February 2020



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February 8th, 2020

[info]absorbs in [info]thedisplaced

Alrighty has anyone else noticed the uptick in ravens flying around and the complete lack of any other dang animal in the woods? I live in them and usually we see a variety of different ones. And I know its winter but they were still milling about in January. Now its like they're all gone.

Also I'm pretty sure the forest got bigger.

[info]unicornsforall in [info]thedisplaced

Has anyone seen Bernard II??? My flamingo? He's not anywhere in the house and like he doesn't really roam free. And his shrimp has not been eaten.

[info]firststeps in [info]thedisplaced

Pilot is missing.

[info]chainsawheart in [info]thedisplaced

So forests and ravens do sound like me but i didn't do it and neither did Lindenmere

But I'm gonna need people to help me keep an eye on Lindenmere since something is messing around with the forests. I'm pretty sure it can protect itself from that world ruler person whoever or any other people but if this is some portal shit it might get overpowered

Also not sure if I should send any of my animals there since apparently pets are going missing?

[info]agentquake in [info]thedisplaced

Has anyone seen a Lucario anywhere? I haven't been able to find Ace all day. Which is really unsettling, because he rarely leaves my side when he isn't in his Pokeball, which is hardly ever since I got him back at Christmas.

[info]goldenhelm in [info]thedisplaced

There seem to be consequences to [...] poking the bear. Count me among those who've lost one of their senses.

I haven't been able to hear anything for the last ten minutes.

Will you come and take a look at me? Then we can decide if I should also be examined by one of the clinicians here. Unless they've looked me up, they don't know about my [...] current condition.

[info]whatwouldbeydo in [info]thedisplaced

So do you usually stick around when things get this weird or do you get out of town/go underground?

[info]adiyodi in [info]thedisplaced

texts →marina a./penny a.

[texts →marina a./penny a.]
» I swear to god
» I need you

[info]altean in [info]thedisplaced

Saturday, Feb 8, 9:42PM

ooc: Allura has the curse of disbelief, believe nothing she says!

I have warned the mice about going out and about recently, and they scoffed at what I said. Actually scoffed. Said they didn't believe they would be in any danger. Nonetheless, I still told them to stay inside and they actually said they didn't believe that was necessary!

They are wandering around somewhere and they are normally very self-sufficient, and they have often saved the rest of US when we needed it, so if anyone could just keep a few extra eyes and ears out for them, that would be appreciated. Pidge, I believe they had mentioned coming by your place.

[info]babycat in [info]thedisplaced

Saturday, Feb 8, 9:47PM

Did that heinous bitch steal our pets?! I can't find Bridget anywhere. You all can't find your animals. This isn't some huge ass coincidence of the Pokemon disappearing because it's more than just Pokemon disappearing.