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Jul. 13th, 2018


This is a reminder and notice for new people of the class schedule at Wolverine's gym. My self-defense class on Saturday is specifically for people with a size disadvantage. If you're taller than about 5'6 it's probably not going to be very useful. There's gaps on several evenings and a lot of Saturday if anyone wants to teach anything else as well.

If you just want to join so you can train whenever you want it's $5 a month and there are forms at the front desk. There's a secure area that's been rated Hulk-proof for people with powers.

Jul. 9th, 2018


For anyone who knew Scott McCall, he's been sent back home. Or whatever happens after you leave here.

Jul. 4th, 2018


Jonathon has never been to Canada and it doesn't seem right since he's an adopted Canadian wolverine. I think I might go up this weekend and show him where the old Howlett property should be. Maybe do some hunting. I'm taking the bike so I don't know how much storage I'll have coming back but if someone wants something I might be able to manage it.

The gym should be fine for a few days without me but if there is a problem that can't wait Betsy should be able to reach me. I won't have cell coverage except for parts of the trip and I'm not using my phone on the road. Probably I'll leave Friday morning.

Jun. 27th, 2018


Is there anyone here who can manipulate or is unaffected by electricity/lightening and would be a willing training partner? It's been too long since I've been able to get much practice in.

Once I'm finished with school, and you've earned some vacation days, do you want to take a trip?


I'm back in town. My trip didn't work out how I thought it would.

[Filtered to Kurama]
You were right.

Jun. 26th, 2018


Okay, I was just trying to grab some flowers along the water. I didn't really expect it would lead to being attacked by a [...] something. My Care of Magical Creatures knowledge has never been great.

It was a lovely little throwback to Divinations class with a Centaur and all, but I could have done without being attacked by some water demon.

Jun. 25th, 2018


Does anyone else remember partying with Fairy Royalty? It's not just me, right?

May. 29th, 2018


Why the hell are airplane tickets so expensive?


Going back to finish high school is depressing. And I still suck at English class, apparently.

Hey cute boy with the hot bike. Can we go riding?

I haven't harassed you in a while. It's tragic. How's work?

May. 23rd, 2018


I got my leather jacket just in time for summer.

Uh, thanks? I guess?


I've never seen this shield before in my life, but it feels very familiar. It feels like Logan.

May. 20th, 2018


I know I've only been here a day, but I hadn't realised previously just how slow linear time really is, particularly for a human. This is an odd sensation.


No offense to Zelda or any other magic users around, but I for one am glad to be back to my normal no-powers self.



As you may or may not know, The Pit has been under construction for some time now. Due to the delay caused by our Ocean Cruise, we've just recently finished construction on our dedicated Quidditch Pitch and are almost ready to received visitors.

We will be opening our doors, so to speak, on Tuesday May 29th at 8 AM. However, we invite everyone to come out to the premises on Sunday May 27th. We will be having an open house on that day so if you've never seen Quidditch in action or how a broom flies, you can come get a glimpse ahead of time. We are planning on a full day of pickup games and will be showing everyone how the game is played should people need explanation.

The Pit is user friendly and if you've ever had a dream of mounting a broom and taking to the air then we are here for you. While we have rental brooms available for all Wizards and Witches, we also have brooms specifically designed for use by non magical patrons. That's right. You do not have to have magic in order to participate.

I've provided a schedule of what we currently offer here. There will be lessons available beginning on opening day and ideally, once we have enough interested people, we will begin to have weekend matches in the near future.

Thank you.

I need one more instructor. Does anyone have interest in teaching flying and would like to interview with myself, Bill and James?

May. 15th, 2018


I didn't get any powers.

I wish I could have been a werewolf.

Any werewolves here want to bite me?

Apr. 12th, 2018


Anyone have any good food recommendations? Already tried JJ's, so other than that.

Hey guys, I just wanted to check up on you guys and Millicent. I know cats pretty much take care of themselves through the whole process, but I should warn you that cats typically have a gestation period of 64-67 days. So that she's probably due any day now, if I was anywhere near right about how far along she was.

Hope you're all doing well!

Apr. 9th, 2018


I haven't set foot in my house in years. But here it is. Just the way I last saw it, minus my family.

By now you'd think I'd learn to just roll with it.

Mar. 28th, 2018


They'll lock us up if we test weapons again? Right?

[Steve Rogers]
I got you something.

Mar. 26th, 2018


Alright, with the pirates moving the hell on and the ship back in operating order we need to figure out a few things.

How many of ours are hurt?
Do we got any sort of numbers? I know the medbay seemed to be pretty dang packed when I was down there. The robots seem to be back online to work with fixing people but medical personnel what else are y'all needing? Should we continue triage in a separate area for more minor injuries y'all can deal with?

From the doctors: Small things that just need an antiseptic, sutures, or ice and rest can be done in the adjacent areas

Does every kid got someone to go home to right now?
If not we're gonna need to pair them up with people if'n their parents/guardians are hurting. Or keep up the school being a place for them to stick to. If we do that we're gonna need others to stay down there with them.

We'll keep kids at the school until one of their guardians is able to come and retrieve them. Or someone in their guardians place.

Clean Up?
Who's available and NOT needing to be in the medbay or in bed resting to help out with cleanup?

Is all the ship back in order?
Anyone able to help us figure out if'n anything is still offline?

Not available:
  • Explorer Lounge (5)
  • Constellation Theater (5)
  • Pacific Rim (6)
  • Coffee Bar(6)
  • The Cafe(6)

    I'm sure I'm missing things. If ya got something we're needing to work on, list it here and we'll try to get it sorted.
  • Mar. 21st, 2018


    Following Rogue's lead: Night patrols. Sign up. Or don't. Just use the form you if you do.

    And don't tell me to put you anywhere I like. Because that's too much work and I'm trying to minimize that shit for myself. And if you're not interested in showing up for patrols anymore, just say so, so I can drop you from the schedule.


    Night Patrols - Updated 3/21/2018 )

    Mar. 19th, 2018


    So today's my 18th birthday. Feels kind of weird to be having it.

    Mar. 18th, 2018


    [Friends (semi-loose so if you think you count you probably do)]
    I remembered some things.

    I'm alright. It's good for once. I'm just going to find somewhere quiet for a while.

    Mar. 16th, 2018


    WHO: All of Displaced
    WHEN: Saturday, March 17th, starting at 7pm and going well into the night.
    WHERE: Explorer Lounge, Atrium, the casino across the lounge, wherever the party spills over to
    WHAT: Spring Ball 2018, hosted by Princesses Allura and Zelda
    WARNINGS: Maybe, maybe not?
    STATUS: IC/OOC post.

    She turned to the sunlight, and shook her yellow head, And whispered to her neighbor: “Winter is dead.” )
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    Mar. 15th, 2018


    I just have to stop myself eating all my fruit leather before we even get anywhere new now.

    What's on Wednesdays? I've forgotten half the ship's schedule already.

    Mar. 11th, 2018


    So that tournament as awesome. But damn do I miss my katana.

    Mar. 9th, 2018


    I didn't think I had missed the desert much until I saw the Eternal Desert. It's strange to look at it and not feel any connection.

    The music and food in Agrabah is 🙌👌✨

    Mar. 6th, 2018


    I think I'd like to go to Agrabah. I'm not very interested in the pretty pretty princesses.

    Feb. 26th, 2018


    So my band didn't work on my room. For one horrifying moment I thought I was being voted off the ship. I liked Middle Earth and all, but please don't leave me there.

    Feb. 21st, 2018


    I've taken some wrong turns before, but this? This one's new.

    Feb. 20th, 2018


    I got so much time in the world, I'm just reading the shit that people are putting on these things.

    And damn, a lot of you really like to liquor it up. How can you stand that crap? Why is the wooziness that comes with it so appealing as opposed to actually having a clear mind to think??

    Feb. 18th, 2018


    It's a bit too big, but I think I can pull this off.

    [ Inserted is an image of Kira in an over-sized mithril shirt. ]

    Feb. 14th, 2018


    First word: Mama.

    Can't get much better'n that.

    Why ain't you here to hear he

    Feb. 13th, 2018


    Don't worry. The drunken celebration is being recorded for posterity.

    Feb. 14th, 2018


    im drnuk!

    Feb. 13th, 2018


    qi alove this wine!

    Feb. 10th, 2018


    NO WAY!


    Well it's not Makai or Japan, but I suppose the woods of Middle-Earth will have to do. I'm quite looking forward to them, in fact.

    Feb. 7th, 2018


    Would you be interested in going to eat at Pacific Rim with me sometime soon?


    "Water, water, everywhere..."

    Tragically, all my lofty goals and ambitions have been put on hold and there's only so much karaoke you can do (sorry, not sorry Rick).

    Who's up for a game of ship wide Assassin? We can figure out "weapons" and safe zones/times based on who signs up.

    ETA: • Say you're in if you want in.
    • Weapons TBD: Nerf guns and stuffed animals so far. Paintball grenades (thank Sabine). No water!
    • No powers, exceptions made for awesome. (Ask Ianto.)
    • Safe zones: School, patrols, cabins (duh).

    Feb. 5th, 2018


    Things I basically forgot I loved: Pizza. For breakfast.


    This is quite unusual. While I appreciate the consideration for health, I'm not sure it's entirely required, given my physiology, however, I will adhere to regulations and await the release.

    Perhaps in that time, someone could inform me as to just why and where I am, as I can attest, this is not realm travel as I've done it, and it's hardly a suitable time.

    Feb. 4th, 2018


    This is the second time I can say my life has changed dramatically because science. At least no one seems to want to kill me yet

    My name is Kira. A ship is the very last place I would have expected to be today.

    Sep. 9th, 2017


    Still not happy, but I gotta say, it's not the worst kidnapping ever. I've got my dog. Got my own place. Which is just weird, because my place should be on the top floor of an old Gotham City warehouse, not the only floor of a quaint little ranch house.

    Sep. 6th, 2017


    You ever have one of those dreams that linger long after you're awake? The kind that sort of ruin your day? Yeah, thanks Dream Me for making me relive some bad memories. Guess I ate something that didn't agree with me or something.

    Aug. 30th, 2017


    [Filtered to X-Mansion Residents]
    So hey again.

    I'm back at the Mansion.

    Aug. 20th, 2017


    Does anyon want to play monopoly?

    Aug. 10th, 2017


    Please tell me I'm not too late to go to college, because I don't appreciate landing back here in the middle of AUGUST.

    Aug. 2nd, 2017


    I have a letter from the University of Tumblweed. Did you know we had a University here? I didn't, and now I'm currently making sure I'll be enrolled for the Fall.

    Do you know how much I have to do now? Thank the universe I have time before needing to enroll in classes. There's still a lot I need to do though, and you know what that means? Lists and new school supplies! I really wish Logan He'd be excited

    Filtered to X-Mansion Residents
    With this brand new information, I also decided that I'm going to move into the dorms. Maybe just for my Freshman year, but I want to see what it's like. I mean I know it'll probably be a lot like living here, but I think there are opportunities there that I might not get here. At least we're all still in the same town, right? I hope that's okay! I'll visit all the time!

    Jul. 21st, 2017


    Okay so like... we've got good news, sort of, and also definitely bad news. We're just north of Tumbleweed. That's the only good bit. Also it's 1953 and the Korean War totally hasn't ended yet. I think it's the end of July it's meant to end so it must almost be done and this has got to be like the only time I've actually been glad my dad was my history teacher. Anyway they were not very friendly, since... my dad is Korean, the Japanese still aren't that popular either, and Ahsoka isn't even human. So it didn't really go very well. They wouldn't even give us some water for the walk back. But there was all these lights over the mountains that I guess might have been the pods coming down? So, they know where we are, pretty much.

    Jul. 20th, 2017


    I am going to explore.

    I do not need the food or water in the pack. Sabine can have it.

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