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Parker and Serena, the day after the OD [30 Oct 2007|09:55pm]

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To say she’d been a tad worried all day would have been an understament. There’d been an air of tension and worry over the set the entire day and Serena should have just been grateful to be able to leave at the end of the day. She was going to see what she could about Hadley as soon as she could but as she walked by the production offices an idea formed in her mind and she decided impulsively to stop by and check on Parker, after all not only was this type of scenario hell for a producer but it was also his brother that was a but involved (or a lot involved depending on what rumors you listened to). She nodded to a few people she knew as she entered the building chatting with Talia near Justin’s office for a moment before she knocked on Parker’s closed door.

Hell was possibly an understatement. He had three phone lines (in his office, personal cellphone and business cellphone) and all three were going off the hook. Everyone was in a frenzy, and so many were looking at him with pleading eyes: Fix this. But he couldn't. Hadley had screwed them all over. What had she been thinking? Doing drugs the night before a shoot? ODing? Okay, obviously there were deep seated issues, and obviously he was incredibly worried for her health, but he was also frazzled down to the bare bones. He hadn't slept a wink since he had gotten the call, and he'd been non-stop ever since. There was so much damage control to do, he felt like he was swimming in it. And Pres! He was worried, and he was disappointmented and .... what had happened to good sense? Under different circumstances, he'd be sympathetic. He would be, when things calmed down. But right now Hadley Keaton ODing was the first order of news in any type of tabloid, web blog, anything. So it was understandable he was more than a little bit crazy right now.

"Who is it?" Parker almost barked. It wasn't usually in him to sound so harsh, but it had been a long, tiring day and he was sick of people asking him 'what next? Why would your brother do that? Don't you have a better grip on her? What next?!"

I'm disappointed in both of them. And I'm pissed as hell. I'm worried. But mainly, right now, I'm pissed )

E-mail [17 Nov 2007|10:05pm]

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From: Justin Farrows office

Hello all!
A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone around for their fantastic work during what was a trying time for our cast and crew from the production offices. You all pulled together and worked hard and we didn't miss a show.

So Thanksgiving is coming up and It's time to talk about your upcoming shooting schedule.

We wrap filming on Tuesday the 20th and will resume on Monday the 26th.

December brings us the Cast and crew holiday party on December 8th the to which everyone is invited to bring a guest to Mr. Farrow's estate. Formal invitations will be sent out later this week.

December 20th brings the beginning of winter hiatus which will conclude on January 7th. Of course hiatus isn't without a few show obligations. The teen mags are throwing their holiday party that you are expected to attend on the 21st at the Hollywood renaissance hotel.New years is up to you but we hope a few of you will attend the parties about town, as it's good press for the show.

I suppose that's about all the information you need for now. Oh wait, the Hollywood Christmas parade on the 23rd. any volunteers to appear? please contact me to arrange it and of course keep in mind Serena's movie premiere on the 24th we hear that Snow and lilies is a a feel good holiday romance that all will love !

Thanks again everyone
-Talia Byers ,First assistant to Justin Farrows,Creator and Executive Producer of The Shore
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Hadley goes a bit too far. [24 Oct 2007|10:30pm]

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She generally kept a running tally of how many lines she had done, but tonight, each one flitted by, not really registering on her radar... )
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Email to production staff. [25 Oct 2007|11:43am]

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To:Production staff
From:Justin Farrow

Subject: Ms. Keaton.

To all staff members.

Given the latest development in the life of Hadley Keaton, which will keep her out of commission for at least a week or so I'm told. WE will be filming around her scenes today and then I will suspend filming of the show Friday and Monday, giving us four days to rework scripts, rework shooting schedules and do some damage control. I also understand that Mr.Preston Buckley will not be in today either due to issues involving Ms. Keaton's Overdose.

Parker? I'd like to meet with you this afternoon at 2:30 to discuss a few things

Everyone else will be expected in the writers room at 3:30 for a meeting to start to rectify this situation.

I apologize for taking your weekend away from you.
-Justin Farrow Creator and executive producer of The Shore</s>
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Serena Emails Tyler [22 Feb 2007|10:11pm]

[ mood | curious ]

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Subject:I was curious... )

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