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Sep. 28th, 2018


Seems that most of the Displaced are back to normal. Congratulations.

You two up for a mission? Juticalpa, Olancho, Honduras is on our list of places that might have had an attack. I need you two to go down there, ask questions, snoop around. You know, the usual recon stuff. Up for it?
Anyone have any idea what this is about?
Go. Do what you need to. We're good here, and I really appreciate you sticking around.
Were you expecting a painting?

Sep. 25th, 2018


I very much enjoyed our weekend together. I absolutely hate that we had to leave. But I owe Quentin a trip and I wanted to see how you felt about that?

Just so you know, I'm still suffering from telling the truth. It's a terrible affliction, but I've made my peace with it because it's brought me to a new stage in my relationship with Gaby and because it's given me clarity on a few things going on in my head.

Like you.

This truth telling business was the reason why I couldn't talk to you before. Eliot's told me that he spoke to you about how whatever it was that I was afraid of ruining was probably a sex thing, and, at the least, not anything terrible. He was right, mostly. It's not terrible and it's more of a love thing and I think I'm ready to admit that I care for you more than a friend.

Gaby is aware of these things and as long as I'm honest with her about what goes on here, we'll play it by ear, but I'm no longer content to hide this truth from you or myself. Frankly, it was making me miserable and while it may still ruin things because I'm not sure how you feel or what you want, I need you to know this before I invited you out to Point Pleasant for the trip we were suppose to have taken last weekend.

So. There it is, cards on the table. And so there are no surprises, I've made this viewable to Gaby. If that's not alright with you, please let me know.


[Young kids group]
Who all have we got left wanting to continue on with this? And is there anyone else we should go about inviting?

[Napoleon Solo]
Ya doing any better? And when are we resuming our wine days cause I'm in need of them.

Sep. 23rd, 2018


[Napoleon Solo]
Once this curse has run its course, you should talk to Q. You know how he gets. He’s wondering if you secretly harbor some of dark, negative feelings about him. I, of course, told him to shut the fuck up. Also I told him it was probably a sex thing. And that it would be shitty to message you or talk to you further while you were under the curse so you should be safe.

I don’t need to know and I won’t be offended if you don’t reply to this because you’ve handcuffed yourself to a bed somewhere. But if you do reply what I really want to know is an idea of your favorite foods, drink, etc. so I can suitably impress you when this is all over and you need a friend. I enjoy having the upper hand like that.

Sep. 22nd, 2018


For the record, the best way to cook a faerie is poaching.

Sep. 21st, 2018


It seems that quite a few curses have lifted. When should I start being concerned that my nocturnal feline adventures might become permanent? Has anyone ever not recovered from some random madness brought on by this place?

Sep. 16th, 2018



[Filtered to EPS teachers, students, and guardians]
Alright. So this is a quick census. How many people among us are affected by these fairy curses, particularly in a way that would impede teaching or attending classes in the traditional sense.

Bear in mind, we're an accessible school with creative amplification and remote broadcasting capabilities.
[Filtered to Cable]
Did you make it back alright?


It wasn't the fairies. Illya's really gone. If anyone needs any assistance in whatever is happening right now, please let me know. I could use the distraction so I don't punch another hole in the wall.

Sep. 14th, 2018


Apparently New York was still within the reach of the fairies. Illya has disappeared.

Has there been any word from or about those who have been taken?


[Texts to Napoleon Solo]

» About that staying out of trouble thing
» I have to get Julia back
» So that's not going to happen
» We might use emotion bottles, it might be a mess
» This is definitely fucked
» And I am definitely panicking
» You should still go to the island and stay safe

Sep. 13th, 2018


[Quentin Coldwater, Napoleon Solo]
I think I've behaved admirably over the past week. I need a drink and to be surrounded by beautiful men. Please join me tonight and feel free to bring any other eye candy.

[Eliot Prime & Margo]
I don't suppose one of us is in possession of that god killing bullet?


I'll be heading down to the island Friday afternoon. If'n anyone wants a place to go to try and stay outta this mess you're more'n welcome to come and stay in one of the other houses.

If ya'd like to just go keeping your kids there to help deal with this mess that is supposedly happening, that's fine too. We'll make sure they're taken care of.

Sep. 10th, 2018


[Filtered to the Paraguay team and FNRB base members]
We've discovered another portal here. It appears to have gone offline on the date of the attack on soldiers at our base during the 90s and then come online again the day of the attack.

There are records of others having come through this portal. I'm enclosing their names and the information we have about them in a file. We need someone to try and locate where they might currently be.

We have a body to transport back for an autopsy as well as several photographs and video evidence to go through.

We're still working through numerous sources of material here and will report in anything else we might find.

If you have been on shift for more than 12 hours today, you are required to utilize the room designated for rest and get a few hours of sleep before continuing with work.

Sep. 4th, 2018


Has anyone else paid a visit to your home away from home? The place you come from, but in this universe?

My universe isn't all that different from this one, but my home certainly was. A lot can change in fifty years. Finally, the promise of Auferstanden aus Ruinen is fulfilled.

not an ic cut - photo from her trip to Berlin )

Aug. 25th, 2018


I'd like to have a little party at my place this Sunday for Rogue. I'm completely willing to take direction from those that know what she prefers, otherwise, it'll be a pretty standard birthday - cake, food, decorations, music, and alcohol for those of drinking age.

So how old are you turning?

[ooc; Backdated to 8/23.]

Aug. 23rd, 2018


WHO: Napoleon Solo & Gaby Teller
WHAT: Napoleon puts his exceptional travel planning skills to use for his first date with Gaby
WHEN: Friday night, Aug. 3
WHERE: Beaver Creek Resort, Colorado
STATUS: Complete in gdocs

After you, Ms. Teller. )

Aug. 14th, 2018


All right, guys. I need a headcount of my portal guards on who is affected by this latest portal shenanigans. I'll need to know if you think you need someone to temporarily take over your spot while this is ongoing.

ETA: Anakin Skywalker will be conducting cartoon reaction times and combat abilities to make sure you're able to handle it in your current state.


So I can't talk and it took me twelve tries to type this and I still had to rely on autocorrect to fix things.

I am a tiny cat in my costume. All I can do is meow.

Aug. 9th, 2018


It's been a really short summer and I'm not sure how I feel about how close going back to school is right now. At least my ever-continuous project of rebuilding the Argo II can be used for school grades, though. And all my other random projects.

Can we go search through junkyards a bit? I don't really need anything, but I want to see if there's anything to find in them.

I'm going to be out for a bit, but I'll be back later. I have a few things to do.

Aug. 8th, 2018


I'm looking for a model to sit for a portrait. Any takers?

So I find myself double booked for my shift on Saturday: 6 PM to 12 AM. Would anyone be willing to swap schedules for me for that one day? I'd like to have a solution in place before I ask the higher ups about it.


Attention, attention!

Some of you are aware that Eliot Waugh's birthday is this weekend. It's kind of a big deal, and he really enjoys being the center of attention. So let's give that to him with a big party at the Cottage on Sunday. It'll start in the afternoon with BBQ and just hanging out and go on into the night where things will likely get a little raunchy. If you're coming with children, maybe stick to the daytime festivities.

Anyone who would like to assist in the BBQing and setting up would be greatly appreciated.

See you there! (Recommended that you don't arrive before noon. Some of us don't bother getting dressed until then.)

Aug. 7th, 2018


who: Quentin Coldwater & Napoleon Solo
when: Saturday, August 4th
where: New Orleans, the hotel room
What: Taking some time to catch up and give/get comfort
warnings: Nothing really?
status: complete.

I’ve missed you )

Aug. 6th, 2018


Bravo, Thor! Or is it Loki that sent out the invites? Spectacular delivery system, regardless. What will the dress code be?

As always, it was a delight to spend time with you two. We can't let that much time go by in seeing each other, next time. I hope whatever you two are working through, that this weekend helped. And as always, my door is always open and I will be here for you if you need me.

So I don't see a crater anywhere, but I may have missed it. Did your weekend go well?

Peril, I know you said you'd be gone, but are you allowed to check in on here? How are you doing? How's the borscht?

Monday Funday? Wine? I miss you and Miss Anka Irene dearly.

Hello there. So Eliot is telling me that he's currently on your couch, high as a kite. Should I be worried?


Aug. 3rd, 2018


I'm sure someone here has experience with demolitions or arson?

[Alice Quinn]
Fuck fuck fuck. The hotel is here. FUCK.

Jul. 30th, 2018


I'm lodging a complaint - no one's thrown a party in awhile. Someone fix this.

I'm heading out of town this weekend with Quentin and possibly Margo. I've made some ready to eat meals and they're in the freezer. Just pop them into the oven, the times for how long are on each container.

Jul. 21st, 2018


For any inquiring minds who want to know, my swimming pool companion did eventually leave of his own accord.

[Embedded video of an armadillo swimming in a pool.]

I have not seen him since, and our yard and garbage remain untouched. Take that, naysayers.

It's Illya's birthday on Wednesday. He's quite grumpy about surprises, but perhaps we ought to do something for him anyway. What do you think?

Jul. 17th, 2018


Lorna Dane was one of them beeps. Hopefully back there ain't as much of a mess as it usually is for us but I ain't too optimistic about that. 80/20 on if'n we're back to going extinct or not.

[Napoleon Solo]
Can we hang out just the two of us before I head out on this family vacation trip later this week?

Jul. 15th, 2018


posted this afternoon

Not quite what I was expecting to find when I came down to use the pool, but I understand the impulse.

not an ic cut - an armadillo, chilling on a pool float )

Texas has such peculiar wildlife.


Napoleon, since you insist on following me everywhere I go with this international marketing campaign, some thoughts:

1. I'm pretty sure Gillette paid for that mustache.
2. If you can punch the air and make that noise I will pay you five whole dollars per fist to see it.

Edit: If you would like to see Napoleon attempt to punch the air and make sound effect noises, ten dollar minimum buy in. Proceeds go to a local no kill animal shelter. Comment to leave your pledge.

Jul. 14th, 2018


Filtered to friends, sans Magicians )

Filtered to telepaths )

~Later in time~ Filtered to Eliot Waugh )

Jul. 12th, 2018


We return bearing gifts!

Technically we returned last night.

And most of the gifts are wine from Napa Valley.

But that's not the point. The point is aren't you glad to see us?


Hello Everyone. Some of you may know me, my name is Steve Rogers and I'd like to ask for your assistance.

We're all a long way from home. Some of us have been here for some time and others are still coming in. It may not be the community we asked for, but we're all we've got. The fine folks at the Fort Neil Resettlement Bureau need your help to keep our community safe.

Each person that comes in is welcomed at FNRB. Each threat that comes through? That's assessed and dealt with by the FNRB, too. But we're understaffed. We need more guards, more staff. The pay is pretty great and so are the benefits.

Some of you have special powers or abilities. That's great. Many of you don't. We need you, too. With enough people, we can also provide time for additional training and have plenty to cover for time off. If you care about your new found community and want a way to help out, please consider signing up at FNRB.

Thank you

Jul. 11th, 2018


WHO: Napoleon Solo & Gaby Teller
WHERE: Adrian, TX: Midpoint Café
WHEN: June 21st, 2018 (Backdated)
WHAT: The first stop on their road trip!
STATUS: Complete

’Shall we aim for the Santa Monica Pier?’ )

Jul. 6th, 2018


Road trip adventures. )

Jul. 4th, 2018


I have never celebrated the American Independence Day and I never thought that I would. I never anticipated living in America. But, as the saying is - "When in Rome". Or in Texas, I guess.


How is the road trip?

Jun. 17th, 2018


[Private to Eliot Waugh]
Happy Father's Day.

[Private to friends]
So who wants to do something that is probably an exercise in avoidance?

I keep hoping I'll look up and it'll be tomorrow I miss my

Freeform is showing Disney movies. It's been a pretty good distraction from basically everything. It's also reminded me how long it's been since I've seen The Lion King.

Jun. 15th, 2018


Who: Napoleon Solo, Kurt Wagner
When: Wednesday, June 6, not long after this exchange.
Where: U.N.C.L.E. Penthouse
What: Kurt reveals his mind about his sexuality and Napoleon gives advice.
Warnings: I would say, no.
Status: Complete in Gdocs

You can speak as freely as you like... )

Jun. 12th, 2018


This one or this one?

Gaby, I'm stealing you once school is over for a road trip. I promised to show you America and I'm going to be a man of my word.

Jun. 10th, 2018


How on earth did you make this?

Your student is incredibly creative.

Jun. 9th, 2018


I just wanted to say thanks to those who were able to come out today and a real big old thanks to Napoleon and everyone who was able to help him with set up. Ya made for one real happy one year old today.

Not IC Cut/Just a picture )

[Eliot and Kylo Ren]
Is next Wednesday good for coming to spend some time with the kitten?

Jun. 7th, 2018


Say a girl got plans for a space station from Santa. Anyone interested in helping her make that space station a reality?

See, I'm asking others for help so back off Charle

[OOC: Rogue won't be responding to anything else as Betsy has knocked Rogue's spiraling self out]


Anyone doing anything for Pride?


[Friends outside of the Harry Potter World]
That awkward moment when a guy that was trying to date you leaves and when he comes back, he's 15 and from an entirely different version of your world.

So that's something. Something I am avoiding the fuck out of.

[ooc: feel free to assume unless you're Kitty, sorry Kitty]

Jun. 6th, 2018


[Private to Rogue (616)]
Would you like some company?

[Private to Napoleon Solo]
I was just thinking. Can we get together and talk?

Jun. 5th, 2018


I need a recommendation for a vacation spot. Any suggestions?

The party is coming to you and Anka Irene. If you have any serious objections, now is the time to make them.

I need your help.

Miss Anka Irene's birthday party was suppose to be for this Saturday. I'm afraid Rogue's not going to be comfortable having it here in Texas any longer because of He Who Must Not Be Named. So the party's going to go to her. I need some assistance moving all the necessary items out there and to help decorate.

Jun. 3rd, 2018


Rogue's going through something right now and it's making me realize that there are some things I don't want not being said before it's too late.

I have some ridiculously strong feelings for you two. I'm certain that it's love. You don't have to say anything in return, but I thought I'd put that out there before I lost my nerve. All I know is that I don't want one of us going somewhere before I had a chance to say that. I expect nothing to come from this, I'm not looking to change our relationships with one another, but I couldn't keep this to myself any longer.


Erik's back.

He don't remember being here before.

If'n ya need me, don't.

We'll be back whenever I'm good and ready.


Everybody meet Napoleon! He looks just like his namesake, doesn't he? What an uncanny resemblance.

cut for picture, not an IC cut )


Texts to Napoleon Solo )

Texts to Julia Wicker )

May. 28th, 2018


While I realize that many people here already know how to fight, there may be some who are looking to learn new skills. I am teaching sambo at Howlett Gym. If you have never heard of sambo, it is the Russian martial art. I am 1953 Soviet champion. Mostly sambo is learning how to disarm another person, to get them to the ground and subdue them. Very effective self-defense.

This video has some good examples of sambo techniques. If you are interested in the class or want to learn more, do not hesitate to ask.

Filtered to TMFU
Did you see the car that the portal gave me?

cut for image )

Do you think that all three of us can fit into it?

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