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    Saturday, May 28th, 2005
    7:16 pm
    I suppose I get the first post, which would make sense as I created the community. Any who... greetings all! I am Lucard's player, obviously as you can tell from my user name. ;-)

    As you have likely figured out this is to be a meeting point for all of our DTS muses ooc. Now I have decided to make this and its sister community moderated. What this means to you is that I will be approving people on a one on one basis to join the community. Other than that, I am hoping that this would be a community free of powerplayers and one where everyone can be happy. If there is a problem, we can debate it here and work out an appropriate situation

    The Application

    Please respond to this post (or alternatively via PM if you are unable to comment) filling out the following information, if the other players need more information, I will contact you.

    About me

    Character Requested: Alexander Lucard
    Why: I enjoy the character tremendously, plus we have a lot in common. ;)

    Name: Steve Johnson
    Age: 28
    Mundane journal: None..., I do this for amusement value only
    AIM: None...
    Occupation: Business (I am an investment manager)

    RPG experience

    When did you start RPGing: About 20 years ago, I was 8. I started running my own game when I was 16.
    Other games played: ADD, VtM, various computer games
    References: My girlfriend, my uncle, about 20-30 of my friends. If you really WANT them I can provide them!


    Fandoms: FK, KtE, DtS, South Park, L Word, I'm a bit of a Trekker as well
    Read fanfic: I have read nearly all Dts fanfic available. I even read some of the stuff over on livejournal before I got repelled by the incest. No offense to present and former players of that RPG but Gustav/Klaus is just a little too distubing for my personal tastes.
    Write fanfic: Some ST:TOS, it isn't very good
    Write het sex: Yes
    Write slash: Not yet
    Write femmeslash: no


    When did you first watch DtS: I first caught it in 1991 however when I watched it in 1996, I started to memorize the episodes. I now own the DVDs.

    Favorite episode: "I love Lucard"
    Least favorite episode: "Children of the Night"

    DtS OTP: Lucard/Margo
    Any other pairings: Lucard/Eileen, Lucard/Sophie (I'm a pervert, but Mia is cute!)

    Other things one should know about your character: I'll let you know when I think of them, but Lucard is well written. ;)
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