February 2020




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Dec. 16th, 2019


Network Post: Sabé

Padmé has it in her head that I need to meet about a dozen of you as her close friends and family, just for starters, and then she probably has another few dozen after that. I'm not surprised she's made many friends so quickly since she's famous for her people skills, but I think she forgets I'm not naturally as social as she is. I don't really know what to say or how to introduce myself except: hello, I'm Sabé. I've known Padmé half my life since entering her service as handmaiden. I'm from Naboo, of course.

Thank you again to Elizabeth Swann for giving me the crash course on this world. That had to be a strange thing to do for someone who inexplicably looks like you.

Dec. 6th, 2019


Well at least I haven't had a face for Hallmark movies yet.


New client. There have been a few large thefts from charities around Texas. We're being brought in for security and investigation on what's going on.

Need about six bodies for rotating on the field work. At least two or three for comms and research. First come first serve, agents. Happy Holidays.

Dec. 2nd, 2019


Filtered to GFFA: Anakin Skywalker

[FILTERED to people from a galaxy far, far away aka "Star Wars people"]

I've been thinking about what we saw on that "VHS" data tape. I don't know how many of you watched it, too, and who would want to discuss it, but I think we should. Especially those of us who have a connection to the Force.

That "world between worlds" as Ahsoka called it on the tape— we've seen things like it before, on Mortis. "Episodes" about that apparently exist here. I can't draw nearly as well as Sabine but I can try to render symbols that I remember, they may or may not watch up to whatever those episodes show, but I saw things on that tape that were very similar. I wish we still had a copy to study and compare.

On Mustafar

Nov. 26th, 2019


Calendar says there's another Earth holiday at the end of this month. Does this one come with some sort of warning, or is it tamer than the last one? I'd like to skip the whole dying part of Earthly celebrations if I can help it.

Nov. 16th, 2019


Whose ships got out of orbit?

Nov. 14th, 2019


Anyone up for seeing Doctor Sleep?


I've some news to share with everyone, in part thanks to Breq.

We've got a new headquarters to work out of. Station has modified itself to fit SYNAPSE's needs. Now Station is a complex AI, so they are working with us in all of this. If there's something in particular you'd like added, run it by me, Station, and Breq and we'll see how we can get it added in.

[Filtered separately to Peggy, Five, Fen, Jyn, Tina, and Seivarden]

I've been told that you might be interested in some contract security work. And I happen to have positions for such a thing.

Jun. 14th, 2017


I'm pretty sure that he's up to something that isn't very good.

There's been evil cackling. And maniacal nonsleeping.

Jun. 2nd, 2017


How's the new job?

May. 31st, 2017


It's hot. There have been explosions. The town is having massive runs on selling ... guns. Did I mention it's hot? If anybody needs it, I'm unlocking the gate. And I will be on a raft in the pool with a drink between the hours of 9:00 P - 2:00 A. Drinks for you are free as long as you dance to the music and clean up your own mess.

The only door you open is the one in the pool house that leads to the loo.

I had a bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel shipped from Kentucky. For Sharon and Dum Dum. No sense in being upset when we know we've all got long lives with them that we'll continue leading at some point.

If you want the jobs, you start tomorrow at 7:30 A.

And a happy belated birthday to you.

Feb. 22nd, 2017


Network Post: Anakin Skywalker

There is no Jedi Temple here.

There are no Jedi here.