sparkly. Even if I'd look stupid with a bejeweled necklace over my men's tank top. Reminds me of old times. It wasn't so bad sometimes.

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Feb. 22nd, 2018


A walk in the sunlight in Middle Earth.

That's something I never imagined would come about.


Does anyone who's already done some exploring have suggestions for the best hiking locations? Nothing that's going to kill me from difficulty or from other dangers, please.

Feb. 15th, 2018


» therese voerman - network

I loathe this place. You are all certifiably insane.

It would likely be best I remain on the ship before I crush one of these creatures to dust.

Jan. 26th, 2018


Won't be moderating group on Wednesday, need someone to take over this week. I'll be back to running it the following week.

I'll throw in some kraken jerky to whoever helps out.

EDIT: Also need someone to help cover my patrol shifts next week. M - TH, 1 AM - 4 AM.

EDIT 2: If you need your shift covered while you recover, let me know. We'll get people to cover you.

Need people to cover some shifts:

SUNDAY: 7 PM - 10 PM - JO
MONDAY: 7 PM - 10 PM - CISCO | 1 AM - 4 AM - NAT
WEDNESDAY: 7 PM - 10 PM - JO | 1 AM - 4 AM - NAT | 4 AM - 7 AM - CISCO
THURSDAY: 1 AM - 4 AM - NAT | 1 AM - 4 AM - JASON

Jan. 1st, 2018


» jeanette voerman - network

Wow, this magic sunscreen is amazing Y'know, I really thought I'd get sick of lying by the pool for almost a week.

Novelty has not worn off. Couple decades without the sun might do that to ya But it might be time for a change, anyone tried out any of these activities yet?


» therese voerman - network

What is the meaning of this? I abhor liberties being taken with my person, how dare I be brought here without consent.

Someone will pay for this insolence.