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Feb. 4th, 2018


Fred Weasley

Alright wiseguy, next time let's try it without the needle.

[TW: discussion of death in comments]



We're going to race on the jogging track in ... 15 minutes.

Winner gets bragging rights.

Jan. 26th, 2018



I’m [...] so I hope my left handed wandwork is not as atrocious as my lefthanded handwriting. Ha. This is not what I was expecting today.

Jan. 21st, 2018


Exploring Atlantis has been quite the experience, but I'm ready to wind down the night properly. So who else is in the mood for strip poker?

Jan. 16th, 2018


Well, it's certainly been something, but I can't help but wonder where we'll stop first. The culinary classes have been nice, however. I'm not sure how I feel about the swimming suits, but It's good to try to make new things to distract yourself from the possible inevitability of dangerous things happening.

Jan. 9th, 2018


A lip sync battle? YES.

[LEIA (canon)]

Hi. I'm sorry I broke the chair. It's as good as new now.

Jan. 6th, 2018


Stating the obvious aside: we've made another jump. Some of you remember (and would like to forget) the Prettiest Star space cruise ship. This one is on water this time. From what I can tell, it's a luxury cruise ship. Most of what I've seen seems familiar to cruise ships on Earth, but who knows so make sure you're careful until we know exactly what we're dealing with.

Check in on this post and see if your friends are here.
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Jan. 3rd, 2018


Got me a job here in town at the police department. Told them I could get around just as well as anybody else on the force, but they stuck me behind a desk. Call it a 'disability'. Hell, I used to go toe to toe with Dark Wizards back home without my leg, these Muggle criminals in Tumbleweed ain't nothing. Got to wear an eye patch so I don't freak out the locals, which don't make any difference to me. Wonder what they'd think about my so-called disability if they knew I could see through walls? Shit, I'd be the best damn surveillance office in Texas, if not the world.

Jan. 1st, 2018


WHO: Eliot Waugh & Alastor Moody
WHERE: The Physical Cottage
WHEN: The Morning of December 12th, the day after this
WHAT: Eliot and Moody meet, drink, and discuss magic.
RATING: Language? It's honestly fairly tame.
STATUS: log; completed

Pour me one too, while you’re at it. )

Dec. 20th, 2017


[Private to Tonks]
You got a place where I can stay for the night?


I never thought I'd miss the selection of men at Brakebills. Who's hot and who puts out?

Dec. 19th, 2017


If you're expecting me to buy you a present, you're going to be disappointed. Never been good at picking shit out for other people, and I ain't going to start trying. Unless you want laundry detergent or air fresheners in your stockings. Before anybody starts accusing me of having a crappy holiday attitude, don't bother because I don't care.

Of course, where I'm from the Christmases isn't as festive as they are here. Dumbledore tried, reckoned it would boost morale, and it was easy enough to cut down a tree and decorate it with ornaments that were already in storage. But rationing made it so Hogwarts feasts weren't nowhere as opulent as before, and with each passing year it got tighter. If you got a present, it was usually food or something home made. The school had become a refugee camp, so it was hard to get into the spirit when you'd been driven out of your home and / or the faces of your loved ones were gnawed off by zombies. Times like that is when you really appreciate what you have, along with those people around you. Too bad there ain't a way to send stuff to those that are still there.

Dec. 17th, 2017


(023) Kylo Ren

The black sheets were a bad idea.

[Filter: Petunia]
Thank you for your help with Lupin's present.

[Filter: Anakin Skywalker]
How badly did she yell at you after she stopped talking to you publicly? I think I left our last conversation rather abruptly, but ... it did help. I think.

Dec. 9th, 2017


Well, I'll be damned.

Tell me there ain't any inferi hordes to fight in this world, and that's good enough for me.