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Sep. 25th, 2017


So this seems the right place to ask. But I need a nerd?

Aug. 31st, 2017


Hey. We all got some free time to get together?

Think I'm done being antisocial.

Aug. 30th, 2017


Since this place got bigger, it's actually become more comfortable. Being here isn't really so bad after all.

Aug. 26th, 2017


People disappearing. People turning into Legos. People going to football games.

Life sure does go on. Moving forward. Always.

Jul. 23rd, 2017


Just for the record, I ain't hiding behind no white person while I'm here.

Jul. 21st, 2017


Black social history was part of my Masters so I should be able to give a good overview of what shit's gonna be like in 1953. I'd say get a snack and a cup of tea, but I guess MREs and water will have to do.

History lesson! (won't be as thorough as the doc) )

Honestly, the best thing we can do is establish ourselves outside the town. We want to be considered separate and in charge of our own affairs. Even those of us who look acceptable aren't going to know the nuances of social conventions and suspicion of anyone different in a small rural town in Texas is going to be bad, especially with resources scarce. But we probably will have some contact with them, so anyone who's worried can come find me and I'll try to help you out. If anyone else specifically studied this time period it would be great if you could speak up too.

Apart from that I'm good for patrols, helping to build things, scouting, whatever. I might be able to do up a map of where the birds are finding water in the area, but I can't promise it will be helpful for this many people.

Jul. 19th, 2017


Piggybacking on Ahsoka, let's use this site to set up a temporary camp. We can't really go exploring now and we need a home base of sorts. Don't use the pods since it damped your powers. But can we organize to do the following?
  • Set up shelter and inventory supplies
  • Explore (running water and civilization being essential)
  • Set up a perimeter security detail around the camp

  • Tony, all the thanks to you for building this network, by the way. (Jess, Luke, Trish, Misty, Elektra, Karen - you'd better be here.)

    Jul. 9th, 2017


    I know this is light-hearted in light of what's going on, but Elektra put an idea in my head and it's not going away.

    What if we all made a trip to New York for a weekend. I've got enough money to procure one of the teleporters for there and back. We get hotel rooms, have dinner, maybe see a show. Anything. All these horses and wide open spaces are making me long for the asphalt jungle.

    Jul. 8th, 2017


    'Case you knew him, the capn's gone.

    Jul. 7th, 2017


    Just got the call that a young woman - Rogue - was detained at the military base for using her powers to help clean up the carnival. No one was injured. I'm going to the base to demand her freedom and act as legal representation.

    Karen, call Judge Sanderson. He's from the Hellfire case. See what kind of support he's willing to provide and let me know. If you want to be a legal assistant again, you've got the job.

    Elektra, talk to your friends in politics and at the base. See if you can get some concrete whys as to the new zero tolerance policy.

    Jess, Luke - stay low. See if anybody has an opinion about Rogue on the streets. I imagine her arrest was not done mildly. Cops don't really know how to be secretive. (Sorry, Misty.)

    Trish, what's happening on the radio?

    Jul. 5th, 2017


    We've lost a lot of people lately.

    I don't want to talk about it.

    But I need to fill up the spots at the gym that are now empty. Looking for more people willing to train at the gym. The schedule is below. Keep in mind that just because a time is filled doesn't mean it's not available. The gym is big. It'll just be in a different area.

    Let me know then fill out the schedule.


    Jun. 27th, 2017


    I'm back. Looks like I just missed more people disappearing.

    Sorry to anyone who's reeling from that. Guess at least we've all got one thing in common: being the ones left behind.

    Jun. 23rd, 2017


    [Defenders Verse + Friends]
    I should probably let you guys know, Elektra and I are going to NYC at the end of the month. Give me your shopping lists/any requests now.

    Jun. 22nd, 2017


    Claire's gone back. Not talking about it. Going outta town. Be back in a few days.

    Jun. 16th, 2017


    You wonder whether you have a police record because of your evil self?

    Let me know, and I'll look it up for you.

    You guys all right?
    How are you settling in?

    May. 31st, 2017


    Small town gossip sure is different than what I'd hear at Pop's when it was in New York. Good way to get to know the locals better though... little too well.

    filter: claire temple

    Been thinking about what you said a while back, 'bout wanting to do more. Helping folks.

    May. 23rd, 2017


    [Filtered to Luke Cage (MCU)]
    Hey big guy, wanna work for me again?

    $125/hr plus expenses, expenses maybe to include hardware this time?
    [Filtered to Claire Temple]
    Can you get me into the hospital? Or do I have to try to do that myself?