February 2020




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Feb. 22nd, 2020


I am unfortunately out of burritos, which is absolutely terrible. Incredibly impolite even. Of all the things to complain about, I know. Anyone bored enough to want to come with me to get more?

[The AA Group]
Yeah. Okay. Maybe I need help even finding the wagon again. I don't know if the timing is terrible or reasonable.

How many of us are even still here?

If I give you a list of my hiding places, can you clean out the alcohol? Also ignore my pained sounds.

And maybe we could make a familial effort to have none in the house? I can move out, too. And then I can have none and no one has to worry if they want some. Either is fine.

Feb. 21st, 2020


Pardon me, I hope this is working. I am Dolores. I arrived a few days ago and have already made my introductions to some of the folks here.

I do not know why there are suddenly so many birds, and I know everyone is worried about the sandstorms and the children going missing. It's such a shame. My parents and my cows are missing too. But I was told my home is in a different time and place and that I cannot return, so I must make do.

Unfortunately I was informed that the savings I have mean very little in the current market, and purchasing new cattle would not be so easy. But a nice lady told me that making pies was an option, so I have made a few dozen. Oddly enough, all the cans in my pantry were empty, so I had to buy what I could from the grocery.

All I have is apple. I am not sure what a fair price to ask for them are. But every penny helps. Thank you.

Feb. 17th, 2020


Excuse me, I-

Oh, I dropped it. Hello? Is this thing broken?

My name is Dolores. I'm not sure I understand where I am. The kind folks at the... bureau tried to explain it, but I'm afraid so little made sense to me and so many words I've never heard before. My head isn't feeling quite right. Texas is a bit far from home, yet I've found my ranch and my horse as if somehow all the land has shifted overnight. My parents are missing, and our herd seems to also be lost. I'm afraid they won't know the way back.

Is this real? Where is Sweetwater? I was meant to go into town this morning. Has the train come by yet? Maybe there's still time to get back before dark.

Feb. 3rd, 2020


Man do you ever have that feeling that you've been like around for a few weeks in a metaphorical sense but not necessarily in a physical sense, like the person in charge of your storyline has just not been keeping up at all cause they suck or something?

So what's going on with all of yoooooou?

Jan. 30th, 2020


Does that mean I need to make my own psychic thing now? This place is...the worst.

Jan. 21st, 2020


I thought I was seeing things, but then I realized I wasn't and I think I just got pranked by a goose? This has been a thoroughly terrible day.

Jan. 12th, 2020


So if people can't lie does that mean it's time for a truth telling meme?

Dec. 6th, 2019


All the people I flirt with are leaving I'm gonna get an existential complex!

Nov. 26th, 2019


Do we want to do Thanksgiving this year?

Nov. 21st, 2019


Things have been horrible, but at least I have this. Choosing a ringtone is going to be so hard.

Nov. 13th, 2019


Thursday, Nov 14, 9AM

Never thought I would have to protect the plants against snow at any given time of the year here and yet HERE WE ARE, snow event number.. 2??

So the restaurant wasn't close to being done earlier and then it ended up in shambles after the attack. That's what I get for not realizing I probably should have foreseen a monster attack and warded it up.

But it's in the process of getting fixed up, and should hopefully be able to be opened up within the next two months? I'm spending the day working a few things off the menu so if anyone's looking to be taste-testers or just a general distraction, I'm located at [address].

Filter: Quentin Coldwater
I know a good place in upstate NY for axe-throwing if you feel like you and Gabby could use it. I'm sorry, Q.

Filter: Julia Wicker
You ever have moments where you wish you had the perfect thing to say to someone so you spend all day trying to figure it out and come out with nothing?

Filter: Klaus Hargreeves
I know I'm the last person you want to speak to right now, but I just wanted to say I'm really sorry.


[Quentin Coldwater + Gabby Teller]
I saw. I'm so sorry. I'm not a lot of fun right now but let me know if you want company.

This sucks. I know you just recently got Ben back. He could still come back, and even if it is as a ghost again, he can be brought back to the world of the living. It's not a big comfort, I know. Let me know if there's something I can do.

Recovery has been a little slower and more frustrating than I thought. I'm planning on coming back, but I might be at Tony's for another week or two. At least until things feel a little more normal. I just wanted to keep you posted.


This isn't cool and today sucks and I need ice cream and a hug. Maybe four hugs.