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Jul. 23rd, 2018


[Voice to Text]
Are those [...] cows walking around in the streets?

Jul. 13th, 2018


I got some kind of weird plant/human hybrid thing here. EMTs were called to Councilman Earl Edwards house because he collapsed in his garden. EMTs didn't respond so the driver gets out of the ambulance to check on the EMTs and now they're all collapsed. Eyes open, pulses strong.

Nearby, there's this:

[Picture of a sleeping baby mandrake]

Pretty sure I've seen this before, but I can't place it. It's sleeping, so I'm not looking to wake it up, but there's about a dozen or so other plants in this garden with the same kind of leaves sticking out of the ground.

I'm gonna need some Displaced backup.

Jul. 9th, 2018


I'm gonna tell you right now. Whoever toilet papered the Avengers place will be charged with vandalism when I catch you. Make no mistake: I will catch you.

Jul. 2nd, 2018


Quick PSA! If you have pets and you're looking for a way to keep them calm, have at it with relaxing music. It works on my little fur-baby just fine.

I don't remember how 4th of July was held here last year (I think it was around the time when the portal decided to make me disappear and then reappear later), but I know my favorite past time with family was always going to a fireworks festival in Jersey City and watching the NYC display from the Jersey shoreline. Anyone wanna go? We should totally make plans to at least go see the festivals before the fireworks, for the pups.

Jun. 25th, 2018


I'm dragging Jones out of the house for a night. Don't wait up.
How about you and me head to the Waterin' Hole, play some pool and drink?

Jun. 20th, 2018


Picked up my new guitar today from Wood and Waves. It's a beauty; never had a hand-made guitar before. Almost makes me feel bad for being so rusty.

There still people around here doing jam sessions and so on?

You wanna go out for dinner tonight? Yes, we can go for burgers.

Jun. 9th, 2018


[Extended Avengers Family]
ooc: I'm being liberal with the definition. If your character is an Avenger, honorary Avenger, or family/close-friend-who-might-as-well-be-family of an Avenger, they are included in this.

Informal team dinner on the lawn at the Barton farm tomorrow. BBQ pulled chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled corn-on-the-cob, coleslaw, mac and cheese, salad. BYOB if you're drinking, but remember there's kids around, so maybe go light on that. You can bring any pot luck stuff you want.

Just figured it'd be good to get together.

Jun. 5th, 2018


Never get bored, Google yourself, and read fanfiction written about yourself.

Or do, if that's what you're into.


Any open positions for a cop? Can't provide references but if you go for the material, Avery's prone to getting excited and the "lunatic" thing was just to win a bet.

Hell, I'll even bartend. No experience but I did well enough that one time.

May. 26th, 2018


[Text message to Misty Knight]
--11 pm [Address in Council 4]

May. 18th, 2018


It's gonna be 101 today, and it's not even June. I miss not needing an air conditioner for 8 months of the year.

Slip n Slide baseball or basketball.

That's a thing.

I think we might wanna try it.

May. 6th, 2018


Childish Gambino is excellence.

May. 5th, 2018


[Marvel's Defenders]
I haven't seen much of you all since the cruise. How about we all get together for dinner soon?

May. 3rd, 2018


[Misty Knight]
You know what's in a couple weeks?

May. 2nd, 2018


2 unfiltered gifs )

I really was not missing the summer heat here. Do you think we could just stick with April weather? I'd appreciate it.

Apr. 24th, 2018


Left for Lillie on the table before school today )

Apr. 18th, 2018


What are we doing for Lillie's birthday next week? I'm feeling like we should do something special since she went home to find that none of her family or friends were there.
What's your favorite thing about this place so far?

Apr. 11th, 2018


I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, and we've had a good run with free rent and utilities and everything, but if the military is gone and they were bankrolling everything like our paperwork, what are the odds these places are still set up to be rent and utility free?

We should probably think of some kind of contingency plan. I've got a bunch saved from not having to pay rent, but at some point, that's going to run low. Anyone got any ideas?


So now that we're back, my Venmo username is Zpoweredgirl.

A lot of people had questions about Alola, and that's is great, but while I tried to answer what I could on our limited time on the islands, a lot of stuff could have also been asked at pokecenters or found in books too. And emotional labor is still actual labor.

So if you want to venmo me something for any help. That would be appreciated.

゚・:,。★\(^-^ )♪ありがと♪( ^-^)/★,。・:・゚

Apr. 2nd, 2018


I could go home.

Mar. 24th, 2018





[OOC: Not too long after Quake's shaking of the ship, the lights flicker on and off several times. Sorry for the false hope. Power is not restored, Kobik's throwing a tantrum.]

Mar. 23rd, 2018



By now you're all aware that the ship has stopped. It would appear that we've been hit with an EMP, an electromagnetic pulse. Possibly two. All electronics appear to be off, though the network and tablets have been re-established so we can communicate easier. We're not sure the extent of the damage, but backup generators have not come online so those must have been hit too.

Right now, our priorities should be food and getting the ship back up and running. We have no idea where we are in terms of our next port. It could be a day, it could be two. Without food, two days becomes much longer than you want. Potable water is going to be an issue too. While there are bottled waters, we have no running water. On a ship like this, that means toilets, showers, and sinks will not work. They're all electrical.

If anyone has any skills, magical or otherwise, for keeping food at temperatures to keep it from going bad, that would be fantastic. Food storage, including refrigeration and the freezers are on level C. Medbay is on D. A & B are engine rooms, so that'll be fun to dig through.

Those EMPs came from somewhere and for some reason. I don't want to be caught blindsided. If you're specialized in tech, I'd prefer you working on the ship. If you aren't sure what you can do and want to help, patrols are good. Bucky 2 has a current list, but I think we should have more considering.

If you're down an arm or a leg due to the EMP, let us know. We'll try to get someone to help you as soon as possible.

Mar. 16th, 2018


WHO: All of Displaced
WHEN: Saturday, March 17th, starting at 7pm and going well into the night.
WHERE: Explorer Lounge, Atrium, the casino across the lounge, wherever the party spills over to
WHAT: Spring Ball 2018, hosted by Princesses Allura and Zelda
WARNINGS: Maybe, maybe not?

She turned to the sunlight, and shook her yellow head, And whispered to her neighbor: “Winter is dead.” )
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Mar. 14th, 2018


Delivered by literal dove

2x images )

Mar. 4th, 2018


For my first question I'd just like to know how I can get a closer look at those robots.

Feb. 22nd, 2018


[Avengers Mansion people]
Do we need a distraction, and is it gonna run more violent or more (non-violent) fun?

Feb. 19th, 2018


Seems chugging as much Elven wine as you can has turned into an Olympic sport. Y'all remember that there were Olympics about to happen back in Tumbleweed? I really wanted to see figure skating and snowboarding. Guess we get to go back and watch clips.

Anyway, a whole lot of you guys are going to be aching when you get back on this ship, desperate for Elven wine you can't get anymore, so take it slower. That stuff's potent.

Feb. 16th, 2018


if any of those short hairy guys are asking for me, i ain't around

Feb. 10th, 2018


[MCU + Avengers Mansion + Friends]
It has been more than a month since we all shared a meal together, and some who have arrived haven't had that opportunity at all. I propose we all meet for dinner tomorrow evening.

Feb. 8th, 2018


So, what's a good time of day to start getting back into running without being cruelly trolled by superpowered jerks? 🙃😎🏃🏾

Jan. 23rd, 2018


[Bucky Barnes (PH)]
Feeling any better?

[Steve Rogers]
Haven't seen much of you this weekend.

[Misty Knight, Kamala Khan, Lillie]
Do you guys wanna grab dinner with new Bucky and his friends from Hawai'i this week? Probably Tuesday, maybe Thursday.

Jan. 20th, 2018


Happy birthday, Misty.

[Misty Knight]
Picnic somewhere scenic and quiet?

Jan. 16th, 2018


[Dinah Madani, Elektra Natchios, Trish Walker, Jessica Jones, Misty Knight]
Alright ladies - how about we have our own little pool party tomorrow at the infinity pool? Complete with good food and relaxation?

Jan. 13th, 2018


I know we got the patrols set up and I've seem some talk here and there from people wanting to figure out what to do in case something does actually happen, ship being attacked and all that. But did we ever come up with an emergency plan? Cause I'm kinda thinking it might be a good idea to do that.


Defending noncombatants at the school:
  • Rogue
  • Betsy Braddock
  • Melissa Gold
  • Albus Potter
  • Clint Barton
  • Stitch
  • George Weasley
  • Molly Weasley
  • Selina Kyle

    Defending the various decks during a situation:

    Deck 1
  • Charlie Weasley
  • Vanille
  • Alucard
  • Integra
  • Rey

    Deck 2
  • Bucky Barnes
  • James Potter
  • Allura
  • Ginny Weasley
  • Alex Danvers
  • Hope Summers

    Deck 3
  • Misty Knight
  • Mal Orestev
  • Charlie Weasley (2)
  • Natasha and Bucky
  • Torunn

    Deck 4
  • Napoleon Solo
  • Cho Chang
  • Katniss Everdeen
  • Emmeline Vance
  • Anakin Skywalker

    Deck 5
  • Maya Lopez
  • Ahsoka
  • Max Guevara
  • Percy Weasley
  • Laura Kinney

    Deck 6
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Illyana Rasputin
  • Anakin Solo
  • Bianca
  • Mon-El

    Deck 7
  • Regina Mills
  • Petunia
  • Remus Lupin
  • Cassandra Cain
  • Stephanie Brown
  • Damon Salvatore

    Deck 8
  • Sam Winchester
  • Hera Syndulla
  • Clark Kent
  • Padme

    Deck 9
  • Eliot
  • Kylo Ren
  • Jason Todd
  • Wanda Maximoff (MCU)
  • Rose Hathaway

    Deck 10
  • Frank Castle
  • Dinah Madani
  • River
  • Doctor (12)
  • Cassie Sullivan
  • Angelina Weasley

    Deck 11
  • Quentin (magician)
  • James Rogers
  • Meetra Surik
  • Steve Rogers
  • Cassie Sandsmark

    Deck 12
  • Bobby Drake
  • Gwen
  • Squall
  • Rinoa
  • Emma Frost
  • Quentin Quire
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead

    Deck 13
  • Carol Danvers
  • Kagome
  • Inuyasha
  • Violet Parr
  • Sue Storm
  • Kara Danvers

    Deck 14
  • Sam Wilson (616)
  • Amadeus Cho
  • Ray
  • Sesshomaru
  • Johnny Storm
  • Kamala

  • Aphra
  • Ezekial
  • Ianto
  • Matt Holt
  • Pidge Gunderson
  • Leo Valdez
  • Tony Stark

  • America
  • Wally West
  • Kurt Wagner
  • Pixie

  • Zelda
  • Martha Jones
  • Jean Grey

    PATROLS: Don't forget we got nightly patrols happening as well. Head over here if'n you wanna sign up for those.

    [Betsy Braddock]
    Congrats. You're the new school counselor.
  • Jan. 9th, 2018


    [Misty Knight]
    Just when I think I got all the responsible shit sorted Logan goes and calls a meeting to talk security. Probably important.

    How you doing?

    You like to be prepared, right? Have you found out yet what happens if you try to store things somewhere outside your suite as a 'just in case'?

    Dec. 31st, 2017


    [Sam Wilson (616) & Misty Knight]
    Hey, so Elektra is having a get-together at her place for New Year's, kind of low-key. You two want to come? Trish and Frank will be there, maybe Jess, and a few others she asked.

    Dec. 25th, 2017


    [Avengers Complex]
    Merry Christmas everyone. There’s fresh pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, sausages, all that normal breakfast stuff in the kitchen. Need anything else just ask, I’m in the Kiss the Cook apron.

    So.....have you looked outside yet?

    Dec. 24th, 2017


    filter: Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, both Bucky Barneses, Misty Knight )

    Dec. 22nd, 2017


    A reminder this holiday season: keep a designated driver or teleporter on speed dial.

    You got anything on that underground fight club for me?
    Guess I'm finished moving. This place looking hella smaller to you now?

    Dec. 16th, 2017


    Okay! So since I'm not superheroing on the regular right now - because wow this town is pretty quiet in general - I was checking out some of the courses at the local college. Can anyone tell me if the archaeology program at the university of Tumbleweed is any good?

    Plus - where's the best place to shop for bedding and things here? My room at the manor is great, but the bedspread isn't really me. I'm thinking of going a little more bohemian.

    Dec. 5th, 2017


    On the off-chance whoever got me is new enough to be sitting there thinking "Who the hell is Sam Wilson?" (and since there's two of us), that would be me, the guy who talks to birds and has a vampire falcon. For the record I'm cool with riffing on the comics, we had merchandise back home too so I got used to it a long time ago. I got my funko pop last year so just don't double up on that if you're going the meta route.

    And go see Sue's post about the toy drive. Families like this, kids never get to believe in Santa because that would mean trying to explain why he gave them almost nothing when other kids got heaps, and their parents are probably skipping meals to pay for what they can. If you're buying general gifts, try and focus on teens, it's the age group that usually gets the least donations, especially boys. Sports equipment, art supplies, games, backpacks, movie passes, make up and cosmetics bags and phone accessories are all good ideas. You can probably go into any store and ask the staff what their teenage customers have been most interested in too, they tend to know what's up.

    [Misty Knight]
    So am I meant to be matching colours with you for this ball?

    Nov. 15th, 2017


    [Filtered to Misty Knight]
    Have you heard about any sort of any underground fight club bullshit?

    Nov. 10th, 2017


    Fucking finally got the trauma therapy license I was suddenly in the middle of when we got back from space. Never let me decide I need more qualifications. "Captain America, MSW, LPC" is already getting a bit excessive.

    [Avengers house + Misty]
    So me and Wanda did Thanksgiving dinner last year, we thinking same thing again?

    Nov. 2nd, 2017


    Greetings, fellow displaced.

    Per a most productive conversation with Dr. Strange, we have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to contain these creatures, the Mogwai. Should you wish to be relieved of them in, I ask that you bring them to [ Location ]. If that is inconvenient, someone will come pick it up for you.

    They will not be harmed. I am able to monitor them at all times. It will not be a problem.

    Furthermore, should any of your Mogwai become malignant, speak to myself, Wanda, Charlie Weasley, Sam Winchester, or Dr. Strange immediately so that we may intervene accordingly.

    filter: clint barton [mcu]
    My apologies, Clint. I must take my leave of the taco truck temporarily. This matter is of grave importance.

    Nov. 1st, 2017


    The old Steve and Bucky can't come to the phone right now.

    ooc just pretend they're not obviously at a con )

    It's still felony kidnapping if I bribe them with candy to hang around, isn't it?

    Oct. 27th, 2017


    For those of you who have incurred costume based assault, I would like to conduct a proper investigation and need to see each of you for questioning.

    [Misty Knight.]
    I was told you have more details regarding this case.

    Oct. 23rd, 2017


    I'm sorry for all the commotion I caused this past week. I lost my head. Literally.

    Oct. 19th, 2017


    everything movrd. just a little.

    Oct. 17th, 2017


    What the fuck was that? My arm felt really strange, and I don't mean, someone put magnets on it strange.

    Sep. 28th, 2017


    Things took a weird turn.

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