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Feb. 9th, 2020


I assumed Crookshanks was hiding. He has been adjusting to our new family member. Obviously, at this moment, I would say he’s not just hiding. If anything has happened to him [...]

[ Bill Weasley ]

I have a project I was hoping you would be able to help with.

Jan. 21st, 2020


I've been thinking about spring break. I know it's still a couple months away, but I really want a good spring break away from Tumbleweed. Somewhere I've never been that's really brilliant to see. I've got a TARDIS and a portal that won't let me travel to other worlds or time, so that's limiting.

I thought about Everest, but I'm not sure there's a spot to land her. Then I thought about the Mojave, and that just seemed really cool for a bit, but then it's just sand. Ideally, I'd like to DO something. I'm not really a beach person — at least not the lying on the beach, tanning sort of beaches. British skin. Tends to burn.

What's your favourite place on this planet?

Jan. 13th, 2020


[Voice to Text]
Sometimes a random song pops into your head, and you just have to go with it. Today, mine is Allen Town by Billy Joel.

[Private to Pokemon Center People]
By any chance, do you have pokemon that's up for adoption?

Jan. 7th, 2020


Those of you who have space vehicles of various shapes and sizes, how far have you been able to get and how does it compare to your ship's usual range?

I'm looking into cloaking and recharge options for the new shuttles. Once that's lined up, you wanna go for a ride?

I know you've got plenty on your plate, but when you have time, any chance you could put together cloaking for the shuttles Breq and I received from Santa?

Jan. 5th, 2020


The one thing I can say for the antique shop is that the beginning of a new year brings in new waves of people. I enjoy that it keeps me busy, and I like to see what people think are extra special treasures. Often times I find the research I do on one piece leads me to other interesting facts. I know we are only a few days into the new year, but I’ve been enjoying myself immensely.

Jan. 2nd, 2020


I'm curious to know whose hiring around here? I keep putting it off but I really ought to find work. I'm not sure what's around for someone who spent about a year traveling around time and space meeting aliens.

Maybe I should think about going back to sch-

Dec. 28th, 2019


Who: The Doctors 10 & 13
Where: Outside the Bureau
What: The Doctor picks up him/herself
When: Sunday Afternoon
Rating: Low

She didn't like not having her TARDIS with her )


Right then, might as well say Hello!


I'm The Doctor. Seems I've accidentally found myself here and the people at the Bureau were rather rude when I told them it couldn't be impossible to send me back.

Dec. 26th, 2019


Oh well. At least Father Christmas was polite about not getting me what I asked for.

Dec. 8th, 2019


Can any of the TARDIS' go to other places now?

Dec. 5th, 2019


It is now close to Christmas, so be sure to be careful if you're putting up mistletoe in your homes. The Nargles are harmless, but things will tend to go missing if they make a home in your mistletoe. If you have anything you wish to keep safe, be sure to do so. They seem to like left shoes and little trinkets. In my experience.


Spaceship types! I'm working on a new project for the bureau!

I am going to be attempting to create a universal fuel source to power space faring vessels. To start though, if you have any current fuel samples as well as schematics for your fuel delivery systems that'd be helpful. Even better if you can let me get a look into the actual ship along with the fuel samples!

Dec. 1st, 2019


With Quidditch on hiatus until January, I'm going to open the pitch up on the weekends for community access the first three weekends of the month. I encourage you to come and visit. You can practice free flying, play a pick up match, or we could even try to organize a day of Quodpot if we get enough interested players.

All this being said, the Pitch will be closed for the winter holidays beginning on December 23rd. We will resume operation on January 6th.

And, for the month of December, if any interested party would like to try flying lessons but has been too afraid to up until now, we will have the first lesson be free to interested members.

Don't forget we are still recruiting for the community league and hope to see some bright new faces come January.

And all this being said? I've settled on my choice expedition for this year. RJ and I are going to be heading to Iceland for the New Year. We leave on Boxing Day. I intend to return on the 5th of January.

Nov. 30th, 2019


Would anyone like to go see the lights tonight as a group?

Nov. 29th, 2019


Well... I daresay I'm not terribly fond of being caged, for better or worse. Do very much prefer my own box, thank you very much. Not much of a welcome, is it? About as good as this introduction, hah! Was that rude? Might have been rude to those that fetched me, I do apologise.

Anyway, hello! I'm the Doctor! Can't remember the last time I was in Texas. How's that then? Got loads more research to do before I pop off more questions on here, suppose.

Go on! What's there to do in this town I've not ever heard of in all my travels? And where is my ship now?

Sep. 29th, 2018



Right! I am going to break this so quick. But it understands me, which is quite lovely!

Tonks is me. I'm new! Old? New-old.

Sep. 27th, 2018


Waking up from a dreamless sleep is quite an experience. One I'm not too eager to repeat. Losing six days and not even realising it has put me in that perpetual state of "I know I'm forgetting something." Yes, Clara Oswald, you're missing six days, and you feel like you're constantly behind on everything.

I'm sorry to my students and the staff at the school.

Sep. 24th, 2018


Birthdays here are very odd.

And most days, I wish there were more hours in the day.

Sep. 14th, 2018


If anyone has frightened children for the evening and want to go looking for the missing, I'm willing to sit for you.

I see the list, but there are still several names missing. Would you mind checking in with me?

Sep. 13th, 2018



Since there have been some concerns regarding the dual invite/threat of kidnapping to a ball, I'd like to offer my assistant Janet. Janet is capable of performing quick, non-invasive scans of Tumbleweed for the purposes of accounting for all of the displaced.

In order to get an accurate picture of if anyone has been abducted without notice while they were alone, vulnerable and likely very terrified, please comment here if you plan to flee from town and leave your friends and community behind to fend for themselves.

Thank you.

Sep. 3rd, 2018


Oswin's gone. She's most likely gone back to the Dalek Asylum where she'll sacrifice herself to save the Doctor. As almost all of my splin For those of you who were kind to her, thank you.

Do you want to go get a coffee? I could use getting out of the TARDIS for a bit.

Aug. 19th, 2018


Can't have been lurking about in my TARDIS that long to have missed cartoons among us! Brilliant! A bit. Yes? Suppose I could try my hand at reversing this whole thing instead of tinkering away at my ship, but -- well, I'd have to get access to that portal. What's a good Doctor got to do to make that happen?

filter: Clara Oswald, Baelfire, Marceline, Henry Mills
Hello! Been a spell since we've gone on adventure, hasn't it? Let's remedy that! Haven't got much time from now 'til classes kick off again!

Jul. 11th, 2018


DOCTORS (10 & 12):
A Dalek came through the portal. However, it's completely dormant. We can tell that it has life signs, but beyond that, it's doing absolutely nothing. We've locked it in one of the reinforced rooms, the kind that none of us can get out of, for now.

But we need some kind of long term action on this. Suggestions?
We've got a situation involving a Dalek. Need as many of you with weapons.

Jun. 18th, 2018


( backdated to Sunday night)

filter: Ten's Fam [ Clara Oswald, Baelfire, Marceline, Henry Mills ]
Hello! You've all got time off now, don't you? Hope you do! I've an adventure in mind! Brilliant holiday tomorrow in Taiwan, care to join me for a bit of dragon boat race spectating and Zongzi consumption?? Far preferable than thinking about Father's Day.

Jun. 6th, 2018


Just a little reminder for my students, that I'll have the summer reading lists on Friday. We can go over the rewards for reading the most of the list then, and maybe have a bit of a competition with ourselves.

While we're at it (and this isn't just for students): if you could which author would you like to go back in time and meet? And why?

Jun. 2nd, 2018


Does anyone want to get together next weekend to watch the Tony's?

May. 22nd, 2018


DOCTOR (10):
You know, I'm actually kind of glad that I don't get tired. That week was torture. I'd just be getting into a groove and my body would be like, "Nah, it's time to sleep." I had to drink coffee the whole week just to get through my classes.

Imagine it.
Feeling better?

May. 21st, 2018


I read a flyer that said a carnival's coming to town, and the first thing that came to my mind was a novel by Ray Bradbury.

So, basically if the carnival's run by a man named Mr Dark, who promises to fulfill your secret desires, then stay the hell away.

May. 16th, 2018


I am not sure whose unique skill set I have been instilled with, but I do rather hope I get to keep the metabolism once this matter is resolved. The heightened senses and ability to climb walls seem rather secondary to being able to put back an entire breakfast platter at JJ's without it affecting my figure.

[Doctor (12)]
How would you feel about providing transportation to the Channel Islands on Friday for a teacher and his student? I'll make it worth your while.

May. 14th, 2018


It's strange... being alive again. Having a heartbeat.

How are you coping? The lack of heartbeat took me some time to adjust to. The feeling of it in your chest, the rush of blood through your ears... You don't really think about it until it's gone and then everything just feels ... empty.

I try to fill it with as much talking or music as I can. Something to keep me from thinking about it. I hope that helps.

Apr. 30th, 2018


Hell of a ride to get back to here, wasn't it? Certainly not the last we'll be facing either, I've no doubt. Still, get to tackle that Portal List I've got for this version of Earth! Think I'll pop by the Pyramids again, always a treat! Clara's rather preoccupied with classes, and I -- well, I have got a TARDIS. Who's up for an adventure? Baelfire, at the very least you've got to come along! Might even go to Hawaii instead, as I seem to have misplaced my lei. Can't have that!

Apr. 16th, 2018


Martha Jones was one of those beeps.

Apr. 1st, 2018


I don't suppose anyone on board is qualified to conduct Easter Mass.


I'm looking forward to getting off this ship and picking things back up in Tumbleweed.

Mar. 30th, 2018


Stitch went back to his ohana. But his ohana here is going to miss him.

Mar. 27th, 2018


stitch will sing to cheer people up?


when folks are done being busy, anyone able to take a look at my hearing aids?

silence is getting annoying.

Mar. 16th, 2018


Good thing I've got 6" heels.

Mar. 12th, 2018


DOCTOR (10):
You're coming with River and I. We've both got beans, and we're dragging you and Eyebrows with us. We have no idea where they go, so be prepared for anything.

Feb. 22nd, 2018


Hello! I haven't had a reason to use this network thingie for a while, been too TOO busy. Anything interesting happen while I've been away?

Oh, and I might've misplaced River Song somewhere. Has anybody heard from her recently?

Feb. 11th, 2018


Your Good Person lesson of the day.

Stealing cars is wrong. Apparently there was some confusion on this issue, so I thought I would clarify. Stealing in general is wrong. Please do not steal from other people. It has a negative net effect on the balance of the universe.

Thank you,

Feb. 10th, 2018


Middle Earth huh? This'll be interesting after having met Tolkien.


Oh golly! This is so exciting! I've never been around live humans before and, well, the rest of you crazy kids, too. This is so great, I just know I'm going to learn so much from all of you.

What do you think I should do first? I've been debating between trying a saltine or wearing flip flops. Flip flops! Can you imagine? Me, an eternal celestial being in flip flops? It's going to be so exciting. I just hope this meat suit holds up okay. I'm certain that as long as I keep out of trouble, we won't have to worry about any kind of cosmic reverberation wiping you all out of existence should it become too damaged.

Oh! Oh! Does anyone have any questions for me? You humans (and other beautiful souls) are always so curious! I'm an architect and I design neighborhoods in The Good place. ;) I suppose I could start by clarifying things that are good, versus things that are bad.

Vaguebooking is definitely bad. Please be careful when using this forum to express your feelings. It's certainly not as bad as murder or paying money for music performed by California funk rock band The Red Hot Chili Peppers but all those little negatives add up, you know.

Wow. Really guys. You just seem so great.

My name is Michael, and I can't wait to meet all of you.


Can the boat move just a little faster? I'd like to see Middle Earth now.

Feb. 6th, 2018


Anyone catch what the movie by the pool is playing tonight?

Might head back to bed for a couple of hours, I woke up early and caught the sun rising. To anyone that hasn't done that yet, I highly recommend it. The view was pretty spectacular.

Jan. 28th, 2018


You know what I like about the movies by the pool? It reminds me of the drive in. I mean, obviously you don't drive in, but I never did drive in when I'd go. There was one not far from where I was squatting in California and you could access the sound through a transistor radio. And if you sat on this one hill, you could see the screen. The movies by the pool kind of remind me of that since it's a projector too.

I've never actually gone to the one we had in Tumbleweed. Maybe when we get back I'll do that. Ronan, we should do that. Since [...] you've got a car.

Anyways, is The Curse of the Black Pearl good? I remember when Jack was around but I've not seen his movie. It isn't weird to watch his movie now, is it? Since he isn't here?


I don't have time for this. I have to get back.

I'm needed at my sister's wedding, you cannot just whisk me away.

Send me back. Someone send me back.

Jan. 20th, 2018


ship not bad. like land better. sand castles need building!

Jan. 15th, 2018


My wife is a thief!

Some of you may already know that, but what she she stole from me is un-bearable

Image Under Cut )

Jan. 12th, 2018


I would like to try the climbing wall. Would other Guardians like to try the climbing wall with me? Before the races, because I have not tried yet.

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