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It's the moment of truth and the moment to lie. The moment to live and the moment to die. The moment to fight.
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the tempest [19 Jul 2010|02:53am]
Who: Desiderio Ledaal, Yonca Ghanem. NPC, Ser Mortimer.
Where: The road not far outside Denerim.
When: 18 Molioris, 9:45 Dragon.
Summary: In which two bloodmages have a brilliant plan to relieve a Templar of his precious cargo.
Rating: M, for Maybe Murder?
Status: In progress.

At this point, Ser Mortimer was having a hard time thinking about anything besides his aching feet. )
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Don't Shoot the Messenger [19 Jul 2010|12:51pm]
Who:  Ordhan Wyland. NPC, Piers Ledaal
Where:  Denerim, the Ledaal estate
When:  The day after confronting the slavers
Summary:  Ordhan fulfills a promise made to a friend.
Status:  In progress
Rating:  PG

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