May. 3rd, 2010


No Stranger to the Rain

It was no secret that Greer hated thunderstorms and always had, so she really should have taken that into account when she bought her house along the beach in Malibu. Two stories high, it was smaller and more compact than most townhouses, but it had the advantage of not being attached to any other homes. The beautiful large windows had seemed advantageous, too, when she'd first toured the home and fallen in love with it, but now she could see every bit of the storm and she felt surrounded by it. Even closing the curtains didn't do much except shield her from the sight, but enhance the feeling that the storm was closing in on her. Even though it was far from a hurricane, she couldn't help but remember back to Hurricane Julie when she and Brad had....


Mar. 17th, 2010


karen, if you want greer to start it instead, lemme know :D

Mar. 7th, 2010


A Night at the Oscars

"Thanks for coming with me tonight," Greer smirked at Rob from her position on the limo seat across from him.  This was her first time attending the Oscars and though she wasn't especially nervous, it was nice having someone she'd known most of her life at her side.  Even if they acted like they disliked each other most of the time.  "Despite your ugly face, your billionaire status might actually help my reputation."

While Meg hated the spotlight, Greer adored it.  She knew very well that she was low on the paparazzi radar right now and that she wouldn't even be shown in the audience during the awards show itself.  That was fine with her because her goal for tonight was to simply be seen on the red carpet.  She and Rob could coyly deny that they were dating and increase interest in her love life.  Hopefully.  At the very least, she was fairly sure that her dress could be one of the most talked about creations by the end of the night.  Floor-length one-shouldered gold silk with a swirling sheer design that started at the shoulder and cut across her breasts before wrapping around her back and cutting across her belly.  Wrapping around again, it cut across one hip, making it obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra or underwear--they would have shown up beneath the sheer fabric.  The dress was kept from being completely scandalous because the gold silk was solid enough to not actually show anything inappropriate--the hint of scandal was enough to get tongues wagging.  Or so Greer hoped.