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[October 18 2008 / 06:43pm]

Who; Ming Hua and Jiao.
What; Worst spy ever?
When; Sunday, early morning.
Where; Outside Ming Hua's window.
Warnings; TBD.

Outside your window. )

Mailed out to everyone. [September 23 2008 / 05:33pm]


(ooc note: The ball will be posted tonight, though in-game it takes place on Friday.)

[September 19 2008 / 03:40pm]

who mai & sheng.
what drama. being evil to one another?
when afternoon.
where palace gardens.
rating pg-13.

you will never find anyone like me. )

[September 19 2008 / 11:11pm]

Who; Li Yen and OPEN
What; Playing chess with a virtual opponent.
When; Afternoon.
Where; His rooms.
Warnings; None.

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ooo. members only. [August 27 2008 / 03:20pm]

This community is members only. See [info]siddhartha to join!

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