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Sep. 26th, 2018


So I know there are people here who work with the police department.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Detective Clive Babineaux, homicide with the Seattle PD thinking about throwing my hat in here. But that done, I have a few questions now that I'm not a shambling corpse.


Filtered to Jake Peralta, but cut for picture )

Sep. 24th, 2018


Is everyone back to normal yet? I'm looking for a bird who happens to be a colleague of mine. I'll be damned if I landed in this place and something happened to her and I couldn't even help her.

Sep. 20th, 2018


I thought you might want to know that the sheriff's department got a call that a "shooting star" landed outside of Tumbleweed. We were dispatched to make sure that no one was injured, but when we got there, military was already on-site.

Sep. 19th, 2018


What is this process? I am getting incredibly tired of being myself in the mornings only to transform back into a cat at night. There is far too much white hair in the control room! I don't even shed that much hair as an Altean! And I have an incredibly limited time to actually be able to read and do my homework in the evenings.

Sep. 17th, 2018


I'm of a mind to dine on fairies tonight.

Sep. 16th, 2018


all voice to text.


Sep. 12th, 2018


THE 99:
Your secrets upended?

If you have any secrets, you should probably spill them now so we don't end up telling them in some worse way.

Also, these faeries aren't very mysterious. They're telling us they're going to take people and then how to get them back. Whatever happened to a good mystery?

Sep. 8th, 2018


Who the hell buys the entire stock of carrot cake from the nearest bakery?!

Sep. 5th, 2018


Master, I swear to you it isn't me in Paraguay. I'm just wrapping up matters in Bucharest. Quietly.

Sep. 2nd, 2018


Network Post: Anakin Skywalker

I was looking over the businesses in this town because of a certain shop and I'm confused by another one. Why does a place called "Capes & Collectibles" have nothing to do with actual capes?

And am I right that in this world, you shouldn't go to the police station to "answer a few questions" without legal representation present? Because I declined to go.

Aug. 29th, 2018


does anyone really need all this crap they're selling for kids going to school?? not trying to make a social commentary or nothing, just wondering if i gotta buy groot 10 different size notebooks or whatever

Aug. 28th, 2018


Someone broke into Darth Vaper last night. Smashed the sign outside. Anyone know anyone who might have a thing against Darth Vader puns?

Aug. 23rd, 2018


Network Post: Jake Peralta

No no no no

TELL ME yesterday didn't really happen and I'm hungover for a HAPPY reason and it was some post-toon fever dream or some kinda Ghost of Hanukkah Future thing? Is this because I screamed at the sky that I didn't get to keep the whole cartoon angel/devil-on-shoulders? AM I BEING PUNISHED?!


Aug. 17th, 2018


Network Post: toon!Jake Peralta

I need MORE THINGS to try cuz this is the BEST! I've been painting tunnels, I'm pulling all kinds of things out of endless pockets, I'm making Zs when I sleep, I'm going all huge mouth on my foods, I'm making Amy make that face she makes... SOMEONE thinks I shouldn't test gravity. SOMEONE is getting all the smooches, heart-eyes, and AWOOOGAs I can make.

[OOC: sorry for no illustrated visual aid, but look at his face! Jake is already a toon!]

Aug. 15th, 2018


Considering I'm like two inches tall, Santiago, I'm going to need you to take care of a few things for me.

What kind of world did we fall in? I'm too small for my axe even.

Aug. 12th, 2018


Hey Portal, if you want to kidnap quality people - Matt Donovan. Tall, blond, ridiculously nice to a fault. I'd also like Glenn back, thanks, so if you'd stop being an asshole about that, that would be gre- ETA: Dominique Weasley too, asshole.

And Murder Truck Tacos will be parked up by Carpe Noctem this evening. Bring your drunken asses over and give me money when you're done clubbing, thanks.

Aug. 8th, 2018


I realized that I have not introduced myself, even though I've popped around to various posts. I'm Sergeant Amy Santiago, formerly of the NYPD and currently of the Tumbleweed Sheriff's Department. I arrived almost a month ago and would like to say that I am completely settled here, but that would be a lie. I'm not very good at lying, as Jake can attest, so it better not to ask me questions that you may not want to know my answer to.

I like stationery stores (of which there are none here), TED talks, documentaries, puzzles, and learning new things. I am a Type A personality, which means that I will most definitely get on your nerves so stuff it before I stuff you.

If you see my husband around, I recommend giving him attention, otherwise he will fight harder for it.

Why are there no good stationery or pen stores here?

Jul. 27th, 2018


So that's what those memory dumps feel like.

I can say without fail, I'm not a fan.

Jul. 14th, 2018


Sent to the Resettlement Bureau for Captain Steve Rogers (MCU) )

Jul. 15th, 2018


Well, I'm glad I set part of that harvest aside before market, because I've been completely cleaned out. Time to adjust the projections in my bullet journal.

Is anyone interested in doing something for Crash Day?

Jul. 12th, 2018


Hello Everyone. Some of you may know me, my name is Steve Rogers and I'd like to ask for your assistance.

We're all a long way from home. Some of us have been here for some time and others are still coming in. It may not be the community we asked for, but we're all we've got. The fine folks at the Fort Neil Resettlement Bureau need your help to keep our community safe.

Each person that comes in is welcomed at FNRB. Each threat that comes through? That's assessed and dealt with by the FNRB, too. But we're understaffed. We need more guards, more staff. The pay is pretty great and so are the benefits.

Some of you have special powers or abilities. That's great. Many of you don't. We need you, too. With enough people, we can also provide time for additional training and have plenty to cover for time off. If you care about your new found community and want a way to help out, please consider signing up at FNRB.

Thank you

Jul. 11th, 2018


I would like to thank those who made fake references and papers for me. Getting a job likely would have been quite a bit more challenging than it was without your assistance. The insurance is already making me wish I had chosen another profession. Unfortunately I don't have the patience for anything else.

I was also wondering if anyone might know where to get affordable art supplies. I just need some simple charcoal pencils and paper.


Alright. I'm out. What law enforcement jobs are options here?

Jul. 9th, 2018


Unbelievable. I forgot for a moment why it had been so long since I had worked at a general hospital, but the setting is a fair it soothing if less... clean than SHIELD facilities. We have the clinical pathology lab to one wing of the hospital that is relatively calmer than the rest.

However, how hard is it for some employees to follow protocol! There is a certain amount of material we need to be tested, and no, it cannot be done in a matter of seconds, no matter how long you decide to wait and stand there, and yes, you most certainly do need to label the specimens with the patient's labels!

I do want to give them the benefit of the doubt, however, since it is July and it is the month of new medical residents, but oh, how I miss being on the Bus with Fitz and just creating new forensic scanning equipment.


Network Post: Jake Peralta

Good news, everyone, my EMERGENCY DONUT has been found!!!

It's an EMERGENCY donut because you break the seal only in case of emergency. And it's vacuum sealed to preserve freshness because my best friend told me being in "air" makes things "stale" and we paid WAY too much for this to let it go stale.

So, since I'm now a happily married man and that means going splitsies on absolutely everything with my smokin' hot wife: Amy, will you do me the honor of sharing this donut with me?

Jul. 8th, 2018


Send me back. I don't even have my axe here.

Jul. 3rd, 2018


Network Post: Jake Peralta

OK, so, now portkeys or whatever are real and we're in Texas which definitely was not one of our honeymoon destination options. This is fine. Being in quarantine is totally fine and we definitely aren't freaking out. I'm sure Amy totally accounted for "becoming a TV show" in her disaster scenarios. Cool, cool, cool.

Are we going to meet Walker, Texas Ranger? See the Friday Night Lights? OOO! Is everything actually bigger in Texas? But if everything's bigger, is everything the same amount of embiggened? How would you know unless you had something from outside of Texas for scale? Will I be like King Kong when I go home? Why do people outside keep talking about "shrank wool eyes"? "Tranquil eyes"?