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Jul. 23rd, 2017


Just for the record, I ain't hiding behind no white person while I'm here.

Jul. 21st, 2017


To those of you in the minority, I am sorry. I know what the time period I was raised in - and this one - does to your rights. I can't really even begin to understand the outrage or the fear you must be feeling. But I've lived through this time period. I've traveled extensively. I can weasel my way in with the people here. But what I want more than anything is to help.

If I can walk with you, I will walk with you. If you need me to come and get you, I'll do that too. Doesn't matter where or when, okay? I'll help.


Black social history was part of my Masters so I should be able to give a good overview of what shit's gonna be like in 1953. I'd say get a snack and a cup of tea, but I guess MREs and water will have to do.

History lesson! (won't be as thorough as the doc) )

Honestly, the best thing we can do is establish ourselves outside the town. We want to be considered separate and in charge of our own affairs. Even those of us who look acceptable aren't going to know the nuances of social conventions and suspicion of anyone different in a small rural town in Texas is going to be bad, especially with resources scarce. But we probably will have some contact with them, so anyone who's worried can come find me and I'll try to help you out. If anyone else specifically studied this time period it would be great if you could speak up too.

Apart from that I'm good for patrols, helping to build things, scouting, whatever. I might be able to do up a map of where the birds are finding water in the area, but I can't promise it will be helpful for this many people.

Jul. 20th, 2017


Okay, universe, when I said I was bored, I did not mean spice things up this way!

Demigods? Diana? Anakin? Who's still around?

Jul. 19th, 2017


This is the first summer vacation I'm experiencing in a world not my own, and can I say... when I'm not loading myself up on homework and extracurriculars on school time to keep myself busy, and there aren't quests to go on or monsters popping up at every corner to attack us, the summer feels really really boring.

So, I want to take on a summer job, I think. Mid-July too late? Any places that would willingly hire teens?

Jun. 29th, 2017


America's love of the loud, bright holiday amuses me greatly.

Jun. 28th, 2017


I haven't been here long enough.. or at least the part that I do remember. It's only just been six months since I've been here, but I know many others have shared a ton of memories not just the past year in Lost world and Tumbleweed and either further back then that. I get it, though, how much it hurts when people we love leave and don't come back so quickly.

But, this event was a great way to just celebrate the moments we did have with people, and be reminded of the good moments that we had with them here. Thanks for the invite into the mansion for this, X-Men. I feel like it was much needed.

Jun. 15th, 2017


Filter: Against known people with change of heart
Doing this for the sake of my best friend, who I fear will just go absolutely nuts on the town if he doesn't come back soon -- anyone see Percy, try to drag him back to our Camp? He hasn't come home for days, and I don't want to see Annabeth lose her head.

Speaking of head... anyone ever hear of eidolons? Throwing out a theory as to what could be going on. They're spirits who possess people and make them do shit they would normally not ever do. Like attack a fellow demigod camp. >_>

Jun. 9th, 2017


Small towns like this are about the same no matter where you are. It's reassuring, I suppose, that it doesn't change much even in another damn universe. Feels familiar in the same way, where everyone knows everyone, and the little old ladies at church know everyone's business. Especially if you don't look like you fit in, if you're different somehow. I keep thinking I'll see But I'd been looking to get away from small town life like this. At least it's a different town. Guess I should be grateful for that.

The thing about this place I can't shake is how no one seems to notice how none of us fit in here. Something's not right about that. Wednesday would've had a hell of a time with these people.

May. 30th, 2017


Dear universe.. if you send a few certain people this way, I promise I won't even gloat about attending one of the most iconic wedding this place has ever seen.

... well, okay. Maybe a little. And only to Jason, because he knows I love him regardless. I won't do it to Hazel though.

May. 26th, 2017


Unpopular opinion, but I have never been so glad to be back at school that I'm sort of dreading summer vacation since it's already so close.

May. 24th, 2017


Sucks about Ringling Bros.

Where are kids supposed to run away to now? Or like, circus people.

Jan. 18th, 2017


[Women of Cair Paravel]
I know I'm relatively new to the house and all, even with our newer arrivals, but Reyna asking about us all helping out for her wedding got me thinking. Would anyone be interested in doing a ladies' night sort of thing? Either here or going out could work. I think it could be fun.