Nov. 16th, 2009


Drunken Seas

Many pirates were known for being pilagers and rapists and town-torchers and all around very nasty people. Some pirates were legends, some pirates were infamous, and some pirates just happened to have nothing better to do.

Captain Delilah McIntyre was the last type of pirate. Having been raised in a port town to a fisherman father and mother, it was apparent that it was to remain a family business and Del was the next in line. It certainly was not a prosperous, fortuitous career, but it put food on the table (even if it was fish) and it gave her an education (even if it was about fish) and gave her opportunities to meet other fascinating people (even if most of them were fisherman).

But by the time she was age twelve, it was becoming very clear that Del's heart wasn't in it. It could have had something to do about how she never retained anything she learned about, how she asked for something other than crab for dinner almost every night, or how she sank two boats in the span of two weeks. By the age of sixteen, she had sunk four boats and her family had decided the very best thing would be for her to live with a well-to-do fisherman named Benjamin and his daughter, Katrina.

In their years growing up, the older Del took to Kitty like a pet owner took to a poodle. The girls practiced swordplay and taught themselves how to handle pistols (this resulted in Del's fifth sunken ship, by long story). Finding themselves in a more independent lifestyle, Delilah, at age twenty, stole a ship, painted a new name on the side, and took her younger cousin and ran.

Two years on the open sea hadn't fixed anything.

"I'm not drunk." A slurred, mopey voice gurgled from the captain's quarters. "I said, hmmmnggggI'm not drunk!"

A loud head-meets-desk sound reverberated next and a remarkably loud snore shook the cabin.

"Oh. Okay." A straightfaced, dark-haired girl exited the captain's quarters, moseying around deck. Once at the helm, she paused, addressing the crew: "Gentlemen! Your captain is drunk and fainted!"

A loud gaggle of cheers rocked the ship.

Oct. 9th, 2009


The Corruption of Mutated Monkeys

In 1750, the Caribbean island of Patnuki was nothing to be mentioned with any degree of fascination. It had no major trading port, pirates rarely marauded it, and the British navy had decided it was not of strategic or military worth. Those who lived on Patnuki lived day in and day out fishing, eating, pooping, sleeping, and fishing again. Everyone was everyone else's third cousin twice removed and nobody ever had an original thought (unless you count the amount of sea salt you sprinkle on your fish "original").

It was, quite frankly, a boring island.

Until one Percival Dashingham washed up on shore. At first, he was considered a public nuisance - after all, he was such a foppish, outspoken young fellow - but he quickly became a charmer of women, from one's mother to all of her third cousins twice removed. And then it was proved that he was an expert fisherman, as well as knowledgeable in the building of ships. Before long, he was training young boys how to sail and fish, and he became a community godsend. Four years to the day after Percival's arrival, Patnuki opened as a public trading port.

Three years after that, they elected Percival their first governor, against the wishes of the British Empire.

And it was safe to say Patnuki was never the same again.

Oct. 8th, 2009


Vic's Characters

Lord Percival Dashingham - Flamboyant, but testy, Dashingham loves the spotlight and will do anything to access it. Doesn't like losing or being talked down to.
Age: 32
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Strawberry Blonde

Delilah (Del) McIntyre - Famous pirate who spends half her time falling off the ship, getting drunk, and attacking the wrong people. Can't shoot a moose from two feet away.
Age: 22
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown

Kitty KooKoo - Has no mental filter; says everything she thinks. Very curious and is raven-like in that she steals anything and everything pretty. Pretty reliable, but morbid.
Age: 17
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown

Roger Erephim - Lord Dashingham's cousin, but much more reasonable and level-headed. Terse and fairly reserved, but is very intelligent. Is usually the one making Percival's decisions.
Age: 25
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dirty Blonde