February 2020




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Sep. 25th, 2018


[Young kids group]
Who all have we got left wanting to continue on with this? And is there anyone else we should go about inviting?

[Napoleon Solo]
Ya doing any better? And when are we resuming our wine days cause I'm in need of them.


The kids are gone too.

[Voice: Private to Gwen Stacy (65):]
Are you busy tonight?

Sep. 20th, 2018


You know what I discovered in this last week? I can't lie. Someone asks me a question, and suddenly I'm talking about everything on my mind. They just want a "I'm good. How 'bout you?" Instead, I have given total strangers a full rundown on how much I miss my wife because she's living in another world. Not even another state. Another world. Y'know. Just a completely sane thing to hear from a total stranger. Guess what, total stranger, I was Spider-Man back before I lost all my powers.

This is a bad idea.

I don't know why I started to write.

It was vaguely funny in my head because irony and self-depreciation is my jam, but now I'm writing because I can't stop writing.

Man, I really miss having powers. I'm happy for what I have, but I would sign up in two seconds flat to

[Peter chucks his phone to stop himself, and the entry posts. Because of course it does.]

Sep. 15th, 2018


1. Maya Lopez
2. Leia Organa
3. Julia Wicker
4. Ben Reilly
5. Gabrielle Delacour
6. Anakin Skywalker
7. Kell Maresh
8. Ronan Lynch
9. Zelda
10. Hermione Granger
11. Illya Kurykin
12. Nadia van Dyne
13. Penny Clearwater
14. Cable
(Potentially Henry Fitzroy)

I take it we are going to the ball, then.

Sep. 11th, 2018


So apparently there's this new Spider-Man video game out on PS4 that's getting really good reviews and I was just going to ignore it because I don't google myself and I probably know more than I need to about other Future and Alternate Mes already...


Has anyone played it? Like is there anything in it that I shouldn't see? Because if it's just me swinging around New York stopping muggers I think that would be okay, right? Ijustreallywanttoplaythisgame. 😬😬😬

Sep. 10th, 2018


The Tumbleweed F.D. is having volunteer tryouts today. If you're interested in helping the department out or just thinking about learning more, just swing by. They'll also have one of the trucks out for the kids and a bunch of safety tips for all.

Aug. 29th, 2018


[Filter to Peter Parker (94)]
First off, mission was a success! Good job on that knot tying.

Second, a most important question for you: Phillies, Marlins, or Braves? Or, rephrased, sooner in September or later?

Added later: [Filter to Peter Parker (MCU)]
Hey, so I have a super duper important question for you that needs answering that I can't remember if I've asked you before or not.

Aug. 27th, 2018


WHO: Ben Reilly (94) & Loki (616), and some Peter Parker (94)!
WHEN: Last weekend
WHERE: Ben's apartment
WHAT: Ben puts a ring on it.
WARNINGS: Schmoopy schmoop.

This is you asking, yes? Not Forest. Sorry, a few lifetimes of magic mishaps and an assortment of species therein involved -- you can really only be so careful about these things. )

Aug. 19th, 2018


WHO: Ben Reilly & Peter Parker (94)
WHEN: Before the weekend started
WHERE: Parker house!
WHAT: Ben breaks Peter's brain a little. Twice.
WARNINGS: Teenager doofs

Man, you have no idea. )

Jul. 28th, 2018


[Filter to Peter of the 94 variety]
So, as we approach the illustrious birthday of everyone's favorite multi-million (or is it already billion? million sounds better with the double mmmmmmms) dollar book and movie franchise wizard, I have a very important question for you.

How crazy with worry would you go if I took May to some flying lessons of the broom variety? Also, how many 'pleases' would it take to rope you into a game of Quidditch?

Jul. 16th, 2018


So, a trickster god told me that I should get in touch with you. And normally that's a hard pass for me, but my brother seems to think the world of that trickster god. I hear you need a nanny? I can do a solid Mrs. Doubtfire impression, but my resume didn't come through the portal.

Jul. 10th, 2018


[Filtered to Daisy Johnson (MCU), Jemma Simmons, and Peter Parker (94)]
Hey, so, most of you are new to the whole life of Flash thing in this universe, but like I live with two of you and you're all really smart, so here it goes. I got all this paperwork I've gotta fill out 'cause I gotta transfer from UT Austin to the university here in Tumbleweed. And like some of it all sounds straight forward, but other parts make my eyes cross and I just wanna make sure I got it all set so I ain't missing out next semester, so, uh, are any of you up for helping me not mess this up?

[Filtered to Credence]
So when was that trip to Florida again?

Jun. 29th, 2018


WHO: Ben Reilly and Peter Parker (94) with May and Benjy
WHEN: June 9-10-ish?
WHERE: the portal facility
WHAT: Ben gets a message about an arrival and receives a huge surprise
WARNINGS: All the Feels.

God, Pete, is that really you? )

Jun. 24th, 2018


[Filtered to parents/guardians of young children]

Okay. I know I talked about forming a parents group, and now that I've had some time, I'm actually able to put together a clear plan for it. With school finishing up for the summer, now's the perfect time to at least start getting together so that we can start planning out activities for the summer.

I'm thinking that we could have meetings once or twice a week during the summer, maybe one where we meet up at someone's house, and then another one where maybe we go out and do an activity together as a group. During the school year, maybe cut it down to every other Saturday, depending on what works best for the group. As life happens, you don't have to come to every single get together, but whatever you can do is fine. This is for the benefit of both adults and children. The children have kids their own age to interact with, and the adults can start forming a support group, especially since there are a few of us with infants.

I'm willing to offer up our house as a meeting location, but we could probably rotate between different houses, that way one person isn't constantly hosting meetings. If you don't have the space for it, that's perfectly fine.

I've made a form for people to fill out, that way I can get a head count of who to expect, and we can start getting closer to making this an actual thing.

Jun. 10th, 2018


[Filtered to parents/guardians of young children]

I've noticed that there's quite a few of us with young kids in the infant to preteen range. I know that some of us have been here for awhile, but some, like my family, haven't been here very long, and as a result, don't really have much in terms of friends for our children, or a support group of other parents.

Has anyone ever talked of maybe forming a parents and kids group? Like, the parents hang out and talk about our lives or whatever, while the kids all play together? We meet up at maybe different houses or go on outings together, like to museums and the zoo, have cookouts, things like that. Maybe parents who've been around for awhile can give tips to other Displaced parents, and our kids have a group of friends that are in similar situations to theirs.

If other parents wanted to, I certainly wouldn't object to forming a group like this. It'd be nice to have a support group of other parents and it would be nice for my kids to have some friends around their age who are also in the same situation that they are.


Can I just say that I'm super glad that you guys didn't go for the Facebook format with the network?

Also, hi. I'm Peter. Ben gave me the insider's scoop on everything. Well, not everything, but probably about 25% of everything. I'm pretty sure I retained about 50% of that 25%, and there's about 15% that I'm currently in denial about on top of that. Sooo, for the 10.6% that I'm good with, I think I get the idea. I had my freak out. Totally understand that I'm the 3rd Peter Parker here.

Which, hey, fellow Peters. Are we just doing numbers? Chronologically? By height? Follow the Ed, Edd, and Eddy format? Does that even exist here? Too many questions? ...not enough questions?