February 2020




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Aug. 2nd, 2017


I'm afraid I got lost inside my own head for the past two days with the new art gallery in town. How delightfully exciting that it is also free. I got so lost in this wonderful art that I have fully neglected to tell you that the town now has a fully operational theatre that will be used for all forthcoming theatrical productions brought forth by the school.

I also think it important for students and community members to learn side-by-side. For such a reason, we will continue to open up the theatrical productions to the town at large. I hope you're looking forward to the next.


If I weren't at all learned and (arguably) adaptable, the fact that this town has quite obviously grown in size in an illogical amount of time based on my absence, I would be terribly overwhelmed. I rather look forward to seeing a 'larger' Tumbleweed upon my release. That said, who among you remains that I previously was able to become acquainted with?

Jul. 26th, 2017


Here is one thing about Tumbleweed in this year I never thought I'd say, but here is the truth of it - when the dust storms pass, the stars? They remind me of the stars I could see in France. Not as a girl, but as a woman grown from the window of a certain tower.

In the midst of everything wrong, I choose to see this as one thing that is a comfort, and a thing that is set to the positive, if we're all keeping track.

Jul. 16th, 2017


Please consider joining us at the castle tomorrow for Ellie Summer Theatre's production of "Romeo and Juliet". The wonderful thing about it is we're sure not to sell out of tickets and admission is up to you. We accept donations for the school and the ongoing dramatic arts program at the door. Please consider coming out to support us. We'd all appreciate it very much as I'd like to continue on as the drama teacher here in Tumbleweed!

I know you're exhausted and probably have had it up to your eye teeth with Shakespeare, but I just want to tell you that I think you're really very amazing. You've poured your heart into this creative pursuit and it's about to pay off.

At the very least, there will be a wicked party for Strike night. Please consider filling out an evaluation that I will email to you as soon as the show is over to help me understand how we can do things better in the coming school year. I hope to see you all in class, of course, too.

I'm so nervous I think I want to vomit.

Jun. 23rd, 2017


I'm very excited about the summer theatre's production of Romeo and Juliet. If anyone is interested in participating, we could still use help.

I'm really proud of the progress you're making in preparing for the play. By this rate, we'll be ready in July. In the meantime, I will continue to read for Romeo until such a time as a replacement can be found.

If any of you are interested, please come forward. I would be happy to discuss it with you.

And without our set painter, if no one is interested in continuing to paint, what do you say to making the stage progressive? There are plenty of spaces across the castle which would be appropriate for Verona.


I've been asked to organise a sports camp for the kids over the summer and I wanted to check in with you about scheduling. Are there particular days or times that rehearsals aren't on so I can avoid conflicts?

Jun. 9th, 2017


Forgive my tardiness! The Ellie Summer Theatre cast list for the production of "Romeo and Juliet" has been posted -- here.

Crew work and practise for actors begin immediately. I'm so terribly excited to work with you all. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

May. 23rd, 2017


Since being named the drama instructor at the Ellie Phimister School, life has been quite busy! And with a good will, I set my shoulder to bringing good theatre to our young ones here in Tumbleweed. But the truth is, we've really only got the active interest for a early 20th century style production - "Krapp's Last Tape", if you will.

That isn't necessarily what I'd call a play meant to christen a theatre. As such, I have obtained approval to open up the Ellie Phimister School summer production to the community. We will be putting on "Romeo & Juliet" right here, in the castle. There is a perfectly serviceable ballroom which will make for a very nice theatre in the round.

Not only will we need to cast the play but we'll need help with arranging lighting and set design. Please do consider joining. I think that storytelling has a wonderful way of bringing us all together.

I shall post a try-out schedule quite soon, but if you're like me, I'm sure you want to begin preparing your monologues.