February 2020




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Feb. 18th, 2020


Okay. So. I was walking home, and these things tried to grab me. They looked like little trolls, like some of the ones I've been seeing downtown. Spider-sense made it so I could sense them coming, but they almost got me.

I also noticed that they only really seemed to be going after kids, and not adults.

Anyone else have this happening to them?

Feb. 13th, 2020


[Filtered to teens / younger people*]

Hello! I'm Ochaco Uraraka. I'm 15 years old, and I just came back to Tumbleweed recently. It looks like there's a lot of different people from when I was here the last time, and I was hoping I could make some new friends. Maybe a group of us could get together and go to the carnival tomorrow? It looks like it could be fun!

I just want to make some friends around my own age. There's pretty much mostly adults at my house, and they're nice, but it's nice to hang out with people my own age, too.

[basically the 19 and younger crowd]

Feb. 3rd, 2020


Good Afternoon. I want to thank everyone for participating last week. I was thoroughly impressed with the turn out and each and everyone of you should be proud of your performances. You can find the
casting sheet for our production in the attached PDF.

As a reminder, rehearsals in the beginning will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school. (Edit) - We start this Wednesday. We will have rehearsals on the Cruise, whenever we depart for it, and the adjustments for the schedule will be delivered once we know exactly what kind of time table the Cruise plans to function on. I've taken the liberty of uploading the script and you can download it directly to your devices; so everyone should have access regardless of which planet we are currently orbiting. Our curtain date is TBD but we're aiming for a general end of April/early May time window. Really, it's always going to be in the air until we have a feel for our upcoming journey.

And as a final note, there'll be a week or two where I will be unable to oversee rehearsals. This is somewhere in the nexus of March. Pixie, our stage manager for the production, and Tina, our collaborator from the Community Arts Center, will ensure things remain on schedule during my absence.

Once again, congratulations and I look forward to many weeks of having Dancing Queen stuck on loop in my head.

E. Waugh

ATTACHMENT: [Casting Sheet.PDF] [Mamma Mia Script.PDF]

Added after this comment

Can you translate what Clefairy is saying for me?

Jan. 29th, 2020


Anyone want a Snorlax?

cut for image )

Jan. 20th, 2020


I've been getting slowly more used to food that isn't, well, protein bars.

What do people recommend? I've had cakes and those were good. And mac and cheese. Also something called a burger?

Jan. 7th, 2020


[Filter to Alice Quinn]
You mentioned how Shiro promised to take you up into space. Did he ever promise what type of ship

[Filter to Tahiri Veila]
Hey, so I got a question. Might be a weird one.

[Filter to Voltron]
Do we want to do a moon trip this weekend? Just pack up some provisions and see where adventure takes us?

Jan. 6th, 2020


Who: Tahiri and Will
When: First day back of school
Where: Algebra Class before the bell
What: Officially meeting
Rating: Low

So far, school wasn't terrible )

Jan. 3rd, 2020


(074) Anakin Solo

Happy New Year to Tumbleweed. May wherever the portal plans to drop us this year, be mostly relaxing and cool and relatively monster free, etc.

Anyone have resolutions?

[Filtered: Nico di Angelo]
This is your post-Will checkin. And also. Hey. I've got this ship I need to try out.

[Filtered: Anakin Skywalker]
How were your holidays?

[Filtered: Padmé Amidala]
So I'm wondering if you've had local waffles yet?

[Filtered: Tahiri]
How do you feel about spending some time with Tionne's Holocron this week?

Dec. 26th, 2019


WHO: Anakin Solo & Tahiri Veila
WHEN: 5 December (backdated)
WHERE: the Solo apartments/ranch house.
SUMMARY: Anakin & Tahiri are decorating a Christmas tree, and there's - strangeness afoot.
WARNINGS: None that I can think of?

What do you think, tree? )

Dec. 16th, 2019


While I appreciate the faux snow setup in Phoenix Park, any interest in turning one of the other parks into a literal snowglobe? The 60 degree weather is apparently putting a crimp in my kid's holiday cheer, and I'm inclined to do something about it. I'm sure the locals won't mind. Been awhile since the town had a gas leak anyway.


Network Post: Sabé

Padmé has it in her head that I need to meet about a dozen of you as her close friends and family, just for starters, and then she probably has another few dozen after that. I'm not surprised she's made many friends so quickly since she's famous for her people skills, but I think she forgets I'm not naturally as social as she is. I don't really know what to say or how to introduce myself except: hello, I'm Sabé. I've known Padmé half my life since entering her service as handmaiden. I'm from Naboo, of course.

Thank you again to Elizabeth Swann for giving me the crash course on this world. That had to be a strange thing to do for someone who inexplicably looks like you.

Dec. 14th, 2019




Dec. 1st, 2019


Tumbleweed. The final frontier.

Or something like that, at least.

I'd honestly rather be here than back home right now.

Anyway, my name is Daisy Johnson, and I've been here before. Anyone remember me?

Nov. 28th, 2019


Anyone else feel like the Santa letters get harder each time?

Nov. 23rd, 2019


One more year and I'm not going to be a teenager anymore. Honestly surprised I made it this long. So that's definitely something.

Definitely better and worse than last year. Anyone up for a game of paintball and/or capture the flag to commemorate my lack of dying this long?