February 2020



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February 9th, 2020

[info]andrieski in [info]thedisplaced

Since there's more than enough new blood around here...

My name is Marina Andrieski. I own the club Carpe Noctem. We don't do free drinks, but the atmosphere more than makes up for it. Now, I'm looking for people to work for me. Bartenders, waiters/waitresses, and bouncers. We're open Wednesday-Sunday from 9:30pm-2am. If you're closing or opening, the hours might vary a little.

I'm not going to sit here and hold your hand, but I have staff to train you on what to do and what the drill is. Please note that if you're not comfortable with BDSM, you might want to check somewhere else. If you're interested, you can comment here. Public or private. Whatever's more your speed. If you're not interested in work, but interested in what we have to offer, feel free to stop by the club. Mind the forest and the unusual creatures.

[Tony Stark (MCU)]
Not now, but later, I have a job for you. For now, I have to go check out this magic group at the bureau. Since apparently Penny's entire sex life depends on it.

Also I have the coins that should help us figure out the Stoppard Cube, but I think that might have to wait till everything calms down, too.

[info]subject89p13 in [info]thedisplaced


i texted you and i even called you which i don't think anyone does with phones

[info]katieb in [info]thedisplaced

I can't find Stella anywhere so add her to the list of missing pets.

I must have broken a mirror or stepped under a ladder or something, this day is awful. I've run into things, banged into things, dropped things, cut things, lost things and at this point, I think I'm just safer if I stay in bed.


And I just broke my telly.

ooc - cursed with bad luck

[info]antifa in [info]thedisplaced

[Filtered to Tony Stark, Wanda Maximmoff & Steven Strange (MCU)]
I think I've found a distraction that might let you work a little longer, Tony.

If I turn into a raven, I'm the self righteous one. Turn me back?
[Filtered to Peggy Carter]
Need anything from the store?

[info]evilintent in [info]thedisplaced

How are your dreams these days?

And I suggest leaving the birds alone. Unless you would like to become one.

[info]tinysteve in [info]thedisplaced

Something that's been bothering me about our newest visitor. We know who she is, but what's her endgame? How do the missing animals or dreams play into that? Is this an attempt to create her own kingdom or something else?

Any ideas? It could be the key to stopping her.

[info]cutslike in [info]thedisplaced

Sweetie, I need you to watch your sibling tomorrow after school. Your dads and I have another doctor appointment at the bureau and with everything going on, I just don't like the idea of her by herself.
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[info]heyeveryone in [info]thedisplaced

» Fray is coming over.
» She's bringing a log??
» Can you scan it for magic?

[info]firststeps in [info]thedisplaced

WHO: Rey & Finn
WHEN: January 25th, late morning, after this
WHERE: The Millennium Falcon
WHAT: Rey seeks out Finn in the wake of her update
WARNINGS: Spoilers for TROS

Whatever happens, I'm with you. )

[info]whatacliche in [info]thedisplaced

[Text messages to Peter Parker]

» My mom just asked me to babysit a LOG
» She said it was my sibling
» Is this normal?
» Did my mom give birth to a log?
» Idk what to do.


[Texts to Ren & Eliot]

» Mom's been acting weird
» She asked me to babysit a log?
» She said it was my sibling.
» Do you think something happened?
» Like with that weird lady?

[info]shocktrooper in [info]thedisplaced

Anyone got any jobs that require heavy lifting? Or fig

I've got a crazy question, but I don't know your creed like you do.

I know your name now. Am I suppose to keep calling you The Mandalorian or Mando?

[info]qrow in [info]thedisplaced

ᴡʜᴏ: Clover Ebi & Qrow Branwen
ᴡʜᴀᴛ: Arriving in Tumbleweed, as dramatically as they possibly can
ᴡʜᴇɴ: February 9, 2020
ᴡʜᴇʀᴇ: The Portal, then Medical Services
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: Violence, near death

Told you I was lucky )

[info]aceoperative in [info]thedisplaced

Hello, inhabitants of Tumbleweed. My name is Clover Ebi. My friend and I have just arrived and, despite the arcane technology, I have been informed this is the best way to reach out to the rest of you who are here. I believe 'the Displaced' was the current term used to describe us all, but please correct me if I'm wrong. I'd like the opportunity to get to know the people here better, but I understand to get information, sometimes one must give information, so let me start it off.

I hail from the kingdom of Atlas. I'm the leader of the kingdom's Ace Operatives and a huntsman. I have heard this place is different from Remnant and you do not have much need for Huntsman and Huntresses as there are no Grimm. I'm sure I can take my skills from home and apply them wherever necessary should we be here for a while. Not that there's anything to go back to for me

My friend, Qrow Branwen, is a huntsman as well. He may be a little less optimistic than the regular person, but he's really not as bad as he makes himself out to be. Don't take his words to heart. He doesn't mean half of what he says.

Please, if someone could direct me somewhere that I could find reasonably priced and well made clothing, I would appreciate it. I came with only one outfit and it is, rather unfortunately, destroyed and soaked in blood. And any tips for a new outfit for a man who wears a cloak that looks like it's been half eaten by a Grimm would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I'd like to give a thank you to the medical team for setting me straight and for whoever made those handy potions.

[info]rebelrebel in [info]thedisplaced

[Filtered to Din Djarin]
Still looking for work?
[Filtered to Ezra Bridger]
The Bureau needs some extra bodies for security while this crazy lady's around. You should help.

[info]highkingeliot in [info]thedisplaced

Fen, sweetheart, Fray tells us you are asking her to spend time with log baby?

I was wrong about the fucking log.

(tw: infant death in comments)

[info]granger_danger in [info]thedisplaced

I assumed Crookshanks was hiding. He has been adjusting to our new family member. Obviously, at this moment, I would say he’s not just hiding. If anything has happened to him [...]

[ Bill Weasley ]

I have a project I was hoping you would be able to help with.