July 2011

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24th May 2011

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Just before lunch was usually a not-so-busy time at Best Kept Secrets, and today was no exception as Judy dusted one of the shelves off with a soft cloth before climbing off the step-stool. It was always amazing to her how much of the stuff accumulated in just a day, and with her being so short she had to keep the stool handy to keep things tidy. Still, it was a labor of love.

The blonde checked her watch, looked toward the door and decided that no one else would be coming in, so she could go ahead and eat. Lunch was from home today, leftover spaghetti and meatballs with a small salad on the side. Technically pasta was off limits because of her diet, but there was no harm in indulging, was there? Not when it was leftovers in her opinion.

There was a microwave in the office, and Judy set it for a minute and a half while she opened a bottle of water. She would eat and then get back to work. Even if it was only doing more dusting.

Daphne was enjoying Honfleur, even if it was a bit sleepy compared to Portland. It was a lot less rainy, however, and she appreciated that. When the weather called for shorts and t-shirts, the brunette didn't have to worry about packing an umbrella. The errands and chores her great-aunt delegated to her weren't that hard; she saved the heavy labor for workmen, which Daphne also appreciated, because she had an innate fear of ladders.

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You can't go home again.

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The Thrown Gauntlet

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Marguerite pulled off the road and up the long gravel driveway that led to the Broken Oaks mansion and mentally berated her father once again at the assignment he’d given her once he’d found out that Nanette Passebon was in residence in Honfleur. He knew well she didn’t care for the alchemist, but amused him to send her to make manners with the woman.

The vampiress sighed and put the automobile into park after pulling up in front of the decrepit looking home. Whatever her wishes, a command from the Lord of House Dufoix was something that could not be disobeyed if she wanted to keep her head attached to her shoulders. Not that it was likely her father would be that angry with her, but it was also a small thing to risk the anger over as well. The thought lingered in her mind as she made her way up the battered brick walkway and pressed the doorbell to summon the butler, smoothing out any wrinkles in her dress as she waited.

Nanette had never considered herself an actress; that sort was never much for company or conversation, in her estimation. But spending days on end playing the part of the charming and sweet country doctor was putting her alongside Sarah Bernhardt. Her morning had been filled with snot-nosed little brats called off from school with little more than a late spring cold, and the afternoon had brought decrepit old men and woman whose rheumatism was acting up and whose internal plumbing wasn’t doing much of anything at all. Finally the evening had come, and she had closed up shop, smiling a saccharine smile and nodding to those patients she passed on her drive home.

Finally, she was alone, and the play-acting could end.

For all the peeling paint and overgrown acres surrounding the exterior of the old plantation home, the interior was just that much more extravagant. Nanette had spared little cost in making Broken Oaks suitable to her tastes before moving in. She sat quietly with one of several newspapers brought to her daily from New Orleans and took her evening coffee - a bit of a commonality but a comfortable vice nonetheless - on an antique settee in the formal parlor. The old butler who stood at attention beside the door flinched slightly when the doorbell rang and looked to his mistress for instruction; she raised her eyes from her paper only long enough to wave him towards the front hall and the door beyond.

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The Dinner Bell

The Hungry Hound was just starting to get busy when Judy walked in, and she had to wait for a table because the waitress was still wiping a couple of them down after their respective customers had left. The blonde picked her way through the crowd and pulled up a chair, opening the menu when it was placed on the table before her. She’d just get something light tonight, no carbs, not many calories. Then again, meatloaf was on special tonight. Maybe she’d splurge.

She got a glass of water to start off with, then placed her order. The Hound’s food was usually pretty good, and the place was decently priced. Admittedly it was a little rundown, but Judy didn’t mind that. She’d gotten used to the more rustic feel of Honfleur after a while, and really after the hustle and bustle of Atlanta this was an improvement. At least here she had a chance of knowing her neighbors.

She got an ice cube between her teeth, relished the crunch of it when she chewed it up. At least she could pretend to be following her diet, right?

GW was just finishing his plate of jambalaya, having come over to the Hound to get some dinner before heading into the city and the gig he had that night with the band.

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