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Sep. 27th, 2018


Network Post: Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève

Finally, those accursed thorn scrapes and punctures have finished healing. It never takes me so long to heal from something so minor, but it seems the fairy magic behind them also caused them to heal at a slower pace than that to which I am accustomed.

Now that I am free of those marks, I will be resuming assignations at Carpe Noctem. Due to the legal status in this place, I suspect I shouldn't even advertise that, so please contact me privately and not publicly with any interest.

    If anyone should need assistance running errands while they remain cursed or in recovery from their curse, please know that I'd be happy to assist you.

    Lucy, you discussed present-day apparel the other day. I have found a couturier, Miss Jan Van Dyne, who does exceptional work. She is also understanding when someone is accustomed to very different fabrics, shapes, and supports than what is commonly found here. I also noticed that you mentioned music. Will you tell me more about which instruments you play? Perhaps we have some in common.

Sep. 25th, 2018


I need a headcount on who is still cursed and who isn't. Especially you, Fort Neill.

Sep. 23rd, 2018


Would you prefer I reside somewhere else tomorrow evening?

Are you solid yet?


Network Post: Crowley

Hello, boys and girls, and Moose. Name's Crowley. King of Hell. 😈

Get your freaking out or pissing yourselves or impotently threatening me out of your systems while we're not face-to-face. Let's be civil. Have me round for tea or buy me a drink. I promise I won't bite unless I feel like it.

Sep. 17th, 2018


[EPS Faculty]

I was wondering if you could help me understand the rules. My sister is fifteen and I am her legal guardian here. Is she required to go to school? I'm not sure what would be best for her.

Sep. 14th, 2018


Event: Unseelie Court Ball

WHO: The Displaced and a bunch of fairies.
WHEN: From midnight until 6am. Technically early Sunday morning.
WHERE: Another dimension
WHAT: The Unseelie Court invites you to a ball. (Make sure to tag your characters as you add them). Masks arrived shortly after the Abducted were taken the prior night.

Welcome, welcome! )


Does this sort of thing happen a lot? Charlotte, does this mean we're going?

Sep. 12th, 2018


Fuck that portal.

Pyro's been sent back.

Sep. 9th, 2018


Charlotte? The people here said you were here and that I needed a guardian. I'm not sure when 18 became the official age of being an adult.

Sep. 2nd, 2018


Anyone here handy with locks?


This may seem like a strange or even inappropriate question. But how do the different types of relationships in this culture work? Or in the cultures represented here, I suppose, since there are multiple.

There seem to be different rules from the ones I was familiar with in the Radch, is all. And I'm good at making an ass of myself even when I know the rules.

Aug. 23rd, 2018


Vex is gone.

Still open for business.

That's all I got.

Aug. 22nd, 2018


Did you know that on this day in 1776, the British landed in Rhode Island, hoping to capture New York City?


Has everyone been restored? No more living drawings?

[James Rhodes]
Have your machinations ever failed you? What do you do then?

Aug. 14th, 2018


I assume you've looked outside. Is your magic capable of breaking this spell? Mr. Chandler and I would both be appreciative.

ooc )


Someone will pay for

I am not amused.

Aug. 6th, 2018


WHO: Alucard Emery, Rhy Maresh, & anyone who was invited to his party (even if you didn't respond you can still come! Unless you're on the Party Pooper list).
WHAT: Alucard's 24th or 31st birthday, depending on how you look at it
WHEN: Tuesday, August 7, 1 PM - 5 PM
WHERE: Maresh Palace, hosted mainly on a large outdoor balcony.
WARNINGS: There better not be any; Rhy will kick your ass if you mess this up.
NOTE: I'm doing this early because I'm leaving very early in the morning tomorrow and then will be completely AFK. If you have any questions or w/e please direct them to Sil.

This is a rush job so it doesn't have pretty pictures except in links but have a cut anyway )

Aug. 1st, 2018


I would like to invite all of you to a gathering for Alucard's birthday, next Tuesday August 7th, from 1pm to 5pm. There will be lunch provided, as well as wine and cake, and music and good company.

There is no requirement to bring anything except your lovely selves, but if you would like to get him a present and are looking for ideas, feel free to ask me. Again, please don't feel obligated. Your company would be the best gift.

I would like to order a birthday cake from your bakery. I will need it on August 7th, around midday. Do you deliver? Otherwise, I can plan to pick it up. I will, of course, pay you for both the cake and any delivery fee if that is something you offer.

I have a proposition for you. Would either or both of you be willing to do a performance at Alucard's birthday party? He very much enjoys your music. I would be happy to pay you.

» Hello, this is Rhy. I have a proposition for you, if you have a moment.

*OOC: if you have had a good conversation/interaction with Alucard at any point, consider yourself on this list, unless you have made Rhy's list of Party Poopers: Holland, Michael, 12th Doctor/River Song, Jarvis. Don't worry, guys, you'll still probably get invited to the next one he throws for all the Displaced (except Holland, Holland is permanently banned)

Jul. 26th, 2018


Who's up for getting something shitfaced tonight? And who is up for getting laid tonight? Bonus points if you're both. Bonus points if you look like Jason Momoa.

IDK how many people he knew around here, but Doc Holliday's gone. Disappeared. Poof!

Doc's gone.

Jul. 16th, 2018


[FILTER: Carpe Noctem Staff + Phèdre]
Vex and Kenzi,

May I introduce you to my dear new friend and recent tenant, Miss Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève? I believe she has a special skill set you would find most beneficial to your establishment. I will let her speak to her qualifications.

I would also be happy to arrange a meeting in person, whether at the club for your convenience or my home for your comfort.


Jul. 11th, 2018


Greetings, people citize citizens and fellow visitors to this planet Earth. My name is Seivarden Vendaai, and I am from the Provisional Republic of Two Systems.

I've never been to this planet before, and your hospitality is appreciated. My thanks to Steve for the gloves and clothes, and to Michael, for the paperwork and the ride. I look forward to meeting the rest of you. You may have already met my captain and friend, Breq, who arrived here a few days ago.

Jul. 6th, 2018


Do you still have concerns about your tenant?

Not long after I arrived here, there was a magician who offered me lessons in his form of magic. It does not appear to require any innate ability. I told him I would think about it.

In fact I was planning to say no, should he ask again, but [...] if you had an interest in learning it with me, I could be persuaded to change my mind. Are you familiar with Stephen Strange?

Jul. 2nd, 2018


Who: Mr. Chandler & Miss Wells
What: Post full moon discussion
When: Day after the full moon
Where: Their residence
Warnings: Veiled/non-explicit references to sex trafficking
Status: Complete in gdocs

Are you well? )

Jun. 22nd, 2018


[Mr. Ethan Chandler]
Mr. Chandler, I have a rather accomplished magician at the house who provides his services in exchange for rent. Was the room not meeting your personal requirements? I can assure the house is well protected.


Your newest resident has added a great deal of magic to his room, for what purpose I am not yet certain, though it does not appear to be dark or corrupted, and it is not his own magic.

Jun. 17th, 2018


who: Ethan Chandler & Charlotte Wells
when: June 13th & 14th
where: Briefly the Resettlement Bureau, mostly Charlotte Wells' residence
What: Ethan returns to Tumbleweed and in the midst of trying to wrap his mind around things, is pulled into the home of Charlotte Wells for her gathering.
warnings: References to Charlotte's profession but otherwise nah?
status: COMPLETE.

I can’t promise to be polite company, but I will do my best to be memorable. )

Jun. 11th, 2018


WHO: Holland Vosijk and Charlotte Wells
WHAT: Holland takes a room in Mrs. Quigley's house in exchange for agreeing to protect it.
WHEN: Saturday, after Charlotte's intro on the network
WHERE: Mrs. Quigley's home
WARNINGS: it's pretty tame tbh.

... )

Jun. 9th, 2018


I see congratulations are in order for forming your own country. It is a terrible shame that I should arrive here in the New World along with Mrs. Quigley's home, but no Mrs. Quigley to speak of, nor anyone else who previously resided there. It is a fine and most reputable house, visited often by those with of discerning tastes. Now there only vacancies to be filled. Whatever am I to do?

There is still plenty of wine to drink, the vintage most agreeable in my time, though I suspect might be a curiosity in yours. It would be absolutely wicked of me to indulge without offering. Therefore I have no choice but to cordially invite all of you to my home on the Eve of the Thirteenth, which I find appropriate given my circumstances, at [address].

If you are a gambler, I would be most honored to host you at my table.

Please come in your most fashionable. I am curious to see more of what people are wearing these days. I still have much to learn of your world and am grateful for the company.

To new friendships,
Miss Charlotte Wells