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Hullo. I'm in the middle of finals week which means I've got a lot of work to do (including exams on Saturday, ew). I also already have assignments for my spring semester, which starts next week, so I'll be on a two to three week hiatus, unfortunately. Dakotah will be around, and if you have questions or suggestions, I'll be on AIM (yaykebab) where you can contact me. I'll be in and out from time to time if needed.


Hey guys! It`s Tracey and since I`m bored I thought I`d kill some time by introducing my newest character and trying to get some more lines for Brooke.

So this is Hellen - con artist, murderer and master of disguises. She loves the finer things in life and although she comes from a wealthy family it isn`t enough for her. She lives for thrills and diamonds and she`s found the best way to get both of these things is to con them from wealthy men and then kill them off when they start to get boring or they start to demand too much from her. Aside from all this she`s a nice person and although she never really is herself she tries to always have a good time no matter who she`s pretending to be. So she needs friends (who may or may not know her as Hellen), enemies, police people who suspect her of things, fellow con artists.. or whatever. I suck at these things.

Brooke needs lines too! She's my favorite (just don't tell Hellen) so I love getting lines for her. I was hoping to get her pimp in the game but the person who said they would do it suddenly went MIA so as of right now her pimp is NPC unless one of you want to pick him up. If not then I'm open to finding a line or two that would work to change Brooke's situation.

hit me up on aim at brookexjennings because I'm bored and I got a new keyboard thats making it really hard to type.

The decrease in the number of threads has been an issue in many games, especially after the holidays. We're fairly sure it hit our game a little harder after we re-located and changed scenery and plot, however activity is important to keep the game going. I know many of you have a lot going on in real life, and have alerted me, personally. However, if you do need a hiatus, please make a comment in the OOC boards alerting the game that you are taking a break. This will make it easier for the rest of us to catch up on what is going on, and who we should expect threads from.

Also, in the next two weeks or so, if activity does not pick up, we will initiate mandatory activity checks. This means  every few weeks, after a week's warning, we will place an activity check. Remember, the rules state one thread or journal entry per character every two weeks. We understand that some of you have "background characters" that were created in order to push along a bigger plot, and that is fine, but please note in your character profile and in the Character page. This post is focused more toward those who have been in the game for some time and have not put up a thread, or journal entry.

With that being said, please put all hiatus posts in OOC board so that we can keep up with those that are away.


Introducing Sita

Hey y'all! D.J. here bringing you Sita, a 25-year old semi-privileged female from Portland, Oregon. She's a photojournalist with the Seattle Times. Her existence hasn't been particularly rough -- her parents were Indian immigrants and, though her earlier years were spent in Portland's poorer areas, most of her childhood and the rest of her life was spent in a middle class environment. The rest of her story is here, and if you want to get into contact with me about lines you can find that on the post as well. I tried to be as informative as I can about her, but I know this is a short intro nonetheless. If there's anything anyone wants to know about more, don't hesitate to ask!

Hello everyone, I'm Rev. I live on the East Coast but keep crazy hours, so I'm almost always around during the evening hours.
I bring you all Mak. He's 40 years old, originally from small town Utah. Had a very unkind youth with exceptionally 'evil' twists of sorts. The full story is located here, but he's been a serial killer since he was a young boy. Has spent time in an asylum so it's not very easy for him to get legit work. Been out on his own since 21 and has only just recently left Utah since he had finished his 'business' there. Addicted to Meth, and seemingly has a taste for much younger women. Short tempered, and definitely a smart ass. He's not all fire and brimstone though, there is just a whole hell lot of sifting to be done to get to him. I'd love to get any and all sorts of lines going for him and I look forward to meeting/playing with everyone!
You can get a hold of me either comments, PM, or via Cursed Mak.

Hi guys! I'm Lorena, 20, junior in college and generally uninteresting! I'm bringing you Ilithyia Gray. She's a 25 yo college dropout and one of those "tortured artists" currently working in retail at a high-end shop. Her parents died about 2 or 3 years back and she hasn't really gotten over it. Their death's taught her to be independent and self-reliant. She's gotten used to that and likes it that way. She's really selfish and believes the world owes her for the misery it's put her through. However, it'd be awesome to have her proved wrong. ;) In general she's a pretty friendly gal but she doesn't get too close as she's too focused on her art and surviving on her own. She's a firm believer that there's no room for one more. I have finished her general bio but will hopefully be doing that soon.

Anywho, AIM is versosdelcapt if you'd like to plot or chat. :)

Hey guys! I'm Kat. I'm 20 and a college student, majoring in Anthropology/Art History. I live right outside Philadelphia, and I'm currently on winter break, so I'm around a lot for the time being. You can reach me on aim at kattattackrawr or email at Poke me to chat or plot or whatever! I don't bite too hard! :D

I bring you all Cornelius McDermot, though if you call him that, you'll get a black eye or two. So just call him Cor. He's a police officer and is somewhat new to town, he transfered about two years ago, if you can call that new. He's very much independent and puts himself above all others, and therefore can be an ass. He'll only talk to you if he has to, and only helps people when he's on the job. Otherwise, he doesn't care. He can be found frequently at the bar, but don't expect a friendly smile or much of a conversation.

Oh, and you can all feel free to oogle at Jensen xD

Handshakes and heartbreaks.

Hello, everyone!

Diana here, bringing you the handsome, brooding, alcoholic young widower Nathaniel "Nate" Phillips. In regards to the player: I'm 25, live in the southeastern US, and work with animals full time. I'm a college graduate (twice!) and I've been roleplaying since I was in middle school. I won't even tell you what fandom I started in, since it is highly embarrassing. I'm online more than I should be and I'm always open to plotting (though Alex can vouch for me when I say I am indecisive). In regards to the character: Nate is also 25, born and raised in Lost Creek, Texas. He's a good soul, but he's a good soul that bad things have happened to over the past few years. You can read his application for the full story, but the basics are that he recently lost his wife (and infant son) during childbirth. He's moved to Seattle to start over. He's an architect, and works for a small but successful firm in the city. He'll be living in the same apartment complex as a few of your folks, but don't expect him to be very chatty. He drinks a lot and prefers to be left alone to wallow in his misery.

Fun times, yeah? :D But he won't remain that way forever. He's a charmer at heart, always helpful, and a workaholic. Feel free to stalk me on AIM to play, plot, or generally shoot the breeze. I'm full of good stories.


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