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Sep. 24th, 2018


Text to Lance
-- Do me a favor.
-- Can you toss the meat from work that's in the freezer out?

Sep. 16th, 2018


I'm back here. Huh. I guess it's a good thing. All things considered.


ooc: backdated to last night

[Live-videostreaming from the castle's control room computer; Allura-the-cat paces around in a circle]

"Hello? I dare not ask if this is normal for this place, but I do hope that there are still people who have already left the ball to see this. I don't know how this happened. My mice have scattered the second they saw me. What do I do?"

Sep. 14th, 2018


WHO: Lance & Keith
WHEN: Friday evening, 9/14 before 8pm
WHERE: Bedroom of their place
WHAT: Keith overhears Lance talking to Coran the Cat and the boys talk about a few things they've been avoiding and admit a few things too.
WARNINGS: Spoilers for Voltron multiple seasons, talk of near death experiences, boys and feels

I… we’re not good, are we? )

Sep. 13th, 2018



I know some of you know more than others, so, just so we're all on the same page: Last night, I had some trouble with this body rejecting me. Keith said that also happened back home. In lieu of a healing pod, Alice and her friend Julia were able to use some magic to set thing right. I'm all right -- just tired, and I'm still at Alice's.


Thank you so much.


Permission to never leave your bed again?


Backdated to last night

TEXTS TO KEITH (sent after this):
» where are you?
[Ten minutes later.]
» ok, seriously. the door was left wide open
» is everything ok?
[Another ten minutes later.]
» Keith??
[Even later.]
» come on, let me know you're fine

Sep. 6th, 2018


WHO: Lance & Keith
WHEN: Yesterday after work
WHERE: The ranch
WHAT: Keith needs new clothes, and the boys talk a bit about careers and the ~future~.
WARNINGS: Teenager doofs

Rough day? )

Aug. 24th, 2018


[Voltron Coalition]
Ok, everyone, check in. Looks like there's another round of new memories going around. With some physical additions. How is everyone holding up? Does anyone need help?


WHO: Lance & Keith
WHEN: Early morning, Friday, August 24
WHERE: Bedroom of their place in Bluebonnet Village
WHAT: Keith and Lance wake up with new memories and some physical changes. (also, hello everyone from Keith's new journal)
WARNINGS: SPOILERS FOR SEASON 7 of Voltron. Shirtless boys in bed. Talk of injuries and battles. General feels.

Five more minutes? Then you can go see Shiro? )

Aug. 5th, 2018


Cut for pic )

I believe this is what you call pet-shaming? Well, I'm pet-shaming. I should also add that my Pokemon has also taught that habit to the rest of my mice. And this has to happen at five in the morning!

Aug. 3rd, 2018


» 🚗 ⛱️ ☀️?

Jul. 31st, 2018


I was gonna say at least Hunk vanishing waited until after my birthday, but there's no upside to having a friend disappear. If anyone knows Hunk, he must have been taken back to our world. I hope.

Jul. 15th, 2018


I have started writing a game app, utilizing smart algorithms for storytelling purposes. It only has one adventure so far, and the character builder isn't complete yet (well, it has some limited options but not as many as I'm planning on). But I was hoping for some beta players to give me constructive criticism and feedback. There's plenty I'm not locked in on yet, so you could really improve the game. It has single player only right now, but there will be ways to interact with other players down the line.

Story-wise it's space fantasy with science and magic coexisting. There's a lot of problem solving that is open to you to determine how you would like. Not just one answer. And the longer you play, the more choices you make, the more individualized it becomes. :D

Filtered: Voltron
Hey guys. We've lived through people coming through knowing more of the future (for Shiro, that's how many times, hmm?) as well as two sets of memory updates. Each time there's a lot that has happened, a lot that could affect all of us. Personally, I can say it was great to hear from Lance right away that we found my dad, that he was alive, and that he was okay. But it's heavy stuff, and we don't know what will come next. If our time here has been setting any pattern, it's that we may all, in time, get memories that take time to process, and we probably will not all get them at the same time.

We all get worried. We all wanna help. We all... care about each other. So I thought it may help it go better for everyone if we figure out how we want to handle it. Especially if it's something where we want some time. I don't have an ANSWER. Just the question. If it were you - getting the update, living with someone who does, someone who doesn't - what would you want? And probably, IMO, the biggest emphasis on what do people want when they get the update. Bc that's a lot to process in a moment, a night.

Also, you're all fantastic. <3_<3


So Keith got adopted by a cat last week.

Cut for pic )

(Keith, I asked if I could post this while you were sleeping, and you mumbled yes. Which means you can't be mad. (☞゚∀゚)☞)

Jul. 14th, 2018


We've got a potential solution. Julia, when can you get here?

We've come up with a possible solution. Once it's tested, I'll let you all know. Figured you'd want the update.

Hi. My name is Alice Quinn. We've not spoken.

Myself and my associates have been working to try to reverse the transformations that were caused by the fruit you found. We're testing it soon but if it works, would you like one of us to come to you and help the effects be reversed? Do you know of anyone else who has been affected or that took the berries from you? I've already been in touch with Pidge, Hunk, Keith and Julia.

Jul. 12th, 2018


I know you probably---

Whatever, it is fine.

Did any of you all eat those berries that were found? Julia brought to my attention--- One of my friends did and I wanted to know if any of you did and if you had a reaction?




I'm not freaking out or anything, but hey did anyone else WAKE UP WITH FURRY CAT EARS? CAT EYES? BECAUSE UH


WHO: Lance & Keith
WHEN: July 12, early morning
WHERE: their bedroom at their apartment
WHAT: Waking up with a case of the blackberries that leads to some talks about stuff learned during the last canon bump months ago.
WARNINGS: Minor freak outs considering that human ears and eyes shouldn't look like animals ears and eyes.


Jul. 2nd, 2018


Filter: Friends
I had heard that this week is the time for cookouts and celebration for your country's freedom. I know I had told some that I was excited to see how this would turn out [...] however, I must rescind my plans to join as I had said I would. I've taken ill recently and I wish to spend these days in the comfort of my castle while it's still here.

From what I've heard, however, cookouts seem to be a thing over the next two months anyway, so I will be glad to join when I'm better.

Jul. 1st, 2018


text messages to lance, spoilers for season 6 of voltron )

Jun. 29th, 2018



I know you're all worried, and I'm sorry for that. I'm okay.

I do think that we all need to meet to discuss the new memories I now have. Would everyone be able to make it to the Holts tomorrow afternoon? And has anyone else remembered anything new?

Also, as a warning, I look a little different now and I know that might be a bit of a shock. I've lost my prosthetic and my hair's now entirely white.

Jun. 28th, 2018


@7am on Friday

Hey folks. Uh, quick question: does anyone still have some mithril? Willing to trade for it or something? I'm willing to offer money, services, or future loot. TYVM.
Morning everyone. The future memory update have struck again. This time it hit Shiro. Don't ask me for many details, I don't have them. And we'll all get to hear about them in a few days. So please give Shiro his space. He's asked for it, and he deserves as much from all of us.

You stay calm, you get to know what I know. :)))))
Hey, so wrote the team. You can read it here. You do you man, for space and network. But they come to this house for you, I'm stopping them.

Jun. 24th, 2018


ALICE! Super important! I need you rate from 1 to 10 how much you want to go see a baby horse. I'll even give you a hint. It's 10.



I just wanted to let you that Alice and I broke up today.

Jun. 22nd, 2018


Sometimes I love the internet. Pride dice on Kickstarter. So I'll be getting me some of those.

Sidenote, we should definitely play some kind of campaign. We = if you would want in on this and Matt Holt.

Jun. 17th, 2018


Well, I went to a used car lot looking for a car to get, and I ended up finding something else instead.

It needs some work, and I still need to decide what kind of food I want to use it for, but owning my own food truck has always been something that sounds really cool. I just need to look into permits, costs of running it, that sort of thing.

...Might have been of an impulsive decision, but why not do something that I love while I'm here? I like cooking at the Crashdown, but it'll be so much cooler to run my own place.

Jun. 9th, 2018


WHO: Lance & Keith
WHEN: June 1, late night-ish
WHERE: middle of the desert outside of town
WHAT: serious talks happen over slushies instead of hanging out at the ball
WARNINGS: just general angsty talk and fade to black smoochies

I kinda feel like if I say too much, everyone is going to freak. )

Jun. 8th, 2018


Filter: Asgardians minus Sif
I want to give Sif a gift. We were discussing birthdays and when I asked her when was hers, she told me she doesn't remember. I celebrated a false birthday not long ago because Earth time and Altean time is very different, and so I felt like Sif deserves something special as well. So I come to you for suggestions since you have known her for far longer than I have. How shall I treat her?

Filter: Voltronverse + Alice + Quentin
Since you all know more about Earth than I do, if I was to give a special woman a grand treat to make up for any birthday we may have missed, what are some of your ideas?

Jun. 7th, 2018


WHO: Lance & Keith
WHEN: Night of the ball
WHERE: Tumbleweed and the road leading out of it
WHAT: Keith is having some trouble dealing with new memories, so Lance decides they're not going to the ball, after all. PART ONE! Oooooh. Aaaah.
WARNINGS: Teenager doofs

How about we get out of town for a night? )


Guys! They're building a space station! I'm going to go see if I can get in on this.

Jun. 5th, 2018


I still have no idea what I'm going to do with this money the portal gave me. Part of me wants to be responsible, and use it to buy a car, or save it for school. Part of me wants to blow it on something ridiculous, like a trip to Disneyland or somewhere I've never been.

Jun. 1st, 2018


» hey sry
» small change of plans 2nite
» headed somewhere with keith instead
» nothing to worry about

May. 25th, 2018


I just got my old Nintendo and a bunch of games. GAME NIGHT THIS WEEKEND. Who's in?! Keith, you have no choice. You're welcome.

May. 17th, 2018


Does anyone know a good tattoo parlour in town?

May. 13th, 2018


Hey, anyone else living around Bluebonnet Village see a red laser go off?


I dropped a heavy box on my foot at work, and it broke on my foot. Didn't even hurt me at all. I can lift a car over my head without breaking a sweat. I shut a glass door, and it shattered.

I know I'm usually strong, but I'm never this strong. I don't want to go near anyone, because I'm suddenly worried I might accidentally hurt them.

Apr. 30th, 2018


Text messages to Keith:
» i'm thinking about leaving work early today
» someone wants to trade shifts and it's crazy nice out right now
» which means DAYTRIP
» right? come on, you want to go somewhere today
» i know you do

Apr. 21st, 2018


Do you want to come with me tonight to the Cottage? Eliot's throwing one of his parties. I figured I'd drop by for a little while.

Do you want to go get breakfast tomorrow with me?

Apr. 16th, 2018


So, the good news is only two of the Galra sentries were damaged beyond repair, so those have become our supply of spare parts. The rest are in decent enough shape. Their programming has been hacked to make them friendly and on our side. That seemed like a higher priority than repairing what damage they took. Which is next on the to do list. But hey, if we have use for 18 robot sentries, we should discuss that. For now, they're in the Castle of Lions. Also, if we want to customize them further (beyond y'know their regular fighting/guard/etc duties and utter lack of a sense of humor), that's definitely possible. Never thought I would be so happy to see Galra sentries, but honestly it's great, and I wouldn't mind if other Galra robots come through. Though please, no robeasts.

Filtered: Team Voltron
We had a lot of beeps of disappearance today, and I've spent most of it in the belly of the Castle of Lions, so if you could all check in that would be great.
Filtered: Keith & Matt
So, those two sentries getting damaged beyond repair isn't necessarily the worst thing ever. Some of those parts could likely be scavenged for use in your arm, Keith, if you don't mind me using Galra tech/circuitry. I'd still prefer the mithril exterior because sentry plating just isn't anywhere close to it (or Shiro's arm).

Apr. 15th, 2018


Voice to text post

Whew, okay. Hey? I sure hope this logs. I guess today's just a party all over because we got Galra sentries in Council 9! I'm here with Allura right now trying to disable them. We're right by the university. Team Voltron, you guys copy?

Apr. 13th, 2018


On this fine Friday the Thirteenth, some of you may find yourself wondering what to do with your free evening. Here at the Camp, we have a lot of space and a wide movie selection, so here's an open invitation to come and hang out for a low key welcome back get together. There'll be swimming, movie watching (theme to be decided by attendees), and a bonfire for singing and toasting marshmallows. We'll order some pizza, but if you want to bring some snacks, food, or drinks (non-alcoholic please) over, feel free.

I guess the party officially will start 6ish, but you can show up whenever you like.

Apr. 11th, 2018


Filter: Voltronverse, Asgardians, and other friends
I don't know what anyone's living situation or financial situation is like, but I just wanted to offer the Castleship for anyone who is momentarily looking for a place to stay if rent money is not a feasible thing right now.

Or, if you believe it will help, a number of elven gowns and tiaras came with me, and I have been told that they would sell for a really good price on eBay. I love them, yes, but I wish to offer aid to my Paladins and friends, first and foremost. You are much more important.

Apr. 8th, 2018


So [...] my friends at the military are dead. And my lab is gone, like it never existed.

Apr. 6th, 2018


I've caught some really cool Pokemon, but none of them are particularly striking me as The One. Zubat has echolocation, which has been really helpful hiking in the dark, but sometimes it also kinda seems like it wants to bite people.

I heard there were some robotic and alien type Pokemon. Has anyone seen any of those yet?

Apr. 5th, 2018


I know I said that I really wanted a dog Pokemon, but this little guy's really grown on me.

He's pretty cute. He keeps following me around a lot, and he's really friendly.

Apr. 3rd, 2018


You think they have dog Pokemon here? Because that would be awesome. I wouldn't mind getting one of those.

[Filtered to Luna Lovegood]
Want to go exploring with me in this new port a little bit?

Mar. 18th, 2018


WHO: Lance & Keith
WHEN: March 18, early morning
WHERE: their suite bedroom’s balcony
WHAT: Memory bumps sure are a head ache.
WARNINGS: I don’t think there are any? Lots of feels thoughts.

So other than the headache and memories, situation normal? )


It's come to my attention that I haven't done a good job of meeting all the scientists around here. I mean, there's at least one I haven't talked to - one named Ray? - but I bet there are even more. Who wants to get together and talk science and tech sometime?? Bounce ideas off each other?? Figure out how some stuff around here works??

SHIRO & PIDGE (separately)
Did you guys have fun last night? The ball was pretty great, right?

You guys are really cute, just so you know.

TONY STARK (904913)
Even without being interrupted by aliens or robots, I had a really good time last night.


Thank you so much to all those who had attended the ball! It means so much to me and Zelda that you decided to attend.

Filter: Friends and volunteers
Two hundred years of existence and many Altean balls experienced in my lifetime and this was the one that made me the most nervous. Thank you for all your help and vote of confidence.

Mar. 13th, 2018


Who's in need for a date to this ball? Comment here with your name, your romantic preferences, a few of your likes, maybe your age bracket, and let's see what we can do about getting you a date.

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