February 2020




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Dec. 21st, 2017


Sweet mother of Saint Vladimir, there is a freaking JURA coffee maker sitting on my counter.
I was slightly joking about that when those "letters from Santa" came out but it is HERE and I'm not going to sleep for the next few days, am I?

Also, I have a cat now. She's fluffy, grey, and basically perfect. And also giving me a shoulder massage with her paws. Be jealous.

Dec. 13th, 2017


[ who ] christian ozera + jessica!karen page. open to frank + dinah if they wanna join in.
[ what ] christian being a good vamp bro and bringing not-jessica blood.
[ where ] karen's apartment
[ when ] now
[ rating ] pardon the language
[ status ] closed, in progress.

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Dec. 11th, 2017


Does anybody have ice on their sidewalks and two left feet?
If you want, I can come by and melt it away.

Dec. 3rd, 2017


[ Filtered to Rose ]

Hey, do you want to go get dinner or something?

Nov. 22nd, 2017


Okay, are there any places that are hiring for nightshifts here?
Really wish I had access to my trust funds from home...

Nov. 19th, 2017


It seems to me that I am woefully unprepared when it comes to dealing with Earth customs and norms. Altean garments don't seem to match up to what is usually worn around here, and I can't say I really recognize many of the names of ingredients used for these dishes you prepare for Thanksgiving. (Cooking was, unfortunately, never my area of expertise anyway.) Is there a beginner's manual somewhere for this sort of thing or perhaps someone willing to help?

Nov. 5th, 2017


[Filtered from Al due to killing]
That sucked.

I've never killed anything in my life. I've had the opportunity before, but I couldn't do it then. I guess the difference is I was being attacked and felt I had no choice.



Don't let Al find out.

And Christian? Thank you for your help.


Bonfire night!

WHO: Anyone going to Bonfire Night!
WHEN: Tonight!
WHERE: The Aerie.
WHAT: What starts out as Bonfire Night turns into well, we have Gremlins running around, guys. You do the math.
TRIGGERS: Probably killing gremlins, and it's kind of gross.


Nov. 3rd, 2017


So the good news is, my gang's house is here from the Royal Court. Probably a remnant of Rose and Lissa being here before me.
But then I found the box with that little creature from Gremlins in it and... well... I've seen that movie and I know how much trouble they can be.

I hear there was somebody offering to keep them contained elsewhere?
And apparently now we have some of them on loose in town? I can help with that.


Are there any businesses in town that need a late night prep/line cook?

Oct. 31st, 2017


Well this is just wonderful.

Lissa, Rose, Dimitri? Are you here?
Adrian? Sydney?

Hey, my name's Christian.
What do you all do for blood here?
I typically have donors but I can make do with blood bags.