February 2020




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Feb. 14th, 2020


With everything happening in town, and the recent departures, we've decided to forgo a party for Helena's birthday. We made this decision not long after my Uncle Percy left but hadn't discussed it publicly.

All of that being said, if anyone would like to join us tomorrow at Rapax Races, I can promise that there will be cake and go-karts. Helena has seemed to have a nice birthday this evening but I do hope that wherever my Aunt Luna is now, she enjoyed whichever birthday milestone she reached yesterday in good company and with plenty of joy.

Feb. 2nd, 2020


Sunday, Feb 2, 1PM

Filter: Weasleys+
I hate that this is a statement that seems to be getting repetitive as days go by, but if any of you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out here at the Burrow. Whether its to talk or be distracted by a one-year-old.

For the time being, I've decided to postpone my trip to Kent.

Jan. 28th, 2020


Tuesday, Jan 28, 7:10PM

Filter: The Family
I wanted to let you all know that this year, for my birthday, I was hoping to take a visit to Kent. Ginny will be coming with me. I know Ottery St. Catchpole isn't in the area here, but I figured it was time for a visit in the UK here. It's a good way to use the money given by the portal!

I will not say no to anyone who wants to join, of course. I will most likely be gone from 4 February and will be back 10 February.

Jan. 25th, 2020


I have begun to notice that when Rosie is quiet that it’s too quiet. It is never good when the noises suddenly stop. How do people get anything done?? This is exhausting.

Jan. 14th, 2020




So, Hermione and I are having a baby. And oh, guess what? She's here, and she's three. Say hi to Rose Weasley. Weasley-Granger? Granger-Weasley? Something of the Weasley and/or Granger variety.

Gifts, well-wishes, babysitting commitments, and a clue as to what the hell we're doing accepted.

Dec. 12th, 2019


Thursday, Dec 12, 10:33PM

I sat around with this letter to Santa for a while, wondering what in the world I could possibly ask for. I know the portal has rarely ever gifted a human being from another universe into the world, so I didn't dare want to get my hopes up.

In the previous days though, we have seem to caught a bug in the cozy house we all know as The Burrow. I think I'll certainly be asking if any medicinal potions can come through. What I wouldn't give for a bottle of Pepper-Up Potions.

Does anyone in the area seem to have anything similar to it at least?

Filter: Charlie Weasley
I wish I had some better news for you today, but I still wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Anything I can do for you in the upcoming days?

Dec. 10th, 2019


It seems that despite my best efforts to stay as healthy as possible a cold has managed to sneak in uninvited. It is most inconvenient at this time. There's far too much to do to worry about being sick. I simply don't have time for this.

Dec. 2nd, 2019


[Weasley crew]
Fred and I are going to host Christmas over at our place this year. I'm not sure if you guys want Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas brunch/lunch/dinner. So let us know and we'll make it work.

Dec. 1st, 2019


With Quidditch on hiatus until January, I'm going to open the pitch up on the weekends for community access the first three weekends of the month. I encourage you to come and visit. You can practice free flying, play a pick up match, or we could even try to organize a day of Quodpot if we get enough interested players.

All this being said, the Pitch will be closed for the winter holidays beginning on December 23rd. We will resume operation on January 6th.

And, for the month of December, if any interested party would like to try flying lessons but has been too afraid to up until now, we will have the first lesson be free to interested members.

Don't forget we are still recruiting for the community league and hope to see some bright new faces come January.

And all this being said? I've settled on my choice expedition for this year. RJ and I are going to be heading to Iceland for the New Year. We leave on Boxing Day. I intend to return on the 5th of January.

Nov. 20th, 2019


Wednesday, Nov 20, 9AM

I should have known this wouldn't

Filter: Friends and Fam
If anyone needs me, I'll be taking the next few days from work off and will be at the Burrow with Ginny. You are allowed to drop by any time, of course. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you at all.

Nov. 18th, 2019


Attention ladies of Tumbleweed!

I'd like to introduce three of my darling sons for your eyes

cut for images )

And it should go without saying, of course, they're all delightfully single!

I don't know if this is generally what we use the network for, but if not, why not!

Sep. 28th, 2018


Filter: Weasleys, Honorary Weasleys, friends, etc.
I have bought a small piece of land not far from the Burrow for any mechanic work I was advertising. I figured, in order to remain safe, my business, especially if it reaches out to those of us who are native to this world, ought to be in another place.

It isn't too much. Just a very small plot, enough for a garage. I was wondering if any of you would like to assist me into getting something built and running. While it is possible for me to do this all on my own, I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to do something together with those I consider my family!

Sep. 18th, 2018


Apparently, I am no longer decaying. The freezer was suddenly far too cold for me, and after getting a clean bill of health, I am out of here.

Still not quite as bad as recovering from being shot in the head.

Sep. 15th, 2018


1. Maya Lopez
2. Leia Organa
3. Julia Wicker
4. Ben Reilly
5. Gabrielle Delacour
6. Anakin Skywalker
7. Kell Maresh
8. Ronan Lynch
9. Zelda
10. Hermione Granger
11. Illya Kurykin
12. Nadia van Dyne
13. Penny Clearwater
14. Cable
(Potentially Henry Fitzroy)

I take it we are going to the ball, then.

Sep. 9th, 2018


It is not yet my birthday, but I awoke to a little trinket that seems may be the start of advertising for a personal business.

cut for pic )

Jo, my dear, it is wonderful and I appreciate it. I hadn't thought of a name, per se, but "Weasley's Car Repair" sounds like a good place to start!

Sep. 8th, 2018


post-game message

Thanks to everyone who came out and watched us play today.

[Team Vipertooths]
The old man is pretty okay, I guess. But next week we're winning. Got it? Also we're playing the Astromantulas so we should probably watch them play tomorrow and see how good they are.

Sep. 6th, 2018


Town has gone completely bonkers again. No one seems to think that the Paraguay happened. I tried to mention it at one of my meetings today, and they corrected me. "You mean the chemical spill?"

This is exhausting.

Sep. 3rd, 2018


I'm considering adding a Quidditch strategy class to the Pit schedule. Would any of you Quidditch-minded folk be interested in that? If so, what time would be good for you to attend it?

It would be mainly a course taught in a classroom, though we could get up on brooms and demonstrate sometimes.

Unfortunately, thanks to the portal, your teammate Fleur Weasley has gone home. I'm afraid this is going to be the nature of these teams, with people coming and going.

Thankfully, we have some alternates who can fill in. Please welcome Arthur Weasley as your new Chaser!

*Rhy Maresh, Bonnie Bennett, Ronan Lynch, Marceline Abadeer, Alucard Emery, Charlie Weasley

Aug. 9th, 2018


Filter: Family including honorary/extended
I am very sorry for those who have lost people in this round of beeps. I know there are no words to say that'll make it better, and no telling who would leave tomorrow. But, I would like for us to spend as much time as possible together and I was wondering if, perhaps, this weekend, looking more at Sunday evening, you all may join me at the Burrow for a relatively early dinner?

I know we have birthdays in the family coming up, and so I believed Sunday is a good time for us to have dinner in case you have other plans for those birthdays. If you'd have me there, I would still love to celebrate with you. If you cannot make it Sunday, no hard feelings. I am always here regardless, if any of you want to pay your old man a visit.

Filter: Rocket Raccoon
Would you like to do something to celebrate tomorrow?

Filter: Bill Weasley
Please let me know if you have plans for Fleur already and if there is any way I can help.

Aug. 8th, 2018


Our daughter, Roxanne, has been returned to

I was just about to post the news that Roxanne had been returned to her time, when I was contacted by the good people at the Resettlement Bureau and informed that she had arrived via the portal. Apparently, when the future version of our daughter disappeared, the present one returned. I cannot pretend to understand how that works. I don't think even Professor Dumbledore could make sense of this space magic.

George Weasley
I guess we're even now when it comes to children disappearing on our watch. Meet us at the Bureau?

Jul. 18th, 2018


Filter: Weasleys, including extended and honorary
I would very much appreciate you all checking in. Unfortunately, Ginny is no longer with us in this world, and I'd like to know if anyone else is missing too.

Jul. 9th, 2018


ooc: today, Arthur has an ass that don't quit, thanks to Michael. Do what you will with that info!

Good news for this Monday. The Oldsmobile Coup I had been working on is finally up and running! Needed a few magical tweaks to it to make sure it was efficient enough to run a while, but it's all set. I've already driven it into the main part of this town and it seems that it's caught everyone's eye; saw many staring when I got out!

I will be glad to take any of my nearest and dearest for a ride if any of them so wish!


Network Post: Jake Peralta

Good news, everyone, my EMERGENCY DONUT has been found!!!

It's an EMERGENCY donut because you break the seal only in case of emergency. And it's vacuum sealed to preserve freshness because my best friend told me being in "air" makes things "stale" and we paid WAY too much for this to let it go stale.

So, since I'm now a happily married man and that means going splitsies on absolutely everything with my smokin' hot wife: Amy, will you do me the honor of sharing this donut with me?

Jul. 3rd, 2018


[Private to Family and Friends]
You ought to know that Zelda and I are no longer dating. However, the breakup went very amiably, and we remain friends.

Jul. 2nd, 2018


So it's hot as bluebell flames here, isn't it? From what I've heard, it gets even worse in August.

LUCKILY, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes has you covered. From our backroom magical line, we'd like to introduce WEASLEYS' WEARABLE WEATHER--a fashionable thermochromic ring that detects the outside temperature and creates a magical microclimate around the wearer too keep them cool as a cucumber.

Available at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes for the low price of 23.37! Custom designs available upon request!

[Filtered to George, Ron, Ginny, Angie & Kady]
So. Now that they've got no excuse to be inside on Wednesday...

Let's talk explosive stock.

Jul. 1st, 2018


Merlin's balls, Texas? If I had to be transported against my will somewhere did have to be someplace so bloody hot? Or could it have least waited until after I found out if I made the Hollyhead Harpies or not? Or preferably, couldn't it have just not happened at all?

Anyway, I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Ginny Weasley, and this is probably one of the most bizarre things to happen to me.

Jun. 26th, 2018


Those bloody Cornish Pixies took my glasses! Well, they didn't look like the Pixies of my world, but they certainly behaved like them. At least, what I got to see of them before they nicked my glasses! I hoped that they'd show up once the madness was over, but in the morning they were still gone. I had to take time off from work yesterday to go to the optometrist. What a bother! I'm practically blind without them.

On the plus side, I ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Jun. 11th, 2018


The kids turn seven on Wednesday so we are going to have a little party on Saturday. Come over. We'll have cake.

Jun. 5th, 2018


Aunt Petunia? They said you were here.

Jun. 4th, 2018


[attached here is a picture of this car]

I was looking for a Ford since I had read that it was one of the best, but I suppose the make of your Muggle vehicles matters little compared to the work behind it. But, I have gotten my hands on one at last, and I plan on doing some work on it.

Sidenote, I must say I may never get used to the fact that your old-fashioned method of taking photographs are completely static, but the Muggle way of getting around that is absolutely brilliant!

May. 25th, 2018


Filter: Weasleys (includes extended and adopted)
Should you need anyone to watch your kids during the ball, I don't plan on going, so you can drop them off at the Burrow and I'll make sure they're well taken care of. It has been quite a few since I've played grandpa anyway.

May. 17th, 2018


I do suppose it ought to be helpful to put this out there: if you are having trouble with your newfound magical powers from my world, I am always willing to help out! Particularly with any mishaps that you may find trouble reversing. Though most of the time, things I have come across during my line of work involved deliberate actions for the sake of terrorizing Muggles. To which I must say, I'm sure that's frowned upon to do that to the citizens of this town.

Apr. 12th, 2018


[Burrow Inhabitants]
Shell Cottage is here and I've kind of been staying here because going back felt like a lot, but I'm ready to stay on my own now.

[His Charlie Weasley]
Operation move back into my empty house is a go. It was one thing when we were living with just us kids, but I don't really think I can live with our parents again. Not that I have a problem with them, but you know. I need to be on my own.

How are the kids doing?

Apr. 10th, 2018


So, this is the infamous Tumbleweed! I can't say it head been what I expected, but that could be because I never traveled to the states before. Tell me, is there a place here that one may be able to obtain an automobile or car for free of charge or a small fee? It doesn't necessarily have to be functional, see.

I don't supposed there's some form of Ministry of Magic, here, is there?

Apr. 8th, 2018


Monday Morning

[ Filtered to Friends and Family ]
So, uh, looks like you can send your owls to me c/o Hermione Granger. I woke up in her flat this morning, only it looks like our flat from back home, filled with all my stuff. Surprise!

So, I guess that means I've moved out of the Burrow? Unless she kicks me out. Merlin, you're not kicking me out, are you Hermione?

Apr. 5th, 2018


I do not need, nor do I want another rat or rat-like pet, thank you.

[Private to Friends and Family of Fred & George Weasely]
Because of the pirate attack, we really didn't get to celebrate Fred & George's birthday. It might be nice to do something for them while we're here?

Mar. 28th, 2018


I got a sling and some very nice painkillers.


I'm sorry. I'm terribly sorry.

Mar. 19th, 2018


I'm putting this out there. The very first Saturday after we're back in Tumbleweed? Whether that be next week or three months from now?

I'm going to destroy Emmeline Vance at skeeball.

You can come watch if you want. We'll be at Pizza Planet.

I want to have a project in mind for when we get home. What do you think? Maybe a headboard? One of those bread cabinets? A shoe rack?

Mar. 18th, 2018


It's come to my attention that I haven't done a good job of meeting all the scientists around here. I mean, there's at least one I haven't talked to - one named Ray? - but I bet there are even more. Who wants to get together and talk science and tech sometime?? Bounce ideas off each other?? Figure out how some stuff around here works??

SHIRO & PIDGE (separately)
Did you guys have fun last night? The ball was pretty great, right?

You guys are really cute, just so you know.

TONY STARK (904913)
Even without being interrupted by aliens or robots, I had a really good time last night.

Mar. 16th, 2018


WHO: All of Displaced
WHEN: Saturday, March 17th, starting at 7pm and going well into the night.
WHERE: Explorer Lounge, Atrium, the casino across the lounge, wherever the party spills over to
WHAT: Spring Ball 2018, hosted by Princesses Allura and Zelda
WARNINGS: Maybe, maybe not?

She turned to the sunlight, and shook her yellow head, And whispered to her neighbor: “Winter is dead.” )
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Merlin, I think I saved myself the worry of finding something Muggle to wear to one of your formal parties. It's a bit strange but I suppose it's just not something I'm used to. I mean no offense from it.

[attached: Arthur's pic in this bathrobe]

Molly, it even matches perfectly with your dress! Those staff members think of everything!

Mar. 15th, 2018


I haven't heard a ball that I had gotten a specific invitation to since the Yule Ball! Pretty sure I also missed that one too because I was far too young to attend. And all the others were held by Purists that preferred we not attend. Didn't miss much there.

But, I will always promote a chance to mingle with people of other cultures and worlds! There's so much to learn, after all. I'd love to ask someone what they know about the inner workings of this ship! And dance with my wife, of course.

Mar. 10th, 2018


Filter: Weasleys and extended family
It's taken me some time to wrap my head around what happens in our future and what becomes of our world. I must say that a lot of what I've heard makes me proud to be your father or father-in-law. And also grandfather.

The rest of it... I'm sorry. It is my job as a parent to protect you from the dangers of the world, and for some of you, I failed. I know you were considered adults for most of what had happened, but that doesn't change my role in this family.

Mar. 1st, 2018


It pleases me greatly with the number of family and family friends that keep popping up around here. As soon as we're all back in Tumbleweed, I plan to have a proper family and friends dinner. Not being able to use the kitchens is quite inconvenient

Today is also doubly special, as it's both Ronald's and Tonk's birthdays. Happy birthday, both of you.

Feb. 28th, 2018


I don't think there's a curse in all of the Dark Arts potent enough for me to have my full vengeance against whoever is responsible for the misery I endured in the wee hours of this morning.

Roxanne, tell me some of your healing supplies made it through the portal with you, because I think it's possible I still might die.

Feb. 22nd, 2018


(001) Severus Snape

I suppose it is too much to ask that there is a non-headache inducing explanation to all this.

Feb. 21st, 2018


Blimey! We're really on a cruiseship, are we? This is absolutely brilliant. Is there anyone around here who is an expert on the inner workings of one? The only one I've ever read about was the Titanic and that had a particular tragic ending.

And these devices? Bloody brilliant. You don't even need a Dictaquill or a wand!

Forgive my lack of manners. I should probably have first introduced myself on this. My name is Arthur Weasley. I come from London, but I have been told that London is not anywhere near here.