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Feb. 22nd, 2020


[Filtered away from Maleficent]

Okay. So...I'm not really sure who I would filter this to, but I want to be able to help out. I found out from someone that there's a version of Maleficent here. In my world, where I'm from, she's my mom. I don't think this version here knows me, because if she did, I feel like she'd definitely reach out, at least for being pissed off for me betraying her.

...Anyway, the point I'm trying to make here is that back where I'm home, she taught me pretty much everything she knows, so I guess I can help if you need it? I haven't been here very long, so I don't really know what her game is, but if I can help, I'd like to.

...I can also turn into a giant dragon, in addition to knowing magic, so there's that, too.

Jan. 23rd, 2020


Thursday, Jan 23, 8:20PM

SO if the world is currently rid of the meddlesome geese and/or if anyone isn't afraid of leaving their apartments because of them, would anyone be interested in a jam session sometime this weekend?

Jan. 11th, 2020


Saturday, Jan 11, 9:40PM: voice to text

Twenty-six sounds old. I am getting old.

Filter: Ben Reilly
I know it was the full moon and all so that's a pretty good excuse for it, but I think the first night you're werewolf-free you'll be able to see this (or tomorrow morning), I want a dinner. Loki and pets included.

Filter: Matt Murdock
So, are you ready to get back into the swing of things? Because I've actually been doing really good on the whole meditation thing.

Jan. 8th, 2020


(017) Buffy Summers

Hey, so I saw the notice thing and got busy but I wanted to check in with you.

You okay?

[Friends (feel free to assume if you've had interactions with Buffy)]
So, I'm really in the mood to watch Legally Blonde and other power girl movies - feel free to suggest - is anyone interested?

Jan. 6th, 2020


[Voice to Text]
I've returned. Didn't even know I was gone.

And it's now the year 2020.

Somebody want to update me what's happened since I disappeared?

Jan. 5th, 2020



Someone open up a portal to a goat dimension? I've got whatever the word for a shitload of goats is fraternizing with my alpaca and fertilizing my driveway.

Dec. 28th, 2019


Okay. I thought I'd fixed the whole getting pulled into a different universe thing. Though I guess this is different from what I'm used to. Also, my parents are not going to be happy when they find out I was dragged through a magical portal to Texas.

I'm gonna be here awhile so...I'm Miles Morales. I'm fifteen, and I'm from Brooklyn. I was also told that I need a guardian to be let out of quarantine, so help, I guess? I'm a good kid, I can clean up after myself, and I guess I can get a part-time job and help out around the house or pay rent, if someone needs me to. I know it's pretty inconvient to just be saddled with a kid you didn't plan on getting.

Dec. 21st, 2019


Saturday, Dec 21, 7:10PM

I am pretty convinced that Pentatonix just arrived at my door and sang some Christmas carols. Because up to this date, I have never heard of carols sung that good.


(016) Buffy Summers

So does anyone want to come over, because I've got a firepit, and chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and all that.

I've got hot cocoa, but if you want anything else, it is bring your own drink.

Dec. 13th, 2019


WHO: The Cast, Crew & Audience for The Last Five Years
WHEN: Tonight! 7pm!
WHERE: Center for Performing and Creative Arts
WHAT: Need a break from the Holiday entertainment? Don't worry. Eliot and Tina got your back! Otherwise known as the production of The Last Five Years
TRIGGERS: It's a musical about a divorce. The plot will feature adultry but it is not graphic. Just discussed through song.

Jamie is over and Jamie is gone )

Nov. 29th, 2019


Friday, Nov 29, 4:18PM

Is it too soon for me to be all "back in my day, Black Friday started at 6AM on that Friday?" because really, it did. It wasn't just for the deals, though. Dad and I had dinner together on Thanksgiving and the next day, it was meet-up time at Queens Center Mall with friends from class. I kind of miss that. Or missed up until I heard that just recently, there was a massive brawl there and the place was practically closed for the day, because it was a freaking half day.

Anyway, I'm looking for a new TV but I don't plan on getting my dog trampled in the stampede that is probably still happening in the malls. I'll be fine, but Jason doesn't have a dog version of a Spider Sense. Who wants to help?

Nov. 26th, 2019


Calendar says there's another Earth holiday at the end of this month. Does this one come with some sort of warning, or is it tamer than the last one? I'd like to skip the whole dying part of Earthly celebrations if I can help it.

Nov. 13th, 2019


This isn't cool and today sucks and I need ice cream and a hug. Maybe four hugs.

Sep. 25th, 2018


The kids are gone too.

[Voice: Private to Gwen Stacy (65):]
Are you busy tonight?

Sep. 15th, 2018


[Voice to Text (Courtesy of the Bat-Computer)]

Seriously? Am I dead again? You've gotta be freaking kidding me.

What am I supposed to do now? A Christmas Carol in September? Move into the attic and change my name to Casper? Hang around Denmark until I topple the government through sheer paranoia?

Sep. 11th, 2018


So apparently there's this new Spider-Man video game out on PS4 that's getting really good reviews and I was just going to ignore it because I don't google myself and I probably know more than I need to about other Future and Alternate Mes already...


Has anyone played it? Like is there anything in it that I shouldn't see? Because if it's just me swinging around New York stopping muggers I think that would be okay, right? Ijustreallywanttoplaythisgame. 😬😬😬

Sep. 10th, 2018



Hello, people of tumble weed, or at least the displaced people of tumble weed.

First order of things. Is there anyone out there handing out loans? Not handing them out like candy, of course, because you need to trust that you'll be getting that money back, of course. And trust me, I have a job and I can pay it back in full eventually.

Second order of things. Who knows the ins and outs of getting and owning a service dog? Particularly how I get started on that?

Sep. 9th, 2018


Well look who's ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ back. Taking bets on whether the portal knows I've moved out of the family crypt.

Sep. 2nd, 2018


The community college here any good? I know I could have someone fake a B.S. for me (pun intended), but I thought it might be nice to get a degree from somewhere other than Batcave University. You know. Try a different mascot, take classes when the sun's out, get a diploma I can stick on a wall instead of an old, singed costume in a case.

Aug. 15th, 2018


Somehow I'm managing to be both dainty and graceful and what I assume is supposed to be adorably clumsy, but knowledge of the genre tells me I'm getting off easy. Somehow I'm guessing I'm probably not getting back out of town before school starts again though.

What's this I've seen about Toon Town? Anyone investigated yet?

Aug. 13th, 2018



Filter: Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Rogue
Okay, I wasn't sure who exactly to approach with this and since I know you three the best, here we are.

I don't know if it's too late in the year or not, but is there any possible way I can get the music teacher back? Things are probably going to be a little differently taught than before, considering my sight. I just need to do something rather than sit around and do menial things and mooch off of other people who are willing to help me out.

Filter: Matt Murdock
I've been practicing meditation for too long now. What's the next step?

And can you help me get a seeing-eye dog?

Aug. 8th, 2018


Damian Wayne, you had better still be at the mansion when I get back.

None of the rest of you are allowed to go anywhere either.

[ooc: Jason's been away on secret ops since I think the 29th? He'll be home Sunday.]

Aug. 9th, 2018


Who else?

Steven Universe
John Murphy
Johanna Mason
Rick Jones
Wanda Maximoff (616)
Ellie Phimister

Jul. 26th, 2018


[Private to Gwen Stacy (65):]
So how do you feel about babies?

Jul. 11th, 2018



Cut for pic, not IC )

Me at all that's going on in this town right now. I hope. I had help with the picture, so hopefully, it conveys my feelings clearly and doesn't actually say something like "I'm stupid".

Does anyone have experience with service animals?

Jul. 4th, 2018



You know how some of us, or maybe all of us, I don't know, potentially share faces with celebrities? Have you ever wondered what people are thinking if they see us instead of the actual celebrities?

Because I'm pretty sure the sight of two particularly blond celebrities at NYC pride parade last weekend may eventually hit tabloids and TMZ and have people wondering things. Oops. I mean, at least Johnny didn't flame on or something so at least our real identities are safe.

Filter: Johnny Storm
I know it's not your birthday yet or anything, but I thought I'd get you a gift anyway, and it comes in the form of an excited fan boy. I'm not sure if he'll be asking for your autograph like Molly had.

Jul. 3rd, 2018


Network Post: Jake Peralta

OK, so, now portkeys or whatever are real and we're in Texas which definitely was not one of our honeymoon destination options. This is fine. Being in quarantine is totally fine and we definitely aren't freaking out. I'm sure Amy totally accounted for "becoming a TV show" in her disaster scenarios. Cool, cool, cool.

Are we going to meet Walker, Texas Ranger? See the Friday Night Lights? OOO! Is everything actually bigger in Texas? But if everything's bigger, is everything the same amount of embiggened? How would you know unless you had something from outside of Texas for scale? Will I be like King Kong when I go home? Why do people outside keep talking about "shrank wool eyes"? "Tranquil eyes"?

Jun. 29th, 2018


Man - days like today, I really miss New York and my aunt. That's the forest I want popping up around here randomly. Pizza... mutant rats... the lush smell of garbage in the morning. But mostly the pizza.

So, should we like - I dunno, try to meet once a week or something and talk about findings? That sounds like a professional thing to do.

Jun. 28th, 2018


Friendly reminder go give folks a warning if you're going to blow stuff up over the holiday. Just in case.


We doing anything for the fourth?

Jun. 27th, 2018


So I've not been here long, but I'd love a chance to get to meet people face to face.

So I'm going to be grilling in the Park in Council 8 on Sunday afternoon. If anyone wants to stop by for a burger and some age appropriate cold beverages*, maybe play some frisbee, we'll make room for you.

ETA: And juice for Clint Barton.


Filter: Matt Murdock
Do you cook?

Jun. 26th, 2018


Who's hosting the cookout and when?

Jun. 25th, 2018


Hands up who's lost. I think I can give you something a little more reliable than floating lights to follow.

Jun. 14th, 2018


How come you can't just put contractions anywhere? And how do people know what order adjectives go in? And why does English call it pineapple when everyone else says ananas? This is what they should teach us in school.

Jun. 10th, 2018



I'm either going to need some sort of soundproof warding on my apartment, or, like... move before I piss off more neighbors. Who'd be willing to help me? I'll pay even. Cash or food.

And by that, I mean helping with the soundproofing. I am definitely not leaving this apartment in my state.

Filter: Johnny Storm
So how about a trip to NYC Pride in two weeks with your bisexual girlfriend? Not amidst the crowd per se, but I'm sure we can find a rooftop that won't be crowded.

Filter: Matt Murdock
Are we still working on being a better superhero without sight with meditation and stuff like that?


Motherfucker Steve's gone.

Knowing him he'll be back, but no way to know when, or if he'll remember it.

Jun. 3rd, 2018



Dear residents of pecan place. I really hope the walls are soundproof. Otherwise, I'm so sorry for the drum-banging. The portal decided to gift me with those some days ago, and I've been trying to grow accustomed to using them again without sight.

Needless to say, I'm seriously rusty.

May. 31st, 2018



May. 27th, 2018


I figured out the dog thing. I think. Seems like Bruce adopted this mastiff after his owner died and, being the creative guy he is, named him Ace. At least in the comics. Because apparently every dog Bruce has ever owned has to be named Ace.

I'm not going to be that dog owner, so the drooling wonder needs a new name.

Seriously, it's a lot of drool.


Oh, kiss my entire ass, Tumbleweed.

Come and get me so I don't wander into traffic/a bar.

May. 22nd, 2018


Right, so I guess I'm just going to be dealing with this now.

I'm Sara. Where's the best place to get a drink around here?

May. 21st, 2018



Anyone looking for or know someone looking for a car? I have a 2004 Volkswagen, which is not going to be used anymore by me anyway, so I might as well offer it for the best price someone has to offer.

May. 12th, 2018


[Voice to Text]
I can see again! I didn't think I can't believe It's amazing, the colors, the shapes! I want to see everything! All of you, all my friends! I need to go to New York, I want to see Hell's Kitchen, even though it's not my Hell's Kitchen. I want to see mountains and the ocean and I'm watching the sun setting now.

Movies! I'll be able to see movies! And all those television shows people have been talking about!

May. 13th, 2018



May. 12th, 2018



May. 10th, 2018


[Filtered to Sue Storm:]
Where do you want to go to brunch on Sunday?

[Filtered to Gwen Stacy (65):]
Are you free for dinner next week?

Apr. 11th, 2018


Is anyone else a little concerned that the people in town don't seem to have noticed all the changes, or the fact that we were gone for three months?

[Carol Danvers, Jessica Drew, Singularity]
Are you guys settling back in okay?

Apr. 9th, 2018


voice to text

Posted early Monday morning

Where the hell am I? Johnny?

Apr. 5th, 2018



Good news: my brace is off. Can't go around doing jumping jacks or backflips just yet but it's okay. Initially considered throwing it over the side of the boat, but now that it's got people's signatures on it, that decision has been re-thought.

Bad news: Cisco was going to throw me a party once that happened, and he's not here anymore.

Not really feeling the party as much, but I could use some help catching stuff on this island. Murdock, not you if you're going to tell me to get up at five in the morning again.

Apr. 4th, 2018


If I find a spider Pokemon, I'm gonna name it Pete. Or maybe Ben.

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