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September 9th, 2007

Main Hub, coming from the northwall, (open)

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This was weird. Allen peered out of the open door as he stepped closer to the general. His eyes swept the area carefully before he spotted the couch. "...That's a lot of pillows and a big couch." He remarked in a hushed whisper as if he was afraid talking louder would disturb something.

Open to whoever knocks; Location Allen's Bedroom

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Boy in a strange world )

September 8th, 2007

Open to whomever knocks-Location Deesha's Bedroom

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The bed was soft. No, not soft like the hotels he liked staying at or like that he had ever seen. It was the kind of soft where if it wasn’t for the fact he fell asleep in his room he would of curled back up into the warmth and left a note on his door that said ‘Wake me in 20 years’

Wait. He did fall asleep in his room. Wait. Wait. WAIT.

He opened his eyes and looked around. He wasn’t ‘Home’ anymore. He was in a huge soft bed, with soft blankets, soft sheets, everything smelt oh-so-clean and just right.

More euphemisms for death! )

Game Start

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Well three people should be enough to get this game going you guys best be bringing more people in at some point so we can really get cooking.

Okay everyone can make their waking up posts in their bedrooms or on some squishy object in the center of the main room and we'll go from there with the the nice monster/god watching out for you poking in to confuse or enlighten you to your character's new home.

August 25th, 2007

For those who don't want to use aim, but still like to chat

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If you're not all that comfortable with downloading aim, or just don't like the program. This place might help us out

You can just sign up for an aim name on aim.com or you can just get a Meebo account and use that website to chat on.

There is a public chat on the meebo network called The Hub Questions if you would like to discuss anything on there.

Mod Again

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Looking at those watching this asylum, you guys are working on applications I hope, I'm going to do a bit of a beg here and ask that all those interested in this, even if just to lurk to go and tell about this place so we may get some life in here and truly start the game.

We need players to play or else this game is just going to sit like a bump on a log. If you do not have time but know someone who is looking for a game to play in steer them over this way. If your part of a group that looks for games by all means poke about and see if any are interested to be a part of this group.

You don't have to but I'd be happy and if anyone would like to help me in getting this game's name out there so we can get enough life blood in here to actually begin to play.


The Mod who is trying to recruit where she can.

August 14th, 2007

Mod Post

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Just because it seems that it is not being noted by people who are taking an interest in this roleplaying game or I'm being an airhead and didn't make note of it anywhere in the many links you should look at before deciding if [info]the_hub is the game for you.


The latter part should not be happening anyways as I have not received any new application since the first two players at a bit ago. If you are interested in this game PLEASE read everything and follow directions. This is not an open access game where you can just join the comm and jump in with whatever character you want.

I do not mean to sound rude but I have had three different cases of people attempting to join this community thus showing that they are not following the rules or do not understand this is a roleplaying community, thus to keep confusion down in friending and posting only character journals are to join. You can watch with your personal journal, but please read the rules before blindly joining.
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