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Sep. 29th, 2018


Do you like food?

Do you like my brother? (The small one, not the greasy haired one.)

Do you like spiders?

Come join us for a feast at Torunn's Asgardian palace on Tuesday to celebrate my brother's engagement to a spider person. Festivities begin around 5PM and will possibly run well into the night. There will be food, there will be drinks, and there will be games.

If you start any fights, I will personally come over to win that fight and then kick you out. :)

Sep. 28th, 2018



Sep. 26th, 2018


We're still in Texas?

I'm going back to bed.

Sep. 21st, 2018


WHO: Loki Odinson (MCU) & Thor Odinson
WHERE: Tumbleweed, TX: Thor’s House
WHEN: September 8th, 2018
WHAT: After Thor arrives in Tumbleweed, Loki shows up at his house to catch him up on some important events back home.
STATUS: Complete

Loki didn’t have it in him to stop caring about the fool (the inconvenient and intelligent fool who was becoming far too wise to Loki’s tricks). )

Sep. 15th, 2018


1. Maya Lopez
2. Leia Organa
3. Julia Wicker
4. Ben Reilly
5. Gabrielle Delacour
6. Anakin Skywalker
7. Kell Maresh
8. Ronan Lynch
9. Zelda
10. Hermione Granger
11. Illya Kurykin
12. Nadia van Dyne
13. Penny Clearwater
14. Cable
(Potentially Henry Fitzroy)

I take it we are going to the ball, then.

Sep. 12th, 2018



I went to see Mother this afternoon. The portal has taken her.

Sep. 11th, 2018


Well. A little ominous, but can someone explain to me what Jesarn means?


I realize that this side of the 21st century is rather stunted technologically speaking, but you'd think that they would have managed to come up with a course management system for educators that actually works. Really, what are the incompetents at Blackboard doing with all of their development money?

Would any of my fellow educators like to schedule a standing appointment for an alcohol-fueled, sweets-riddled grading party?

Sep. 9th, 2018


A letter between Lokis. (For your viewing pleasure. NOT actually posted where anyone can see it ICly on the network.) )

[OOC: Dritt og dra is basically the Norwegian equivalent of "F*** off." Norns = destiny/fate. Anyone who has cause to visit Loki's home may happen to see the letter in various spots. Sitting under the mail on the kitchen table. Stuck in the couch. Stuffed behind a cabinet door in the bathroom. It seems to have a mind of its own. Most will only see bits and pieces and not the whole letter, but there's potential for characters to see the whole thing. Please poke me if you think it would be interesting for your character to be one of them!]


I was just thinking about receiving gifts or whatever you want to call them from the portal or from whoever has control here. Well, in a very odd coincidence, I was delivered a handwritten letter sent to me from - myself. Did anyone else receive anything similar recently?

Sep. 8th, 2018



Sep. 4th, 2018


Letting people know, I'm going to go away for a while to get my head together. Try to get in touch with the Other Guy and come to some sort of [...] agreement? Compromise? Reconciliation? And I can't do it here. Too many distractions, especially with the randomness the Portal pulls. I've notified the Bureau to let them know I'm taking the time off. Not sure exactly when I'll be back.

I'll have my tablet with me, so I'll still be able to keep in touch, but I don't plan on being online a whole lot.


ooc: let's backdate this to this weekend, maybe Friday

Back in Altea, I only ever needed a governess to teach me as I was growing up, and unfortunately (also obviously), she is not here. Therefore, I had decided to apply to some classes in a community college here.

I've done as much research as I can for how the process works here but is there anything else you can offer me as advice to make this experience easier on myself?

Sep. 3rd, 2018


I say this with great annoyance (recognizing that likely no one here is to blame):

Avengers, assemble.

Meaning, is there anyone here who actually knows who I am?

Aug. 29th, 2018


It seems my niece has taken her leave as well, for those who have been her friends.

Aug. 21st, 2018


[Audio Post]

Oh Avengers. You may wish to find some pants for your dear captain and come to Toon Town before your friend does something he'll regret.

... Banner. Don't you dare. Remember the ship? We all got along marvelously on the ship.

Banner! Put me down this instant! No smashing!

Aug. 20th, 2018


Turning into a lego has made me a master builder

[not an ic cut] )

This is cool.

I'm heading for Toon Town, does anybody want a lift?

Aug. 19th, 2018


These are constantly strange times. I could never have imagined thanking my lucky stars that I am not turned into something else Peter would enjoy watching on a Saturday morning. May this latest craze pass swiftly and without egregious harm.

Aug. 14th, 2018


[Audio Post]

No. ... No, I forbid it.

Did you hear me?

I demand you stop this instant.

Munin put me down!

[The sound cuts out in the middle of what is most definitely a raven laughing itself sick.]

Aug. 13th, 2018


I've returned to sad news, it would seem. If anyone would care to spar, I think tis a good way to handle mine feelings.


The Asgardian party on Saturday was AWESOME! The Elven wine made me so intoxicated that I lost consciousness for thirty two hours, and now that I am awake I suffer from an excruciating headache! I also approve that there was no dancing. Or if there was, I was not conscious for it.

Aug. 11th, 2018


we come from the land of the ice and snow

The bounteous table. )

A Feast for Thor at Hyrule Castle
3pm until the last person keels over

Did you attend? With delights to sample and tankards that are always full, it would be a shame to miss the festivities. Raise a glass to the God of Thunder or any friend who has left the Displaced but is still beloved. "Nor shall we mourn but rejoice." Technically, they aren't in Valhalla (hopefully), but let the sentiment stand, yes? It's one of the prettier things to come out of Asgard besides Thor's golden hair.

Your menu. )

Come for the food. Stay for the friends. You might even catch a show from one of Asgard's finest playwrights.

Aug. 10th, 2018


[Friends and Family]

Should you care to assist in making this place less dreary, meet me at Hyrule Castle no later than noon on Saturday. The following items need attention:

  • Drink
  • Food
  • Seating
  • Tables
  • Decoration

I shall also require volunteers to keep those who find themselves deep in their cups out of any significant trouble. I.e., property damage.


Do remember that the people of Midgard frown upon smashing drinkware in this era.

Aug. 8th, 2018


Thor is gone.

Aug. 6th, 2018


Bravo, Thor! Or is it Loki that sent out the invites? Spectacular delivery system, regardless. What will the dress code be?

As always, it was a delight to spend time with you two. We can't let that much time go by in seeing each other, next time. I hope whatever you two are working through, that this weekend helped. And as always, my door is always open and I will be here for you if you need me.

So I don't see a crater anywhere, but I may have missed it. Did your weekend go well?

Peril, I know you said you'd be gone, but are you allowed to check in on here? How are you doing? How's the borscht?

Monday Funday? Wine? I miss you and Miss Anka Irene dearly.

Hello there. So Eliot is telling me that he's currently on your couch, high as a kite. Should I be worried?



Oh a festival! I do so like those. I'm afraid I don't have nearly enough to sell at a booth of my own but if I buckle down and others would be willing to aid me, I would not be opposed to sharing.

And there's the party as well. I'm rather looking forward to that.

[Hyrule Castle]
We are hosting Alucard and Rhy for dinner on the 18th. Neither of you have to attend, but I thought I'd let you know we'll have guests. We're also aiding Loki with hosting a party at the Castle, mostly the back yard. Link, would you be willing to board Epona? It'll be on the 11th

[Steven Universe]
It's to be your birthday soon, isn't it? What would you like to do?


Delivered to Each of the Displaced by Hugin and Munin )

[ooc: Characters can respond to Hugin/Munin directly, or send messages through them such as RSVPs, inquiries, etc. Please note that even though the invitations appear to come solely from Thor, all responses may be relayed to Loki unless you tell me otherwise OOCly. Thor is on hiatus, and Loki is handling all of the party organization.

For characters who can speak to birds, they can have a full, proper conversation with words (please let me know OOCly if your character can). If they can't speak to birds, they'll get something a little more like trying to talk to a parrot that has an extensive vocabulary.]

Aug. 4th, 2018


[Posted Early in the morning, not long after this scene takes place]

Shit, okay, so Tony had a memory upgrade and with it a horrible injury. Stab wound by a large blade, piercing all the way through his abdomen, coming out the other side. Internal organs are likely to be damaged. Tony's got his nanotech to close the wound and stop the bleeding, but he needs immediate medical attention. We don't want to take him to a local hospital, because how the hell are we going to explain this?

This is a real emergency, we need immediate help. I'm freaking out here

Aug. 2nd, 2018



It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I shall require a modicum of assistance, should you be so inclined.


In truth ... perhaps slightly more than a modicum of assistance.

Aug. 1st, 2018


[Asgardians + Friends*]

I have taken another job, one that involves a bit of subterfuge. T'will involve me being out of country now and again, and when such a thing occurs I would like to ask if anyone could check in on Thor, the Mareep. He is boarded with the pokemon ranch, and is used to frequent visits.

Edit after Rhodey's post: It seems I shall be leaving today. I cannot say when I will return.

(*OOC: If you've talked to Sif you are her friend)


[Private to Loki (MCU)]
We haven't communicated for a while, nor have I seen you writing on the Network. How are things going?

Jul. 29th, 2018


tfw no one brings you back a tiny antelope

Jul. 26th, 2018


Is it a Midgard thing, to be painted and stand as still as if made of stone?

Jul. 22nd, 2018


Are we still doing spoilers for Infinity War? There's a load of them under this cut )


WHO: Tony Stark (MCU) & Loki Odinson (MCU)
WHAT: Tony and Loki discuss the place where magic and science meet
WHEN: backdated to July 6 or so
WHERE: Fort Neill Resettlement Bureau
WARNINGS: Talk of Infinity Stones
STATUS: Complete in gdocs

I doubt you would trust me, but I urge you to find someone you can tolerate. For all of our sakes. )


So it seems people are pretty eager to talk about spy games here. But maybe the more interesting question is, who of you guys do you think would win in a fight?

Jul. 19th, 2018



Jul. 13th, 2018


[Private to Friends]
Betty's gone. She must've disappeared overnight, since I just spoke to her on the phone yesterday evening.

In case you're worried, I'll be alright. I'm upset, but not in that way. Yet I could go for a bit of distraction, though.

Jul. 11th, 2018


Would anyone be interested in sparring? I would prefer to fight someone with great strength and endurance, so I do not cause harm to thee.

Jul. 10th, 2018


[VIDEO: security cam footage from several angles of three poorly-disguised individuals wearing Iron Man Halloween masks toilet papering Tony's mansion, with the following shaming caption:

We used to be Avengers, but now we TP houses to make ourselves feel alive again.]

Jul. 7th, 2018


[Delivery for Thor, Carried by Hugin]

Hugin knocks at a window with his beak until someone comes to let him in to see Thor. He carries a package, unmarked, but based on the green and gold wrapping, it's probably from Loki. The package is spelled to prevent anyone other than Thor from opening it.

Inside, Thor will find a white square of paper and a Thor-themed snow globe. The paper carries Loki's signature and nothing else. The gift is his way of thanking Thor for the cooler weather.


[Private to Charles Xavier]

Dr. Strange has suggested I speak with you on a personal matter. If you are willing?

Jul. 6th, 2018


The heat is unbearable here. It's as if the sun is angry with us.

Is the sun angry with us? Did any of you do something to it?

Should I create thunderstorms? The clouds they bring will give us relief. I'll keep them going for the next few days or until one of the Ororos makes me stop.

Jul. 5th, 2018


Who: Stephen Strange, Loki (MCU)
When: July 5, evening
Where: Sanctum Sancortum
What: Dinner and discussion - Loki reveals his past.
Warnings: Self-loathing, bad parenting, excessive drinking, Loki (seriously, truly) needs therapy
Status: Complete in Gdocs

It never fails to surprise me how little tolerance the average native of Midgard has for alcohol. )


[Private to Loki (MCU)]
Would you care to join me for dinner? I'd come across a passage in one of my books, which I'd like to discuss with you, regarding magical theory and application in our shared universe.

Jul. 3rd, 2018


Some really old guy with white hair just dropped off like a bunch of cookies off at the house.

I know they say not to take candy from strangers but I get to keep these, right? They're okay to eat?

Jul. 2nd, 2018


Filter: Friends
I had heard that this week is the time for cookouts and celebration for your country's freedom. I know I had told some that I was excited to see how this would turn out [...] however, I must rescind my plans to join as I had said I would. I've taken ill recently and I wish to spend these days in the comfort of my castle while it's still here.

From what I've heard, however, cookouts seem to be a thing over the next two months anyway, so I will be glad to join when I'm better.

Jul. 1st, 2018


[Filtered to Frigga, Loki (616), Sif, Thor + Valkyrie]

I'll be spending the evening with Thor. I thought it best to tell you before Hugin and Munin go spreading tales.

ETA: Thor wishes to inform you all that we will be in the desert.


Might want to work on your initial greeting procedures.

Doubt the redhead is around 24/7 and your others are a little slow on the trigger.

Jun. 30th, 2018


Any experienced bakers in need of a job? My demand has grown just enough at Once Upon a Pie that I'll need someone at a part time level, at the very least.

Additionally, half off magical items through the 4th. I recommend stocking up while prices are low.

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