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It's the moment of truth and the moment to lie. The moment to live and the moment to die. The moment to fight.
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thread ;; if it means a lot to you [Jan 27th, 11
5:28 pm

WHO: Roran Ághas and Elsa Vargas
WHEN: after ze Warden's meeting after ze darkspawnz attack, 29 Molioris
WHERE: Redcliffe Chantry stairs perhaps?
SUMMARY: Roran's curious about magic and Elsa needs to be nicer
RATING: s for snarky

she was a good little Andrastean wasn't she? )

“ is the first time that ever I heard breaking of ribs was sport for ladies.” [Jan 25th, 11
10:09 pm

Who: Imenry Barras, Elsa Zerbino Vargas
Where: Redcliffe
When: Morning of the 1 Ferventis
Summary: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. After all, asking someone to teach you how to fight gives them the perfect excuse to beat you up...
Rating: B for bitchy. Yesssssss.

Practical Lessons for the Newly Surfaced: Fishing [Jan 23rd, 11
11:55 pm

Who: Falina Bjyr, Cormac Murrough
Where: Just outside G3’s camp
When: 24 Molioris, 9:45 (Evening, just before dinner)
Summary: Falina is still a little wary of all this water they have on the surface. What will she think of fishing?
Rating: E

Don't talk so much, you'll scare away the fish )

thread ;; so get back, back, back to the disaster [Jan 6th, 11
2:05 pm

WHO: Æolyn M'Haaren and Jaden Tahal
WHEN: afternoon, 26 Molioris, 9:45 Dragon
WHERE: Korcari Wilds
SUMMARY: reunion of sorts
RATING: m for memories

Alderic was the Templar, though she doubted she'd ever forget his name... )

What's your story, morningglory? [Jan 4th, 11
2:55 pm

Who: Lalin Adain, Jill Sorrel
When: 25 Molioris,
Where: on the way higher up and further into the forrest.
Summary: There is only so much curiosity that can fit into one redhead and this one is bursting with questions. Lalin gets caught in the crossfire.
Rating: R for ramblings, but probably of the cute kind.

a night to remember [Jan 3rd, 11
1:29 am

Who: Demetir Jorunn.
NPCs: Amila, Marna, eleven human homesteaders.
Where: Western shore of Lake Calenhad, far northwestern edge of the Redcliffe arling.
When: 30 Molioris, 9:45.
Summary: Johann's daughter tries to keep a group of desperate settlers and farmers together as the cabin in which they shelter is besieged by Darkspawn, and a very unlikely young man comes to their "rescue."
Rating: Swearing, violence.
Note: Reposted as Demetir's solo intro, due to the sad loss of old!Templar from the game.
In Progress.

Last night, one of them shot Jeralt Cooper in the shoulder through a gap in the damn shutters. )

Please Pass the Soap [Jan 2nd, 11
7:55 pm

Who: Imenry Barras and Brennan Wulfe
Where: Imenry's room at the Inn, Redcliffe
When: 30 Molioris (Morning, after return to Redcliffe)
Summary: After a rather... interesting reunion with her childhood friend, Imenry retreats to the Inn to have a bath and some rest. As if Brennan is going to let her get off that easy.
Rating: T for nudity (of the non-sexy type) and language

If only everything could be washed away )

backscene ;; i got friends in low places [Jan 1st, 11
10:16 pm

WHO: Æolyn, Tamrail and Aedre
WHEN: 9:37, 14 Solis
WHERE: Korcari Wilds
SUMMARY: out on her first hunting trip, Lyn and her father run into some problems and find help in an unlikely place
RATING: SF for Stankay Forest

And so here they were, ankle deep in rotting plants and mushy ground. )

The Longest Night [Dec 20th, 10
1:19 pm

Who: Anyone - open thread!
Where: Thedas (9_9)
When: The winter solstice, several different years
Summary: Ferelden has many holidays, all of which are associated with Andrasteism or the Old Gods - but then there is the natural phenomenon of the winter solstice. Whether someone views it as a chance to party or a night for quiet reflection, one way or another, everyone holds vigil on the Longest Night. (This is a group thread of a different stripe, and sort of bending the fourth wall, but if nothing else it will get your creative juices flowing again! Anyone wanting to contribute a short story to this collective tale, please feel free to do so. Where is your character, come the Longest Night?)
Rating: Should be PG for the most part.

Fah-who-fores, dah-who-dores, welcome, welcome, bring your light )

trees and their uses [Dec 8th, 10
12:32 pm

WHO: Arya Oros, Jill Sorrel
WHEN: 24 Molioris, 9:45 Dragon
WHERE: The edge of the Brecillian Forest
SUMMARY: Arya explains to Jill just what she was doing up in that tree.
RATING: E for explanatory?

Once her feet hit solid ground, Arya felt much more at ease. )

The portrait of a blinking idiot [Dec 6th, 10
9:53 pm

WHO: Conlan Delaine, Jill Sorrel
WHEN: 24 Molioris, 9:45 Dragon
WHERE: The edge of the Brecillian Forest
SUMMARY: Since he is not the dinner of darkspawn, Jill has a bone to pick with Conlan.
RATING: S, for shouting.


narrative: this is the story of my life [Nov 26th, 10
7:04 am

WHO: Æolyn, Yolita M'Haaren and some bandits (NPC)
WHEN: 9:29, 21 Molioris
WHERE: south of Highever
SUMMARY: while Tamrail is out hunting, Æolyn and her mother are visited by some unwelcomed guests and the two discover something that will change Lyn's life forever.
RATING: B for Bandits

these are the lies i have created )

[Nov 24th, 10
12:47 pm

Who: Conlan Delaine and Lalin Adain
Where: The edge of the Brecillian Forest
When: 24 Molioris, 9:45 Dragon
Summary: Just after the battle, Two of group 3's Grey Wardens discuss their first fight against dark spawn and other topics
Rating: T for teen (and also for traumatizing by talking to Con about old girlfriends)

Blood is thicker then water... who knew? )

death of a maleficar [Nov 9th, 10
10:49 pm

Who: Desiderio Ledaal, NPC Yonca Ghanem, Ser Mortimer
Where: Campsite, just off the road to Gwaren
When: Molioris 22
Summary: Mort catches up to the blood mages, and Yonca meets her maker.
Rating: PG-13

The campfire crackled, burning orange and yellow against a somber twilight. )

narrative: it could be worse [Nov 10th, 10
2:37 am

Who: Ser Mortimer, singing Templar NPC extraordinaire.
Where: The northern highway, near Denerim.
When: Some unholy hour of the morning, 19 Molioris. Following this.
Summary: Ser Mortimer wakes up with possibly the most embarrassing concussion a Templar has ever received, tied to a tree in a lighting storm. If this had been proceeded by a bachelor party instead of a one-sided fight with two kids barely out of their teens, it might at least become a funny story someday.
Rating: Pretty harmless.

He was cold, stiff, wet, felt like his skull might crack open, couldn’t see and couldn’t move... but he was alive.  )

Shut up women, get on my horse [Nov 2nd, 10
9:24 pm

Who: Lillian Tharelle, Jill Sorrel
Where: On the road
When: 9:45, 24 Molieris during the day
Summary: The thing about heroics and adventures is that sometimes it's not at all more heroic and adventurous than your old life. It will probably involve even more walking. But then, what are friends for? (Riding on, of course!)
Rating: A for aching feet?


Backscene: Perfectly Innocent [Oct 30th, 10
11:48 am

Who: Sellion Oros (NPC), Terin Oros, Haldir Oros (NPC), Arya Oros
Where: Denerim Alienage
When: 9:29 Dragon Ferventis 16
Summary: Partha bakes a pie for Arya's fourth birthday, and the siblings scheme to get a piece before the celebrations begin
Rating: C for cuteness?

the nefarious plot to get the pie )

Where the Wild Things Are [Oct 30th, 10
3:17 am

Who: Bethen Avilla, Aedre, Garrett Edgewalker, Alderic Thearre, Æolyn M'Haaren, Lukaer Ledaal, the rest of G2
Where: Korcari Wilds
When: Early evening, 24 Molioris, 9:45 Dragon
Summary: Two days into the forest, the Wardens meet a native Chasind and Garrett's secret is inadvertently exposed.
Rating: T? Mild violence, probably cussing, and definitely nudity.

With any luck, the only thing to be found out there would be some dried out fallen sticks and broken branches. )

Narrative: 1. Rebirth [Oct 25th, 10
12:14 am

Who: Elsa Zerbino Vargas
Where: In the home of a fisher-family on the coast of Ferelden, and in the Fade.
When: Spring 9:45
Summary: A mage is never alone in her dreams. But what if you have forgotten that you are a mage – what dangers then await you in the Fade?
Rating: A for amnesia


backscene: along the highway [Oct 24th, 10
4:52 pm

Who: Imenry Barras and Guillemette d’Abbevilliers-Roissy. And Some NPC Merchants.
Where: The Imperial Highway in Orlais, between Val Firmin and Montsimmard.
When: Solis 9:43
Summary: Imenry is traveling with a caravan of merchants along the Imperial Highway; when a young chevalier joins the party for supper, things get interesting. And maybe start smelling a little better.
Rating: Fine for all.

a chevalier, picking posies, can you imagine that? )

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