Dec. 9th, 2010



Merry meet!

My name is Chella
I am excited to get to know other open minded individuals on here. I also wanted to invite anyone interested in having their cards read to the community chellasoracle, I am hoping it will give me a chance to practice my divination skills with my cards.

A little about myself: I'm 22 years old, I'm an eclectic wiccan and have been practicing openly since I was very young. I was very blessed growing up in an open minded family that allowed me to find the path that was right for me. I love studying all religions, symbology, history, philosophy, anything to do with what makes us tick.

Hoping you all are well.

In love and light

Sep. 16th, 2010


A Poem that helped me along my path

I found this poem in Grimoire For the Green Witch by Ann Moura.

I talked with the once, when thou wert a child,
I spoke with thee then, in gentle tones mild.
Ye knew and loved me and danced in my light;
Why did ye then turn away into the night?

I saw Fear creep in and then steal you away;
I saw the Dark Demons come dampen your play.
I saw how you shook and beseeched me for help;
But when I appeared, you with terror did melt.

Who was it that turned you away from my love?
What horror replaced the Light shone from above?
Who told you I'm evil when never I was?
Who took away beauty and washed it in blood?

I ne'er demanded so high an emotion;
That caused you to bleed for any devotion.
I stood by aghast to see where you would tread;
I never deserted, but stood by your stead.

And when you did stumble, I held out my hand;
And when you did plead, it was my own command.
I answered you truly each time that you spoke;
And waited with patience until you awoke.

I did not tell you that knowledge was wrong;
Nor say it was evil to sing your own song.
I did not lay down long listing of rules;
Yet all new religions still honor my Yules.

If aall of my days are special to others;
Why can't my children act more like they're brothers?
The dictums of priesthoods, by whatever name;
Serve only their leaders for fortune and fame.

Though av'rice lies naked before ev'ry view;
Their immoral doctrines still fill up the pew.
With learning constrained to a pitiful few;
The lessons are curbed lest the teachers they hew.

Keep the the Sabbats or let them dance by;
I care not a whit if you do not abide.
There never was any but one rule, no guilt;
My guidance: "An it harm none, do what thou wilt."

I never demanded sacrifice of blood;
Never called thee "sinner" nor gave thee the Flood.
I offered Knowledge and Wisdom for thy life;
But never suggested an eternal strife.

No minions of darkness attacking at night;
No angels, no demons, and no cosmic fight.
My Eternal Dance is of joy and of life;
My Song is of laughter and endingof strife.

So when did it happen? That moment, that park?
When Knowledge and Reason at last struck their mark?
Though counseled by others to stay in the dark;
You strove to gain Wisdom, and learnt with a start--
That all your old longings and feeling were right!
That I am the One whom you've never lost sight;
Together with Uma, Am Glory and Might-
The Song of the Ancients sung morning and night!

With tears and sweet laughter I welcomed you back;
You know that false dogmas nor more can attack.
For Wisdom you sought, and there Truth have you found;
The Old God and Goddess with love still abound.

I dance in the Cosmos, I dance in your heart;
We dance now together and never will part.
Thy childhood is over, here starts your next stage;
To bask in the glory of life as my Sage.

Come dance at Our Sabbats and sing to the Moon;
Thy Lord and they Lady Both welcome thy tune.
We now dance in thy heart and fill thee with love;
As it is now below, so has been above!

Sep. 3rd, 2010


life has been caotic. but things are slowing down, which is good :D So I am now able to get on here and update! :D I am sorry about my extended leave of absense. I got a job and it has been very crazy. I found out my 4th cousin died in a helicopter crash on tuesday. I am lighting candles for him tonight! R.I.P Little Kenny.

Jul. 27th, 2010


New spill in the gulf

New spill in the gulf of mexico. don't have a lot of details yet.


Impenetrable Cosmos

memories of the past
come racing in fast
with a smile painted on her face
she contemplates the mysteries
of the seemingly paradoxical cosmos
-of the planet and the stars
...of Pluto and mars
concealed messages
hidden within cryptic constellations
one might discover the divine decree
"to harm none, do as ye will"
and the law of three
as it was made by the eminent entities
one might discover the essence of life
and all that is contained inside
divulge into the design
-locate the heart of the matter
...and learn the pattern
maybe then we could find peace within
and happiness all our lives.

Jul. 26th, 2010


This evening....

I was sitting and thinking this evening and realized how completely rude I have been. I have told others how blessed my husband and I are and how wonderful it is that the goddess is shining her light on us again. But then I realized I haven't actually stopped and thanked her personally. And so this evening i did. And I ended it with that prayer I posted yesterday. Then I realized well, its kinda retarded to say it at night, its more of a morning prayer and realized that i am not even aware of a bedtime prayer. I thought how insane that is and then i decided I was going to look one up. And I closed my eyes and let my mind go blank and I felt this warmth just flow over me and fill me inside and then the following prayer just kinda came to me, so I found a pen I wrote it down immediately so I would not forget. I thought I would leave it here for anyone who wants to use it. Comment on it if you wish. Anyway here it is:

Protect us this night
As we drift off
To the meadow and play.
Watch our bodies as we sleep
And keep us safe till day.
Blessed Be!

I hope you all a very wonderful and safe night. May no harm fall any of you this evening. Good night everyone.

Kassandra Anslee

[info]celtica's a thought.

They actually managed to stop the leak into the gulf it seems like, so this is a good thing.

however, there's an even BIGGER leak in china, that nothing is being done about. people have already died from it, and it's gushing faster than the BP spill ever did.

so, i'm suggesting something like we were willing to do for the BP leak, but it needs to be on a much larger scale. the chinese government is trying to cover this up big time, and nothing is getting done. so. i will probably make this a facebook event, and post it here so everyone else can post it.

something seriously needs to be done here. But remember, when casting spells, cast responsibly! think for the good of all above the good of self.


Jul. 25th, 2010


I am back!!!!

I know I have been gone for a while but our wonderful goddess has been putting me through a serious of tests... I guess you could say. Including almost sending my butt back to the spiritual plain. But we have pulled through :D She has finally shown her beautiful light on us again. It just goes to show that if you keep your faith everything will get better. :D I know She won't lead me astray. So I am back! once again. Kinda sad to see that no one has been posting at all and no one new has joined. But maybe someone will find our dear little community and decide to join. I hope to be getting this place hoppin. On Wednesday I shall be posting a poem from one of my books in here. I read it every day; so it really helped me keep my faith strong. :D For today I shall leave you with my daily prayer:

By the star
By the rose
By the cup that she holds
Pouring forth her gifts
Of Life, Peace, and Wisdom
So may Her blessings fill my life this day.
Blessed Be.

Take care my friends, until we speak again, may the Goddess hold you in her loving embrace!

Blessed Be-
Kassandra Anslee

Jun. 26th, 2010


ok, so here is my great idea!!!

My husband and myself were driving on our way to school and we started talking about the horrible oil leaking into the gulf. To think of it makes me sad and really disgusted. What we need to do is get in touch with as many pagans/wiccans as we can and set a time and date and have a world wide ritual cleansing/healing for the gulf, and send all of our energy out to help with the mess and maybe help figure something out about it. Since it is such a big mess, it is going to take more than 1 or 2 people doing it, or people randomly sending scattered energies for it. Thats why we thought it would be good cause it would be like this huge wave of energy... and maybe it would help. Cause if we don't take care of our planet and the elements, how can expect them to help take care of us... Water is hurting from this. :( please comment with ideas or suggestions... even if you think it is dumb, please let me know.

Blessed Be!

Kassandra Anslee

Jun. 21st, 2010


a get together anyone?

I was speaking with my partner and we were thinking it would be nice to have a spiritual get together. if anyone is interested please let me know!

Jun. 20th, 2010



Merry Meet-

My name is Kassandra Anslee. I am the admin for this group. My dearest hope is that it is a place we can get together and talk and have support with people of similar beliefs.
Belief: Pagan
Goddess/God: Goddess Brigid
Special Talents: I have a special connection to different forms of divination such as: tarot, pendulams, and Runes. I also do Numerology Reports for those who are interested.

If you join please leave some info for everyone like I did above. I hope to get to know you soon. Also, if you join, add my journal as a friend: LunaLover. Talk to you soon. Blessed Be!