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    Tuesday, February 12th, 2008
    11:28 pm
    Tuesday, September 20th, 2005
    7:26 pm
    at long last
    i am Knieght. not much really to say bout me other than im always full of some advice or wise comment. i have much insight into magicks engery other realms/worlds and am always willing to discuss or argue any points you wish. well im one of few words when i start the topic.
    Friday, September 16th, 2005
    8:54 pm
    has there ever been an instance in which two or more guardians morph together to become one "super-guardian"? if you want an explanation of what i'm asking, check out my most recent post on my journal...

    Aiya has been...interesting to say the least...

    Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else...

    Blessed be,
    Signior Laris Damianos

    Current Mood: thoughtful
    Monday, August 1st, 2005
    1:55 pm
    What is it that I wan't to shout out into the open that I think no one would listen to... well this is it... you asked... Why is it the ones I am surrounded by have to be so damn cryptic... why do I have to find out everything thing the hard way... what ever happened to being blunt and just speaking your feelings. I swear, I try to do my best to protect those around me but to what purpose... they hide more then what they tell me and when I try to help it only hurts them... I don't know which way to turn at times... I can't not make someone happy without upsetting another. It is becoming that endless spiral that we all know well. I know there is a balance to everything, good with evil and so on and so forth. But I have yet to be able to tell in which way the balance is tipping... I want everything to keep in balance... but it is hard to tell where the balance is at times. I know I am young at being a guardian, and there are others watching me while I am doing this to make sure I don't mess things up to badly... but they don't tell me when I mess up or what I should have done better... I can't learn from my mistake unless I know what my mistake was. Even though it is frustrating at times I will not give up... I will stay on my path that I have chosen or better yet, the path that was set in front of me... I just want to know what I can do to tell where the balance is?? Is there anyway of truely knowing??

    Current Mood: confused
    12:21 am
    Even The Old can wonder
    I Know this land.. This place that all of you keep talking about a
    place so perfect that even angels would cry to get in.. Angels are nothing
    more then that of what you make of them.. Those beings are the same who
    betrayed the creator when the battle of Satan came.. There are light
    angles of purity and good and dark angels who became the monsters of this
    earth but are they not born of the same creator? The same thought
    created both good and evil.. The balance is something I have always lived my
    life by.. You can’t have good without evil…. You can’t have order
    without chaos.. Too much of one always kills the affect you are trying to
    cause… To much order leads to chaos.. Why because people and minds don’t
    like to be controlled. it’s the same with free will and destiny. Our
    choices help us choose who we are in our destiny.. They say in free will
    everyone has a choice.. Then why not the same in destiny? Pre decided
    fate is everyone’s argument.. Isn’t that the same as free will.. A
    choice to choose what can happen.. Or you act without thinking.. Did someone
    mess with your made and make you choose that just by sheer influence…
    Or did they just choose that because you were going to pick that one

    I myself am a chaos/ order guardian.. I believe you can’t have one
    without the other.. And I will do anything in the world to keep the scales
    tipped in an equal balance.. Im constantly running around trying to
    keep the scales to a point that they can operate.. Many a times im late to
    get there before it happens.. But there is only a few number of us
    left.. Guardians can protect things that are none physical.. Like guardian
    angels.. They protect the living.. Well who protects the balance?
    Sometimes even the angel’s need help. I started this group.. To start a
    place that guardians left out in the world.. Who were just started to waken
    to this calling that you truly belong to some greater purpose in this
    world.. Could come and stay and get advice on handling.. The hurt and
    the pain. And anything else that comes with being a guardian.. The
    prophetic dreams.. Or the hurt of being alone.. Even when someone is holding
    you close.. This is to be a support group. But everyone seems to not
    know what to say.. Do you have any questions? Any hopes? Any issues to
    not hold within to keep your hearts discontents down to a low murmur..
    that’s another thing.. Guardians now seem to be quiet afraid to show..
    What happens when a guardian is quiet? Their unheard prays go unspoken..
    So speak I pray you.. The oldest here.. *raises her hand* will not
    reprimand you.. Just come to your senses and let your true nature breath..
    The Lady..

    Current Mood: restless
    Thursday, July 21st, 2005
    1:33 pm
    Where have all the guardain's gone
    And beating away the pain of the shadows eating away at his human heart and souls.. Here we are, my brother standing together to save the last of this dying race.And i to defend of that he wishes to destroy.. Sounds like a fairy tale dream gone wrong.. To much death not enough of the light and shades of gray... this balance has gone haywire.. Because everyone chooses either one thing or the other... Nothing is settled in between.. No more boundries with the guardains.. No more hopes with the dark.. No more deaths and warrents dealing with this and broken shadows.. I am the last standing true guardian who will not run away. Im standing before a wall.. Waiting for the army i know is on the other side. waiting for me with swords raised. They almost know the taste of the blood and the scent of my fear they know where im going and what i have done.. Who knows why they came.. I just know they have my name.

    Dark angels and light angels live together on this earth. hiding from each other and crossing paths only chances they can get. Then slowly fading away past the existance of the dark.. LIving in a world where nothing ever starts.. Here are the angels left only to this place.. and my world and my dreams feeling of this face. My life as a guardain is calling me deeper and giving me hope. My wings were that of the darker gray.. but i was here none the less guardains please come and join me..

    I haven not see an guardain holds its ground in a while.. and everyone seems to know what is coming so why is everyone so intent on running away.Even the older of the young seem to have given up hope.. There is a mass awakening supposively comeing but no one intends to see it through.. Even with more and more of the memory flash backs with everyone becoming aware..

    Has anyone felt this or know the reasonings why?

    The Lady

    Current Mood: curious
    Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
    10:04 am
    what do you do when the one you protect has gone? he didn't die, just left. i'm worried about him, but there is nothing i can do for him. what do i do now?
    Friday, July 1st, 2005
    6:18 pm

    Okay... I know this place keeps dyeing in and out and I really don't wanna watch it die out agian... so I am going to post again... :) well I am doing ok on this end it is wierd right now, my little one, my sister and her kids and my mother all went to a family reunion and I am here alone in the house... Man I love this... breathing room and time to spare and nothing to worry about.  I get to work on what ever I feel I need to and don't have to worry about someone getting in my way.  :D okay that is all that is really new here... talk to everyone soon... bye bye.


    Current Mood: amused
    Thursday, June 30th, 2005
    1:19 pm
    to start, i'm briar to most that know me, however, there is one that calls me dagger. he is the one that i protect, the one that i would give my life for.

    i am a guardian because i simply am. i didn't choose to be. from the moment i met griffinblade, i felt drawn to him. he is the reason i fight. he is as a brother to me. that is why i will sacrifice for him.

    he calls me dagger because that is how i fight. twin blades are my weapons. i read my opponents movements until i know enough, then i strike, as simple as that.
    Tuesday, June 28th, 2005
    2:23 am
    An introduction

    Ello, I thought I would start by introducing myself, The Lady already knows me but there are many here that do not. My friends call me Rouge, so lets just stick to that. That would answer the first question and as for the second who am I really, I am a gaurdian who is also being gaurded... probably cause I am still learning to be what I really am, once again *sighs*.  My reasons behind being a gaurdian is because I have so many around me that need to be protected, I have one life I will always put before my own and she is five years old and a soul full of raging power that she can not control, yes Lady I speak of lil Stormy.  

    I have five souls raging within me and with The Lady's help I am hoping to learn to deal with them all.  But other then that I am a warrior, I use my sword and my whip to conquer those who may hurt the ones I love, although no one has yet been stupid enough to stand in my way.  Well if you want to know anymore about myself just ask... I will be happy to tell you of myself.  I just do not know what else to put down right now.  *giggles*

    ~Goddess Luna keep you safe~


    Current Mood: exhausted
    Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
    7:07 pm
    Answering a request
    Okay, What boring things I can write about today to give some life to this room we have here. My mother's car was almost stolen. So I'm not in the best of moods. I'm now protecting a new little one. She's cute (Another 13 year old traped in a 8 year old body), Anyone touches her, I break their legs. But yeah, I'm stuck at home for the next 2 or 3 days, I'm missing my heavy fighting tonight because when they tried to steal my mother's car, They made it So it won't start At all... We will be stuck without a car untel friday at the lastest I hope.

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Sunday, May 29th, 2005
    8:00 pm
    Hello! (helloo...helloo...helloo.helloo)

    It's getting a little quiet in this cavern of a group...

    Don't wanna be to obvious about it, but please guys! (and gals) POST!

    ~Signior Laris Damianos

    Current Mood: (don't ask)
    Current Music: Handel's Messiah
    Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
    1:50 pm
    On the wings of angels
    The wind whistles its bone-chilling coldness by my ears. I amm walking down the half-mile of dirt road that leads to my home. As the wind blows harder and harder, I feel two vertical throbs on my shoulderblades. I feel like if i run fast enough, my momentum will lift me into the air. I run, faster and faster. The throbs become pain, and I can sense a feathery power behind my back, flapping furiously in the wind. My dash slows to a walk and I am out of breath. The pains in my shoulderblades subside to the vague throbs...The wind blows...

    Alas, this is not the only time i have felt this sensation. Walking down a long strech of hallway, the sensation returns. If the hallway is empty, i run, faster and faster, but my speed can't lift me, or i run into the wall at the end of the hall.

    What is this feeling? How do i control it? My guardians echo the word that has plagued my mind:

    Wings...White wings of angels.

    Signior Laris Damianos

    Current Mood: nostalgic
    Current Music: One Man's Dream--Yanni
    Thursday, May 12th, 2005
    2:50 pm

    They came for him one winter's night. he waited for the dawn. he knew that he'd been wronged. tomorrow's light would mourn his freedom. Where he had been that fateful night, a secret it must stay. One day he'll know the taste of freedom.

    I am one of the other ladies.. they call me the huntress. Pack life is that of my own.. I am myself am my own lady's guardain.. I have been watching and watiing for my words to be spoken.. Blood is my tracking device. That of the pure to not attack my eye its those of the tained.. I track you follow the trails i have left behind. my beef is this with the young guardains of this world.. No one likes confrenation anymore.. I try to show you what can be done.. What hope can lay within that of being a large wolf standing your own ground..

    you watch you know your target you enemies, what happens when you close your eyes without them, you should be able to block their moves and that of their own theroies. STep block, Side, arm, Its like a game.. A darkness that you can't control.. Its interstesting all in its own. reactions eat at you.. Its all in it own that shows you what can be done with the darkness in control.

    I ask you about a blodd pack and that of being able to work together to form a formidable team..I then ask you this ..Why do most guardain's choose to work alone? WHy is it easier to deal with your own heartache and distate then that of a mate or a team..I am a team player and the only one out of the guardain's here.. Tell me what causes.. it.. open up and speak.. I don't bite.. Well Hard..

    The Huntress..


    Current Mood: up to no good
    Current Music: Slaying THe dreamer~Nightwish
    Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
    2:27 pm
    ...the title says it all. Anyone else out there? Come on, it's not that me *grins wickedly*

    Signior Laris Damianos

    Current Mood: dorky
    Current Music: music :(
    Thursday, April 28th, 2005
    10:18 am
    my side
    Helloooo??? is anyone here??? i didn't think so.

    My name is Tyler, but to a select few, I am known as Signior Laris Damianos. I am not a true guardian in the sense that Lady Shar has described it. Rather, I am a witch who has guardians residing within me. There are six of these spirit guardians who are currently residing within me now.

    Above all, I AM GAY AND PROUD OF IT! So kiss my ass all you homophobes out there (if any).

    I myself use a staff and throwing stars in combat (although i've never been in a fight), but i also like to use magick (i know some pretty good spells, so watch out :P).
    Depending on the guardian, each of my guardians use different techniques and weapons to fight.

    Being taught by none other than Lady Shar herself is very...interesting to say the least, and now she can get off my tail about me not posting.

    Signior Laris Damianos

    Current Mood: happy now??
    Current Music: Cirque du Soleil's La Nouba
    Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
    3:01 pm
    spirt souls

    I know there are new that lurk around here..Come out come out.. Come now i didn't strike poor taren down so you should just come out and play.. I like to play.. and no i don't have a sword..

    Guardains are they real. or they dead? are they nothing more then spirts of the night? I myself have come across mulitple kind of guardains and belive in all different types.. Here and now ones.. old one.. dark ones.. white ones... Spirit ones.... and of course guardian angels..

    I myself am nothing more then a living guardain with a few extra help.. I have Shadow in my life, he is an old guardain just like me a protector of the small and the ever so cutness.. NOT! but still of the small. But i know of a few spirit guardains.. My mom for example has a guardain.. That of my grandfather.. I blessed that man was able to walk the earth. now he watches over her.. Much like my sister's grandfather protects her..

    otherkin are another kind of guardian.. There is a lady on LJ that sets my scence on an uproar.. Writing about other kin claiming to be kin herself. But why leave out the other balancing kin.. Why not include everyone from draconics to furrs to that of well vampires and lupines and lycans.. They are kin good or bad.. Just like guardains.. there are good and there are bad.. I myself am a chaoctic good.. What about you?

    The Lady

    Current Mood: crazy
    Current Music: They are coming to take me away~
    Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
    10:32 pm
    Thats the problem with guardians. We don't always talk about what we do and why we see ourself a guardian. But If you like I can share the little tale of Laura Rose and a little about myself as well.

    Name: Matthew S
    How do you see the world? I see the world like a computer using "If Then" code to see the info around and know if you change this one little thing, How things may trun out in 1 year or 100 years.
    Who do you protect? Myself and those I sometimes call friends.
    Your Weapon(s)? A steel base ball bat because I'm train to use it and my blades I take with me anywhere I go, I also use my mind.
    Powers or gifts? Over time I can learn how someone talks, walks, acts when given a problem, and become them and know what they will do long before they know what they will do and I also have the power to heal the mind and heart.
    who do you care about more them yourself? Larke.
    Will you give up your life for this person? in a heart beat.

    Want to know more? Ask

    If you want to know the tale of Laura? Also ask.

    Current Mood: awake
    Thursday, March 31st, 2005
    2:24 pm
    Who sees the Guardains In the Dark.

    Having been bored and to much time loose on the internet i have come acrossed several things upon my searching. Several of them being people who claim to be writing books involving guardains, I read alot of their story lines, listening and compairing them to things i have done and i have seen.... I know most of you here are going great here she goes off again on a guardain rants, this is what a true guardian should be. WELL IF YOU WOULD SPEAK UP I WOULDN"T BE TALKING TO MYSELF!! (hint hint) But i just need to get this out.

    Guardains live among us everday, we look just like everyone else, we smell like everyone else, (unless you don't take a shower then in which case you need one to smell like everyone else.... carry on)The only tell tale sign is their hearts and their eyes. Eyes are the window to the worlds soul. And this is my soul bared to you.

    I was a lost guardain for many years, trying to just leave life, i didn't want to be around i didn't know what to do with it. I hated it, so i resorted to the one thing that never changes. COMBAT.... Swings steel and feeling that of the heat of battle its the same every year and every day. The battle change but the tatics are still the same win out, or at least survie to fight another day. When i watch people i look at them, inside, outside, and the parts they keep hidden. Soft glances with their eyes, the ones they think no one sees, I wonder who were warriors in the past life or people who were diplomats, who are cowards, who are just frizzy people who won't live past this world and next life... I myself was a warrior, a lady blade...

    LIke i said when im hurt i resort back to the one thing i can do to calm down, training, consentration with pain, to make my movements precised and to that of killing blows, remembering where it will bring the pain of justice to home. To create that movement to feel the steel under my hands. Metal calms me, and that feeling of control, i know where that blade is going to strike, i know how to defend and just feel the heat of the blade..Watching the other eyes, never truely knowing what will come next.

    Eyes, even now as im writing i have been watching, looking wondering, no in a combat sence though the habit of knowing ever single exit in the room is a habit that will never die. I know not many know my name anymore and i have lost alot of the pain that comes with being me. I am The lady and i guess i really shouldn't be afraid of that now should I?

    Your turn guys..

    Who are you

    The lady

    Current Mood: lonely
    Current Music: Hold me ~savage Garden.. (almost spelled it Guardain)
    Monday, March 28th, 2005
    1:36 pm
    HIghly Unamused

    You can never take the guardain out of the soul, you can take the soul out of the body but it does not mean you take the heart of a guardian away.... Even when one doesn't call one else a guardian you still are, its more then just the words utters to protect that of the soul. Its that of a lifetime you give up for those who need you. TO be walked on, hated, loved, used and abused for the greater of something within someone. Sometimes you get a smile. That can mean more then anything, just ath smile that touches your heart as your words are softly driven home, that your life as bent and as broken as the world around you may seem there is something you are worth and its not your weight in gold. its the blood you shead for the others in this race and for the feelings you feel and believe in behind people's lives.

    Several times i have tried to remove myself from the guardainship, and i have tried just to make it all go away. Much like JOhn in Knight of the word... He tries just to forget what he is, just to live out in a normal existance, but he can't. Things come for him, endanger him, and the one thing he cares about most, Nest.. Well i dont have the one thing i care about most in my life, i would risk alot just for about anyone. My blood is my othe, my words are that of what i show to the world. YOu don't like my words then don't ask me for them, you don't like me, then don't ask me for the blood of my blade, i can not honestly fight what i do not want to protect...

    I can not hold a grudge, nor can i hold a blade up for anyone i do not see worthy of it. You dishonor that of your own vows why should i save you, if you repent.. then all means my sword will come down. But do not and the blade is at your own hand. I am a warrior, a blood that has spilt to many of that on times, and i fight with every breath i have within me. I will work and guard and love, you can't accept that then don't be a guardain..

    Its not glory road..There is no such thing.. its work, its pain and its heartache that no one should have to endure but learn as soon as you take on this path there is no going back its like standing on a bridge and the bridge is crumbling behind you. Do you jump back to where you were and look listfully on to the other side or do you run making it across and know there is no going back.. I choose to run..

    So come the silent of the walls.. TEll me what does it mean to be a guradian to you?

    The Lady

    Current Mood: worried
    Current Music: Crash And Burn~Savage Garden
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