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May. 30th, 2020


[Filtered to Charlie Weasley]
How do you do it?


WHO: Qrow Branwen & Clover Ebi
WHAT: A fight, and then a kiss
WHEN: Backdated to April 12 (day after the Festival of Recreation)
WHERE: The Atomica, Clover's room
WARNINGS: Minor mentions of alcoholism and "adult" topics

One to write home about, huh? )


WHO: Julia Wicker, Tony Stark (MCU)
WHAT: Julia has an update, and future!Morgan's hint finally makes sense.
WHEN: May 30, 2020
WHERE: Stark Lake House
WARNINGS: Spoilers for final season of The Magicians. Mentions of character death.
STATUS: Complete

“You’re missing out on some Grade A mom bod.” )

May. 29th, 2020


WHO: Friends of Tony Stark (MCU)
WHEN: Friday, May 29, 2020, 6:30 PM
WHERE: Stark Lake House
WHAT: Birthday Grill Out

It's Tony's birthday! Time is wibbly wobbly, so it's either his 50th or 54th. But who's counting, really? He's just happy to be alive to have another one.

So come hang out with the Iron Fam. They've got food, they've got drink. They've got Tony's extensive collection of tunes. They've got an Alpaca and Alolan Persian who are being forced to wear a party hat. There will be some tasteful fireworks over the lake once the sun goes down, and a bonfire by the water that has S'mores written all over it.


Hand delivered to Tony today: Coffee Almond Ice Cream Cake with Dark Chocolate Almond Sauce

May. 27th, 2020


WHO: Justice of Toren & Seivarden Vendaai
WHAT: Breq is back and they need to talk about One Esk Nineteen
WHEN: Monday, May 25, around 2:15 PM (backdated)
WHERE: Athoek Station
WARNINGS: References to death/murder, discussion of sex ethics

... )


WHO: Justice of Toren One Esk Nineteen & Seivarden Vendaai
WHAT: Dealing with feelings and needs
WHEN: Friday, May 15th
WHERE: Athoek Station
WARNINGS: References to death/murder, discussion of sex/consent

Practically anyone else would be a better choice )

May. 26th, 2020


(078) Anakin Solo

So when we doing this. Important questions.


[Tony Stark (mcu)]
What kind of cake would you like this year?

May. 24th, 2020


I know we're in a very different spot at this moment then we were the last two years, but do we intend to have a trip for the Seniors graduating this year?


Remember how I mentioned pick up Quidditch? With a lot of folks being off tomorrow, seems like it might be a good time to plan for it. Anyone want to dedicate a few hours to some fun in the sun?

Also, I'm thinking I could grill. Brats, maybe? At the Pit?


Tuesday, unless you have a reason not to, I'd like you to accompany me on an experiment. I'm intending to head out about twenty miles from the city limits, further into the desert, at roughly 7am.

We're going to be experimenting with the potions obtained in the World of Dreams. I want to see if we can access the subspace here, near Tumbleweed, like we were able to on the Cruise.

I'm intending to try something out on Tuesday. If anything crazy happens Tuesday, it'll likely be related.

And can I bring the DeLorean out of storage?

Ever wanted to drive Doc Brown's car?

May. 23rd, 2020


WHO: River Song and the Doctor (Twelve)
WHEN: The morning of the de-aging event
WHERE: A room inside Twelve's TARDIS made to perfectly resemble his and River's home on Darillium.
WHAT: River has turned into Mels, and the Doctor lies. A lot.
TRIGGERS: Not really?

These were definitely not her clothes... )


WHO: River Song and the Doctor (Twelve)
WHEN: April, the last remaining days of the space cruise
WHERE: The space ship's tea garden
WHAT: Fluff

Better soak it up... )


Anyone feel left out on the gender-swapping? Let me know.

Filtered: Loki (MCU) + Pixie + The Magicians + anyone else who has publicly set up permanent portals
Hey there portal co., everyone who's utilized your amazing skills appreciates them. Any thought y'all could make a pamphlet for new people?

Point is, I told Loki you were good people to know, especially for those of us who don't want to live and work in Tumbleweed full time. Small towns... they aren't for everybody. If you don't know 'im, this is Loki, somewhat in a vague broad sense an alternate me.


May. 22nd, 2020


So, um, what do you do when a Pokemon somehow acquires an egg? This happened before, right? But it turned out to be a bird?

May. 21st, 2020


Thursday, May 21, 9:53PM

Thanks, everyone. That was a really entertaining start of my new month in Tumbleweed. I'm assuming this shit happens all the time.

Filter: Steve & Nat (MCU)
So, help a brother out. I didn't expect Tumbleweed to be this big because I was under the impression it was an extremely small town, similar to the middle of freaking Ohio or something, but looks like I got plenty of options for jobs. What are your suggestions?

May. 20th, 2020


WHO: Eliot and Fen
WHEN: The morning after the swap plot, just before this.
WHERE: The Physical Cottage
WHAT: A hungover Eliot checks on the baby and Fen.

Have fun last night. )


I'm sorry to see that many of you had an unpleasant experience with the most recent portal nonsense, but I quite enjoyed it. It was refreshing to relive a more carefree time, and now I have new, happy memories of it.

I did miss my friends, though. How are we doing? Would anyone like to have an impromptu party this weekend? I'm thinking... beach.


so we're all going with no one remembers the past week, right? Or what garbage people might have been over the past week?

But I still stand by my assessment that Ezra Bridger looks like he's up to no good.


WHO: Eliot & Ben Waugh-Solo
WHEN: Monday, May 18th
WHERE: Galactic Roasters
WHAT: Eliot has apologies to make.
TRIGGERS: Nope. It's a mini log of fluff.

Only fifteen? )

May. 19th, 2020


One reason I wish that Alicia and Angelina were here is because they would be so proud of me (and some of you here should be too!) because I have not constantly reminded people of my birthday.

Which is tomorrow, by the way.

Filtered to Weasley+
Hi. So um hi. Fabian and I wanted to let you all know that we're um dating now. Not long, but with everything that's been going on we wanted to be sensitive and wait but we also didn't want to wait too long, you know? [...] Okay, that's it.


(020) Buffy Summers

With full disclosure that I'm sure I'll get caught up in the next round, I'm glad that's done.

It did sort of get me thinking though, with all the older us, and younger us, and verions of us. Do you want to stay here for like ten years in the future? If you did, who would you want here to stay with you?

Which, I guess I should start, cause I've been two different places now and here for several years, and it's not bad? less Vampire-y, generally, so that's alright. And I miss a lot of people, so picking one is hard, although I guess technically I didn't say pick one, so Giles, Willow, Dawn. That's a start.


(045) Credence Barebone

It is rarely boring around here.

[Filter: Albus]
I'm contemplating taking Helena out to the park after school now that she can no longer tell me anything about my future life - or more like hide things about my future life. If that's alright?

[Filter: Flash]
Wanna go with me and Helena to the park later, and then, you know hang out more adult style later, later?

May. 18th, 2020


I wanted to write you a little note letting you know that I appreciated your kindness for an extremely shaken child version of myself. You helped her — me — to feel a little less alone.
I'm sorry I wasn't more understanding.


Just to be clear, I don't remember any of the last week. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. How much homework am I going to have to catch up on??


cut for image )

What do you think? Is she a good belated first Mothers' Day present?


I wasn't myself. I realize you know that. Still...

Thank you for trying to look out for him.
I'm feeling myself again, as I assume everyone else is, but I need you to give me a few days. Both of you. Until I'm sure.

Please don't argue. Trust me. I love you.

That was reckless, and you know it.


Well, that was fun. Glad I'm me again. Why does my older self refuse to ever leave me notes on my future

Everyone else back to normal?

May. 17th, 2020


Greetings, neighbors. I apologize for the extremely late announcement but should anyone wish to partake in kinship this evening, with specialty cocktails and barbecue, please come over to the Cottage. The small town atmosphere has sparked my imagination as far as cocktails go and I'd like to share them with you.

And what better night to have an impromptu party than a Sunday in the middle of May? May is practically made for endless parties.

No need to worry. I've gone ahead and warded off the access to my bedroom and it appears as though the sound charms are still in tact. No disturbance for the little girl.

Now, please, do either of you happen to know where my pipe has gone or is this a question I need to direct at Bambi?


I could get used to not getting carded, but do we have an update on when people will be getting back normal?

[Filtered to SYNAPSE]
How many of us are there left?

And follow-up, I've got a line on a job in Vegas.


Are you still dealing with the whole Mels situation?

What do you say we pop round the moon tonight? Just you and me? And think about it! Best thing about the 2030s? No bed time to contend with!

You know you want to see what I can do at the console.

How goes it at House Frankenstein?


(004) Young!Loki

I'm bored.



Ladies, my metaphorical hat is off to you. Not only are you burdened with growing the future inside you, but you're stuck with everything that comes after.

Now is it hot in here, or is it just me?


WHO: Alice Quinn & Pikachu
WHEN: A couple days after Dinosaur World
WHERE: Alice & Pikachu's Room
WHAT: Alice is grieving. Pikachu helps.
TRIGGERS: Portal & Canon Based Grief

There was no pursuit of knowledge. There was no distraction. )

May. 15th, 2020


WHO: The Cast, Crew & Audience for Mamma Mia
WHEN: Tonight! 7pm!
WHERE: Center for Performing and Creative Arts
WHAT: The EPS Staged Concert Performance of Mamma Mia
TRIGGERS: None, unless in comments?

EPS Staged Concert of Mamma Mia - 7 PM Curtain - Community Arts Center )


[Viktor Viktorovich]
Hey, can I go with you to New York sometime to sign up for that summer program you told me about?

May. 14th, 2020


Thursday, May 14, 11PM

So, I know we are kind of in a bind with things being different and all, but I thought I'd put a fair warning out there for everyone who has gotten into the habits of shaking trees for money.

Sometimes, you don't get money. Sometimes, you get a full damn sofa fall on you. That's a thing now too!

Injuries and possible concussion are no longer an issue though, so I'll still be at the restaurant tomorrow morning. And considering moving the sectional sofa into the upcoming treehouse.


[Filter to Isobel]
This is still going on and I still owe you for that rescue, so...

You get one evening, no holds barred, make-over fun time. Plan it well.


Seriously, when's the portal gonna do something good? All I want is super powers or unlimited wealth.

I'll even stop complaining about school for that. PORTAL, HELP A GUY OUT


Hey, kid Steve says Goddamnit how do you Someone we both know seems to think it's a good idea that you and me talk. Figured I'd lead with that since I know I wouldn't buy someone messaging me out of the blue just to be nice. Get a feeling you would see through that kinda bullshit too.

I'm Bucky. Heard you know another Bucky.


Certainly didn’t take long for more insanity to ensue, did it?

I think if it were up to Rose we would have a whole menagerie. She’s tried to bring in more animals than I can count at this point. I can’t really blame her, but we certainly don’t have the space for all of them at the moment. Good thing I’ve got my list started and appointments set up.


Who: River & The Doctor (13)
What: Getting acquainted.
When: Shortly after the space cruise.
Where: The TARDIS.
Ratings/Warnings: Low.
Status: Complete.

It was time she got better acquainted with her wife. )

May. 13th, 2020


(077) Anakin Solo

Nico tells me that we have not publicly announced our engagement yet, and I have to ask what my younger self is thinking here.

Hello Tumbleweed 2020, it's good to see you again.


I was thinking maybe we could all exchange tips give each other some pointers? Is that even better?

I may have a temporary stop gap until we find a new source.

I think I need your help.


Can someone explain what the hell is going on here and where the hell is my bar?


I'm looking for someone. He calls himself The Doctor.

Arrogant. Stupid fashion sense. Hard to miss. His ship's here. I've seen it.

It's important that I find him.

May. 12th, 2020


(019) Buffy Summers

[Sam Winchester]
Please tell me you are normal.


aged down eliot

As quaint as this piece of suburbia Texas has been, I think 24 hours has been more than enough of a glimpse for me. Thankfully, not all things have turned to insanity, and multiple doors in my home remain. I'm thinking a nice excursion to LA for a day or two is exactly the reset one needs in this scenario.

If anyone else wishes to escape to civilization, speak now and we'll make acquaintances on the way.



Hello, my friends! This is a fascinating world and seems to be full of wonderful people. I am sad that I don't remember meeting you all and would love to meet you again.

For anyone who doesn't know (or has also forgotten), my name is Rhy Maresh.

Shall we explore what fine dining options this world has to offer?

Yes, I am asking you to dinner.

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