June 2020



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March 8th, 2020

[info]diegohargreeves in [info]thedisplaced

backdated: Ava & Diego

WHO: Ava and Diego
WHEN: March 1st
WHERE: The back room of Tano Gym
WHAT: Awkward conversation, awkward unsent texts, and an awkward kiss or two
WARNINGS: Brief references to death, isolation, and the apocalypse as usual.

Don't go ghosting me, Ghost. )

[info]disequilibrium in [info]thedisplaced

Hey I

[Dr. Jane Foster]
Romanoff said that y

I can't

Did you ever find any cake?

[info]tylerose in [info]thedisplaced

Out of curiosity, what's the housing situation like once we're back in Tumbleweed if someone you're staying with leaves?

I missed out on the space unicorn, but it looks like there's plenty to do here.

[info]numberfive in [info]thedisplaced

[Photo attachment of Delores, wearing this 20s style flapper dress from last year's cruise]

Has anyone seen this woman? She does not have a tablet of her own. She's rather introverted, so she would not speak to you if she is your roommate, but I promise she is very kind. I have been unable to find her on my own and I am suspecting she may have been left back in Tumbleweed.

Which, if is the case, may be preferable. She was in the middle of reading Villette and I imagine she wouldn't want to be left in suspense for how it ends. But I'd like confirmation on whether she is in our company.

If you see her, please let me know.

Thank you.

[info]slymshady in [info]thedisplaced

A quick announcement about the EPS.

We will not be physically meeting for classes M-F. Instead, assignments and digital lectures will be given remotely and turned in via your tablet or in some cases, in person. Teachers will be available by appointment or MWF between 9 am and noon in Carbon Space, the library.

If work completion or performance becomes an issue, we will go back daily classes.

[info]phosphoromancy in [info]thedisplaced

WHO: Alice & Penny 23
WHEN: 14 February, Evening
WHERE: Miami Beach.
SUMMARY: A date and some discussion of what it is they're doing anyway.
WARNINGS: Fluffy nonsense and lots of awkward rambling (mainly from Alice)

Really the first thing he’d thought was ‘should I do something with Alice?’ And it had all spiraled out from there. )

[info]highkingeliot in [info]thedisplaced

WHO: Eliot Waugh & Margo Hanson
WHEN: The very early AM hours of February 18th, after this
WHERE: Castle Whitespire
WHAT: After an evening of distractions, in the wake of Petunia's disappearance, Eliot and Margo talk about heavy shit.
TRIGGERS: References to alcohol and substance abuse, discussions of mortality, general spoilers for everything Star Wars, The Magicians or Harry Potter.

I wish I didn't know the ending of so many books. )

[info]extrooper in [info]thedisplaced

Do other people have bears in their rooms?

[info]zombiemode in [info]thedisplaced

Hi, I'm Dr. Liv Moore. I know, laugh it up, but I've seen that some of your are new here and didn't get to meet me or Dr. Frankenstein from the Bureau. We work at the Bureau, giving vaccinations and making sure that the Displaced are healthy. We have an off-site campus that Dr. Hank McCoy runs for those who aren't comfortable with the Bureau's anti-power wards.

I wanted to make a note that I know there were robot doctors and holograms and other things, but if you feel like you want to see a normalISH human doctor, I'm here. I'm sure the others would agree with me, but I'll let them pipe up here.

Anyway, who is up for some karaoke?

[info]punchthesky in [info]thedisplaced

Don't mind me. I'm going to be spending the next week in Skylight Park, watching the stars. And thinking about Rhodey