The IJ Trading Card Game
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La Corda d'Oro Series

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Shadow Hearts Decks

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Level up? Here are some banners.

Actually there are none, because I would like members to make them for rewards! Only official art is permitted, no fan-art. ASK ME before making them.


Is there an error somewhere in the game? Do two decks have the same name, did I spell something wrong? Report it here. Nicely.


Have you collected every card in a deck? Comment here for your celebratory prize package! Please do not thread your comments; make a new one for every deck you master.

Link to trade post:
Deck mastered:
Choice card:
New deck:

Lovely Trade-In

Sometimes the prizes for games will be a 'lovely' card. This is not a real card, but something that can be traded in here.

  • Blue Lovely Card: One random card.
  • Pink Lovely Card: One choice card.

    Others will be added later!

    Comment in the following format:
    Link to trade post:
    What are you trading in?:

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  • Credit

    Nothing is possible without help. First, I would like to thank The LJ TCG for inspiring me to do this. It's so much fun!

    The templates for the cards, as well as a lot of good links and advice comes from In The Cards.

    Card Graveyard

    When a member quits, their cards will be posted here. You may request three cards once a week. Post with back-up choices as well in case what you want was taken by commenters above you.

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    Level Up

    All TCG have member levels based on how many cards have been collected. Post here when you reach a new level to receive a congratulatory package!

    Level One: 0-50
    Level Two: 51-100
    Level Three: 101-150

    and so on...

    Once you reach a new level, you may display a new banner on your trade post. Comment in the following format:

    Link to trade deck:
    From Level what to what?:

    Members List

    Once people begin to join up, this post will contain a list of the trade posts of all members, so you will be able to check up on who is collecting what and see if you have anything to trade for with them.

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    As of today, zero decks have been completed. This post will be a list of what decks are available to collect, and a place for suggestions. The focus of this TCG is anime, manga and video games, but other Japanese pop culture things will likely be included as well.


    Ready to join up?

    1. You must have an InsaneJournal to play.
    2. The post that you use to display your cards must be made, with a link to this community, prior to joining. It must be public, with public-access comments enabled.
    3. You will not cheat. Anyone can save the graphics and lie on their trade logs, but that defeats the entire purpose. This game exists for the fun and challenge of collecting.
    4. Sharing answers to challenges is considered cheating. You can use bribes, such as one card given in exchange for one challenge answer, but this can only be done once every week and must be recorded in your trade log.
    5. All trade logs must be up to date unless notice of a hiatus has been given. Trade logs must be specific, such as "December 08: Received dreams01 from guess the eyes game" rather than "got two cards from some games".

    Comment here to join in the following format while logged in to the account you will be using:
    Link to trade post:
    Birthday: Day/Month
    Favourite Deck:

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    What's this community about? It's a trading card game, or TCG. Pixels are the cards in this case, rather than pieces of cardboard that you buy at the convenience store in shiny foil packages. Simple games will earn you more cards; the point is to have fun collecting your favourite characters and trading with other members.

    If you have any questions about how to play, please ask me here.

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