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Jun. 15th, 2018


Who: Sherlock Holmes (BBC AU), Mycroft Holmes (BBC)
When: Monday, April 16, the day after the Dementors came to Tumbleweed.
Where: Mycroft’s flat
What: Sherlock comes to check on Mycroft, who is uncharacteristically emotional
Warnings: FEELS
Status: Complete in Gdocs

Of course, the idiot would come through the window... )

Jun. 3rd, 2018


Between the ball and the birthday parties, it's been a very social weekend.

Is anybody interested in battling their pokemon?

[Private to Charlie Weasley]
We didn't get much change to talk at the ball. How are you doing, my friend?

[Private to Sherlock Holmes (BBC)]
I haven't heard from you in a long while. Not since the cruise, actually. Is everything alright?

May. 21st, 2018


I read a flyer that said a carnival's coming to town, and the first thing that came to my mind was a novel by Ray Bradbury.

So, basically if the carnival's run by a man named Mr Dark, who promises to fulfill your secret desires, then stay the hell away.

May. 6th, 2018


Who: John Watson (BBC AU), Sherlock Holmes (BBC AU)
What: John’s birthday surprise from Sherlock
When: Monday, April 30, evening
Where: 221b, Tumbleweed
Warnings: Mushy lovey dovey thoughts
Status: Complete in gdocs

Probably the best birthday I’ve ever had... )

May. 4th, 2018


Rehab is getting me a volunteer job at the animal shelter. Why didn't they do this earlier? I could have been reading to puppies instead of doing all the crosswords and being bored out of my mind.

May. 1st, 2018


I'm pleased to announce that my new business, Keepsakes has been launched. Currently, it is an online store, but should you be interested, you may make an arrangement with me to have a tour of our local warehouse. We sell items that were brought from Agrabah, Camelot, Arendelle, and Alola. Furniture, lamps, rugs, jewelry, chachkies. I've been aggressively promoting, and have already made a substantial sale to a business in Dallas. We have ambitions to to expand by investing profits into more items, and in the future, opening a storefront in Tumbleweed.

In addition to Keepsakes, I am offering my services as a piano tutor. For the past few months I've been given private lessons to Padmé Amidala, who has proven to be an excellent pupil. Interested parties may inquire herewith.

[Private to James Potter]
Regarding the Dementor attack of April 15th, I trust they were all eliminated from town?


Who: John Watson (BBC AU), Sherlock Holmes (BBC AU)
What: John’s arrival through the portal - in Alola
When: Not long after after this exchange
Where: Heahea Beach
Warnings: Mentions of death and faked suicides
Status: Complete in gdocs

I’m going to need a drink... )

Apr. 22nd, 2018


Right so, I ain’t sure when we’ll be actually needing this, but I’ve gone and set up an emergency location for the Displaced for whenever shit hits the fan and we can’t go staying here in Tumbleweed. While I’d really like something like those bracelets we all had on the cruise for teleporting everyone no matter where they might be to be around for use, they just ain’t. Hit me up if’n ya think you can make something like that.

I’ve been working to finish adding up housing options and gotten some people to help limit the path of the local fauna that might’ve caused us all some issues if they were allowed to run around everywhere. It runs on solar power and backup generators. Wind power is getting installed soon once I figure out where would be best to go setting it up. There’s a greenhouse that’s already up and running and livestock are getting settled in this week.

[Pretend there's some pictures inserted here for everyone to see.]

So if’n you’re wanting access to it, what you’re gonna need is a portal set up in your house or your place of business (if its Displaced owned). Put your name down here if ya want in and we’ll get ya set up. Just like on the cruise, only the Displaced will be able to head through them there and back.

Hopefully it won't need to be used, but better to have something in place than not.

Apr. 16th, 2018


[Filtered to John Murphy, Mary Crawley, & Padmé Amidala]
My brother [...] Mycroft Holmes is recovering from a dementor attack. Thought his friends associates ought to know. Hopefully the rest of you faired better, but in the event that you lost a limb, do share. His flat is cluttered and boring.
[Filtered to John Watson]
It's bad. He's reminicising.

Apr. 8th, 2018


post-dated to Monday, April 9th at 9am.

We're back in Tumbleweed, but as some of you may have figured out, the town is completely different than it was the last time we were here. There's an airport now, which my car navigation system pointed out, and it's on the opposite side of town from Fort Neill.

Of course, that's not the most startling or disturbing difference. Fort Neill is a graveyard, and I mean that in the kindest sense of the world. It was locked up when I got there. Got my way in to find a dusty military facility that has not been used in quite some time, and it looks like it didn't happen on purpose.

The military is dead, and I don't mean they cleared out. I mean there is an entire facility full of the skeletal remains of whoever was in there when something happened. That something appears to have been some sort of [...] feeding, possible animal attack. There are definite teeth marks on these bones, and the state of decomposure... it's not new. At least a decade, maybe more so it's not as horrendous as it could be to see.

I have not turned the power on; I don't want to disturb the bodies more than I already have, but I'd like for anyone interested in helping to come down to the facility to move these bodies — telekinesis, magic, or just standard issue gloves — so that we don't taint the bodies with our DNA. We'll have to keep the power off until that happens, and then there should be video monitoring we can check to see what happened, check databases and logs to see if there's any evidence of what might have happened here.

I'm leaving this open so we can discuss what to do. After scrounging around the base, I haven't seen any paperwork or IDs for those of you who arrived on the cruise so that's something we should work on immediately to get people in the system so they can work, get IDs, and whatever else they need. We'll need people who can make IDs and people who can get into the necessary systems for government agencies to make sure the back-end is taken care of in anyone wants to cross state or country lines.

And a warning to some of you who worked at the military before: yes, we knew some of these people if the names on the uniforms check out.


WHO: Mycroft Holmes and Sherlock Holmes.
WHEN: April 4th, before Sherlock posts on the network.
WHERE: Boat deck.
WHAT: They snipe at each other, gossip about people, then it all goes to hell. The usual sibling drama.
WARNINGS: Brief mentions of PTSD and kidnapping.
STATUS: Complete!

Ordinary life appears to suit you.  )


Instead of catching a pokemon, I feel more like a pokemon caught me.

image, unfiltered )

For the past couple of days I've been catching pokemon and releasing them after Sherlock had a chance to look at them. I didn't plan on keeping one, but while eating breakfast this morning, this little guy showed up a short distance away, and kept staring at me. I started tossing him berries from my plate, and slowly he hopped closer, until he was right at my feet. When I finished eating, and got up to wash, he started following me and he's been following me ever since. I had one last pokeball, and once he saw it, he started jumping up and down and flapping his wings - I think he wanted me to catch him.

So, basically now I have to go and buy a bunch of supplies for him before we head out, today.

Apr. 7th, 2018


It is entirely possible that I may have asked one too many inappropriate questions about the anatomy and physiology of many Pokemon at the Aether Foundation. I'm not banned per se, but strongly encouraged to rethink my priorities before I step back through their doors again. Science appreciation and curiosity gets the best of me again.

Apr. 5th, 2018


I'm still trying to wrap my head around this.

Portal. Alternative universe. Cruise ship docked at a tropical island. Pokemon.

Not entirely convinced this isn't some weird dream, but alright. I'll play along and see how it goes.

Apr. 4th, 2018


Some of you have found some rather cute species of these little creatures, but I've had no such luck. The first one I have appears to be some sort of grub. The second is an orangutan creature. I can't say I'm interested in keeping either of them. They're quite hideous, really. But if anyone happens to like animals of that sort or is trying to complete some sort of collection, do let me know. I might trade for anything that might be appropriate for a pet, or I might simply give them to you. Both of these will be released before we leave the island.

At least the spa is nice.


I don't want to put them in the Pokeballs, it's too small.

[suitemates-- Ahsoka, Cassie, Charles]

I want a Pokemon that's like me.


You're more likely to die by tripping, a lightning strike, or a government sanctioned execution than an unprovoked shark attack. We kill approximately 100 million sharks a year.

Hello. Again, apparently.

Tea or coffee?