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Feb. 10th, 2020


At first I was like yesssss Bernard is back. Maybe he did just wander off, no bigee.

But that is not Bernard.


Feb. 8th, 2020


Has anyone seen Bernard II??? My flamingo? He's not anywhere in the house and like he doesn't really roam free. And his shrimp has not been eaten.

Feb. 1st, 2020


I don't know what all you people are complaining about. SPACE! Think of the possibilities!

Personally, I would love to go to Milliways (otherwise known as the Restaurant at the End of the Universe) to try a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Who knows, maybe we'll visit Naboo? Or wind up on Knowhere? Too bad I probably won't be able to take the TARDIS.

Sure, there's bound to be danger and trouble, but we have that here, too, don't we?

Jan. 18th, 2020


It's slow. So tonight. Free play on games at ??? after 8.

Jan. 9th, 2020


[Quentin Q, Eliot, Emma]
I need letters of recommendation for this university stuff. Think you can do that for me?

I want to apply to schools in the UK. Can you help me with that process?

Jan. 6th, 2020


Ugh. I have to think about the future. Which is stupid.

Do you have to go to college or whatever for like investing funds and stuff?

Jan. 1st, 2020


I was really banking on Santa Portal for enough money to live on so I could focus on my studies and what-not. I got some, but not as much as I hoped. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll have to get a job, again.

Is there anybody hiring?

Dec. 7th, 2019


WHO: The EPS Drama Class & YOU(?)
WHEN: December 6th, 6pm (I fell asleep, whoops)
WHERE: Ellie Phimister School
WHAT: The One Act production of Furry Tails with a Twist

Once Upon a time, a long time ago, before cars and computers, but after dinosaurs and your parents' birthdays, there was a little girl... )

Sep. 29th, 2018


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAMALA! I know it's still a few hours too early, but I was too excited that I couldn't wait. I got you a gift but I'll wait until I see you in person because I don't want to ruin the surprise. Did we still have plans to celebrate? I've been so so so busy these last couple weeks and I misplaced my calendar in the move.

And then it's my birthday the day after, which is super neat. Maybe if we consider timezone differences we could have been born the same day! That makes us almost like friendtwins. Is that a thing? It should be a thing.

[Filter: Friends (Jan &co, Shuri, Kamala & Cho, Pixie, Howard Stark residence, etc.)]
I got permission from Mr. Stark and Jarvis to throw a birthday party. I'm going to be 17! It's the first one I've ever celebrated, so I'm not so sure how to plan it very well. Cho said he can cater the food. And cheesecake!

I know I haven't been here very long and the people I know back home don't really know me well here... and it's kinda last minute to send out invitations. But I was hoping some people could come if they're not too busy. We can play some games and I have lots of Dazzler music to dance to. It'd be on October 1st around 6pm. If you have any friends you'd wanna bring too, feel free. I just don't want anything TOO crazy because it's Mr. Stark's house and I don't want to break anything. Please RSVP so we know how much food to have!

Sep. 22nd, 2018


Two weeks, who's in?

Assuming we're not still wolves or something equally dumb.

[Filtered to ⚡]
So gearing up to October, a few reminders:
  1. We do not buy or sell Monster Mash.
  2. Halloween sound effect records are back on the playable list. And probably should have been months ago tbh.
  3. lmk your availabilities for ACL. Either here or if you want to head down to Austin. We're hosting an after thing with KOOP the first weekend

Sep. 19th, 2018


Does anyone have copies of the Dazzler albums? Apparently they might be hard to come by. But I'm also open to checking out other artists, if anybody has recommendations. I need something to dance to that isn't weird enchanted fairy dancing.

... Who helped get me free that night? I wanted to thank them.

I haven't really had a chance to talk to you since the fairy ball, but I saw that you haven't been able to speak? I'm sorry you got cursed! The whole ordeal was very exhausting. Let me know when you can talk again, I wanted to catch up. You looked pretty upset that night but I wasn't able to get to you. I know you don't know me very well yet, but Janet means so much to me and has done so much for me, so if there's anything I can do for you please let me know.

I'm so so so sorry I missed our science and coffee date, and everything has been so chaotic since then and I've been stuck in school. It's more time consuming than I anticipated. When were you free to reschedule? I kinda got sidetracked on one of my projects after something you said about memory updates. I theorized maybe there was a way to contact our home worlds if there is a point of crossing over that allowed that exchange of information. Problem is I don't really have any data or frequencies to go off of. I made a model of a colleague's helmet to try mirroring communication, but so far haven't had any success. I might be hitting a dead end with it, but I thought it might have potential.

Otherwise I did want to start testing some of my quantum calculations and thought you could look over them for accuracy. Last time we were barely off, Scott and I ended up in entanglement and I don't want to repeat that. I did run some diagnostics on my tech and everything still seems fully functional.

Also also have you tried banana nut bread because I saw a video on how to make it on youtube and I might have made too much???

[Jarvis, Peggy]
I was thinking of putting together a food drive of sorts. Like just a simple door to door collection, but I'm not quite sure how to make that sort of thing legitimate. But I'll probably start by calling one of the community shelters, if you're okay with this. Would I be able to use a room in the house to organize? I'm mostly trying to help somebody learn about the importance of giving to others.

Sep. 16th, 2018


Did anyone figure out who these faeries were? Did anyone recognize them from their world? Did they leaving any way of contact behind?

Sep. 15th, 2018


Oh boo hoo breaking the rules. If you didn't want that, shouldn't have invited me to your lame evil Tinkerbell nonsense party anyway. The music sucked and the food was cursed. You know what? I'm GLAD they kicked me out. I totally have better plans anyway. Ones that don't involved possessed portraits.

My outfit was so much better than the thing they put me in. Took ages to find on pinterest.

Sep. 12th, 2018


So like.

Do the iron thing.

Don't eat their food.

Don't drink anything they offer.

Don't make promises.

Don't answer questions.

Basically just don't go to the ball and you're probably good to go.

Sep. 11th, 2018


Otherworld fairies are, generally, Light. They don't usually do these kinds of balls, but there's always exceptions.

I'd recommend keeping "cold iron" on your person just in case. Do we have enough to go around? Or could we acquire enough for the Displaced?

And for god's sake, don't hit Pixie or you will answer to me.

Sep. 8th, 2018


Hello! My name is Nadia Van Dyne. I'm new here, but I hear that's a common occurrence in this world. Jarvis has been kind enough to explain some of it to me, but it's all so overwhelming. This whole portals to an alternate world seems exciting and all but... I was hoping to get back to my friends. They were in danger when I left and even my communicators haven't worked.

I was told some of them, or some version of them, may be here? I don't know all of their real names, secret identities and everything. But if anyone has seen a boy my age named Sam, I'm worried about him.

Anyway! If I'm stuck here, maybe it'd help to make some new friends. Is everyone here from other places too?

Sep. 4th, 2018


No more Bethie and no more summer. Today officially sucks.

Aug. 24th, 2018


I've signed us up for decorating duty downtown. I know. It's strange, yes? Betsy getting into the spirit of Tiny, Texas.

I also had some ideas for the house. The main one being two doors that we would get Quentin Coldwater to turn into portals. One to a skiing heaven (Warren: find the best year round one) and one to a beach or lake front. Then one or all of us could escape to a vastly different climate without having to bother Megan.

Aug. 8th, 2018


[Megan Gwynn]
What's going on with Betsy? She's being weird.

Aug. 1st, 2018



not an ic cut )

Can I wear these instead of the boring one you have now?

Also hi, everyone else. Have a picture of my cat!

also not an ic cut )

Jul. 16th, 2018


I've got Bohemian Rhapsody stuck in my head. Over and over. "I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me! He's just a poor boy from a poor family." And then random parts from the operatic section. And I've listened to the song ten times in a row now, and it won't get UNSTUCK.


Or conversely, tell me what's stuck in your head?

Third week in. How do you think it's coming along? Do we need more supplies? I can order them or go pick them up, whichever.

Jul. 9th, 2018


Who the fuck is messing with my hair*? Girl me, if this was you, it isn't funny.

*ooc: ronan's hair is now grown out a good 3 inches and curly. it looks great, thanks to michael!

Jul. 5th, 2018


A quick reminder, to anyone attending the EPS' summer program:
Those wishing to participate in any Danger Room exercises this summer must attend tomorrow afternoon's safety and introductory seminar.
Those who cannot attend will not have another chance until the fall semester begins, provided they are signed up for the survival course.

Jul. 4th, 2018


Jonathon has never been to Canada and it doesn't seem right since he's an adopted Canadian wolverine. I think I might go up this weekend and show him where the old Howlett property should be. Maybe do some hunting. I'm taking the bike so I don't know how much storage I'll have coming back but if someone wants something I might be able to manage it.

The gym should be fine for a few days without me but if there is a problem that can't wait Betsy should be able to reach me. I won't have cell coverage except for parts of the trip and I'm not using my phone on the road. Probably I'll leave Friday morning.

Jul. 2nd, 2018


I knew something was amiss when first thing in the morning I found John Watson's Natu on the sill, motionlessly staring through the window. For those keeping score, I confirmed that both John and my brother Sherlock have disappeared from Tumbleweed, along with 221b. Again. Please, spare me your condolences and platitudes, I don't want to read or hear them; they are unnecessary.

On an unrelated note, I shall be going away on a business related trip to London for five days, and I require somebody to mind these pokemon in my care, the above mentioned Natu and my Eevee. Those that are interested may inquire to this post.


[Filter: Magic Users]
Those of you interested in learning the wandless casting style from my world, I'm going to offer free classes every Tuesday and Thursday starting next week, from 3:00pm to 4:30pm at [location*]. It'll start basic, mostly to help some of you get hand gestures down who haven't used them before.

(*The location is not rented out, but something abandoned that will be magically warded to keep from being seen or heard from the outside. They're free classes, people. She's not spending money on this.)

Jun. 26th, 2018


My Phantump appears to be sadder than usual. I think he misses being at the school with me. I think it's time to come up with some games to play with it.

Pokemon play date anyone? He's shy and skittish, but really excitable when he's found someone who likes him.

Jun. 24th, 2018




Jun. 23rd, 2018


MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Someone is trying to force me into a foster home again and it’s not even stupid Captain America this time!! I
told them I already have guardians and their names are Nico Minoru and Chase Stein. Only they said they aren’t here. PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY ARE LYING LIARS WHO WANT TO FORCE ME INTO FOSTER CARE!!!! Chase? Nico? Karolina? Gert? Are you guys here???? Rufus and I need a place to go, so if you could show up so they can SHUT UP that would he nice.

Jun. 20th, 2018


Miss Gwynn, are you still around these parts?
Have you returned?


Did we miss anything?

Jun. 14th, 2018


How come you can't just put contractions anywhere? And how do people know what order adjectives go in? And why does English call it pineapple when everyone else says ananas? This is what they should teach us in school.

Jun. 8th, 2018


[Filtered to ⚡ employees + Pixie]
Hey. So I've got to do a thing out of town. Don't run things into the ground and I have my phone.
[filtered to Remy]
Do you want to go on a road trip with Erik?

Jun. 5th, 2018


So after sleeping for a solid 16 hours I started digging around on the internet. And found movies.

That probably sounds sketchy.

I found movies that include parts of my life.

It turns out my life is an alternate ending. So that's... cool. I guess. Not really.

Is this normal? Does this sort of thing exist for everyone?

Jun. 1st, 2018


I got memories. So I'm not going to the ball tonight.

I had a pretty pink haired girlfriend back at the X-Mansion. Yukio. It was more purple, because if it was pink, Quentin would say some shit here.

Oh and Deadpool was there.

May. 27th, 2018


June 4th, 5th & 6th for our reschedule?
I'm wanting to go look at Dicks tomorrow. Come with me?

May. 25th, 2018


TW: drug use

[Filtered to Tiny Xes (Ellie P., Megan G., Hope S., TJ W., Ororo M. (fox), Remy + Ocoacho & Cassie)]
So everyone's being lame, myself included. This town is lame. And I want to do something.

So We're going out tomorrow. Let's 🎆Kick🎆 it at the Carnival.

Unless someone has a better venue.

May. 14th, 2018


[Betsy and Warren]
On a scale of 1-10 how bad is throwing knife feathers at a teacher?

May. 6th, 2018


Thank you all for coming on Friday. It meant a lot to me, and I'm sure Fen as well, that you were willing to come welcome her to our community. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

You know, Murphy was included in the invitation.

I was wanting to speak to you both about Megan. Would it be alright if I took her on a field trip for a week near the end of the semester? It would be taking place on the Island that Rogue has created and, if you give permission, will be serving not only as a field trip but a final project for what we've been working on with her magic studies this year.

(Edited in Later)

How do you feel about a field trip for a final instead of an actual final?

May. 1st, 2018


I'm pleased to announce that my new business, Keepsakes has been launched. Currently, it is an online store, but should you be interested, you may make an arrangement with me to have a tour of our local warehouse. We sell items that were brought from Agrabah, Camelot, Arendelle, and Alola. Furniture, lamps, rugs, jewelry, chachkies. I've been aggressively promoting, and have already made a substantial sale to a business in Dallas. We have ambitions to to expand by investing profits into more items, and in the future, opening a storefront in Tumbleweed.

In addition to Keepsakes, I am offering my services as a piano tutor. For the past few months I've been given private lessons to Padmé Amidala, who has proven to be an excellent pupil. Interested parties may inquire herewith.

[Private to James Potter]
Regarding the Dementor attack of April 15th, I trust they were all eliminated from town?

Apr. 29th, 2018


On Friday, I'm going to be hosting a small barbecue here at the Cottage. Some of you may know by now but yesterday evening my wife, Fen, arrived here in Tumbleweed and I would like to have the opportunity to introduce her to each and every one of you. If you cannot make it, as I know this is short notice, I understand and hope that we can arrange for her to be introduced to you at some future point in time.

* As long as you don't regularly piss him off, there's a good possibility you are in on this filter. It's a wide net.

Apr. 24th, 2018


[Doctor Strange]
Can you write me a Doctor's note?


[Filtered to Megan Gwynn, Ellie Phiminster, Quentin Quire, Shuri* + Guardians]
You know school works best when you actually attend.

Apr. 23rd, 2018


You're looking at the proud manager of The Magic Box. I just finished the interview with Mr Chassé a little while ago. I'm not exactly pleased with needing to find a job. I'd rather focus on my studies and such, but as far as jobs go, this one is not too bad, and what the shop sells matches a lot of my own interests. When Mr Chassé told me that nobody believes in witchcraft in town, I had to bite my tongue.

This job will not distract me from the other projects that I've been working on.

Private to Magic Users )
Private to Sam Winchester )
Private to Integra Hellsing )
Private to Julia Wicker )

Apr. 16th, 2018


If anyone needs a place to stay, the unit I'm in has an extra bedroom. 102 Pecan Place.


Apr. 12th, 2018


Okay so when I was alive the first time around, I was basically a horrible person. A dumpster fire. A dirt bag. Being dead and faced with punishment and all that, I started to learn how to be a good person, even though I didn't really think I'd ever get to the Good Place.

Now I'm alive again and the only thing I've been doing for the last twelve years is sell crappy medication to sick and old people to try and weasel them out of however much money I could, but I don't want to do that anymore.

So, crowdsourcing here. What kind of job would a good person get?

Apr. 9th, 2018


I know there's lots of really important things going on right now but


Apr. 8th, 2018


When I said I might take a vacation, this wasn't what I had in mind. Not that I'm complaining.

Does anyone have a swimsuit I can borrow? ... Or is there a nude beach somewhere?

Name's Jim Kirk, by the way.

Apr. 6th, 2018


I really want to catch some Pokemon before we head back. Anyone want to go exploring on Ula'ula island with me?


I'd been thinking of keeping the Rockruff I found, but then Sam showed me his Zorua, and we made a trade.

image, no filter )

I'm not ordinarily a pet person, but we immediately formed a bond. His name is Puck, after the character from Shakespeare's Midsummer's Night Dream, because they both share the same sort of mischievous personality.

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