Mar. 25th, 2010


An Evening At The DeMilles-Marsden Apartment

Jay let himself into his and Davina's apartment ready to relax.  Thursdays were especially busy for him; three back-to-back classes in the morning, a three-hour anatomy lab in the afternoon, and then speeding over to SHS to coach a JV Lacrosse game before working out at the gym for a half hour and finally coming home after a quick shower.  All he wanted to do was grab a beer and some food and watch TV on the couch with Davina.

He didn't feel like cooking anything, so unless Davina was inclined to cook, he figured that he'd just grab whatever leftovers were in the refrigerator and go from there.  He never expected Davina to make dinner for him just because she was usually home before him, but he sure appreciated it when she did.  He was mediocre in the kitchen at best, so anyone's cooking was better than his.

He put his keys on a table by the front door and dropped his gym bag beside their sofa as he entered the living room.  Davina was sitting down with a bunch of papers and magazines and Jay grinned as he recognized the "wedding stuff" as he thought of it.  He liked knowing that in just over six months she would be his wife.  "Hey, pretty girl," he greeted her, leaning down to kiss her on the mouth.  "How're you doing?